Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 1194

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Chapter 1194: Suspicions

"Um... it's a secret..." Yun Xi, sweating profusely, could only stubbornly deny it.

Lying to El’phyllis was just too difficult.

She wasn't an easy-to-please Milei, obedient Ye Li, or silly and cute Hua Huo. She was a knowledgeable and sensible young lady from a jewelry store, who used to outperform Yun Xi in their studies.

Although Yun Xi only attended compulsory education at the academy before inheriting the family bakery, without considering higher education, the time he spent studying with El’phyllis made him understand one thing very well.

There are differences between people.

Just as Hua Huo effortlessly dominates others in terms of physical strength, El’phyllis's academic abilities are also in a league of their own.

In the past, even the teachers in the academy didn't dare to question El’phyllis, because that would be humiliating themselves.

El’phyllis's knowledge is recognized as the best in the surrounding towns.

As for Hua Huo and Yun Xi, one often skips classes and doesn't do well in exams, while the other's performance is just average, like ranking thirtieth out of fifty.

Compared to the super smart El’phyllis, Yun Xi never thought he could surpass his childhood friend in academics.

She always knows the perfect timing, coming to Yun Xi's shop to enjoy afternoon tea when Hua Huo is not around, and then leaving before Hua Huo appears.

Several times, Hua Huo caught a whiff of El’phyllis's perfume in Yun Xi's shop, but she never actually caught El’phyllis.

Staring into her crystal-clear, gem-like eyes, Yun Xi felt like surrendering immediately.

"Even... magic food of this level, I would keep it a secret too," El’phyllis understood Yun Xi's cautiousness.

Just like how the Ten Leaves Alliance keeps all information about the magical bear-shaped biscuits a secret, the source of this magic bread cannot be casually revealed either.

Even among allies, there are things that some should know and others should not.

Both sides respect each other's secrets, and only then can the covenant last long.

However, the taste of this golden cream bread was simply irresistible to her.

Why does this taste so similar to Little Xi's bread?

If Little Xi could become a hero-ranked baker in her lifetime, obtain the perfect fourth-order bread recipe, and make such bread, it would be wonderful for her to live off it for her whole life.

With the texture of this magical bread and the magical feedback she experienced when eating it, it was of even better quality than the best Teddy Bear biscuits from her own Ten Leaves Alliance. She had every reason to keep Little Xi hidden away for her whole life.

Well, of course, this was just a small fantasy of hers.

If she wanted to keep Little Xi hidden away for her whole life, she first had to defeat Hua Huo, that big Demon King.

When she was forced to leave Little Xi in the past, she was angry and sent her subordinates from the Ten Leaves Alliance to cause trouble for Hua Huo once, and that's how this inheritance trial started.

Due to achieving high scores in the previous trial task of "guarding the most ferocious monster in the Endless God's Domain," this time her trial difficulty was much lower than the first round.

The King of Undead from before had already made the first move in Sia's world and continued to invest a lot of resources.

All she had to do was make good use of these resources, along with the key components she brought with the space equipment, to completely build the Tower of Babel.

The previous King of Undead was involved in strategic construction tasks, while her task was to complete the already built framework of the Tower of Babel.

"How many crystals can I exchange for this type of bread?" El’phyllis changed her wording, no longer pursuing the source of the bread, but simply wanting to buy some of these strategic resources.

"Crystals" are not the currency of Sia's world or White Lotus Sword Domain, but a universal exchange item used in Endless God's Domain, which is useful from the higher Field, hero-ranked, and even to the legend-ranked.

Endless God's Domain is home to countless intelligent beings: mortals, heroes, and even gods, who have established nations like countless stars in the sky, using a variety of currencies.

Before the star bridge was built, the currencies of each God's Domain were completely incompatible, after all, the civilization systems were different, how could they use the same thing as currency?

Gems, gold, stones, salt, livestock - each civilization system has traditional things used as currency, so completing transactions becomes a big problem.

"Crystals" represent the currency system of the Ten Leaves Alliance and the fairies.

Yijing is a leaf from a golden tree planted by the golden fairies who created this system.

It's about the size of a normal camphor tree leaf, very light in weight, and has a crystal-like appearance. It is the common currency used by hero-ranked individuals for trading.

Because these golden leaves contain a slight magical aura that can be used by almost all living creatures, they gradually became an accepted equivalent currency in the Endless God's Domain.

The golden leaves cultivated by the golden fairies are limited in quantity, and they are essential materials for many magical foods and alchemy. They are always in short supply and are the most widely used exchange item in the entire Endless God's Domain.

The monetary system used by the ruling classes within the various countries of the Endless God's Domain to exploit the labor of the people is not recognized in transactions. Instead, a currency system that must have tangible and intrinsic value is used.

Crystals" are the most commonly used trading items in hero-ranked transactions, while some in the God's Domain use a less popular currency called "souls.

Some parts of the God's Domain don't accept any currency at all, and can only rely on bartering, remaining in a very primitive stage.

However, in trades between individuals at the legend-ranked, there exists an absolutely unified currency that is used throughout the entire Endless God's Domain, regardless of whether it is in the north, south, east, or west.

This currency, called "leaves," was only created in the later stages of the Twilight of the Gods. It is actually a leaf from the World Tree, possessing the miraculous power of star crystals.

This is a treasure that even gods cannot refuse. Each leaf of the World Tree is a rare and precious item that allows the holder to exchange it for anything they need.

This is because, at the legend-ranked, there is no longer any need for most worldly possessions. Only treasures like the leaves of the World Tree are worthy of catching the attention of those at the legend-ranked. They have been determined as the highest-level currency equivalent in the Endless God's Domain.

The leaves of the Golden Tree, nurtured by the Golden Fairies, are actually based on the concept of the World Tree's leaves. They have been recognized by most countries and civilizations in the Endless God's Domain.

Completing the "leaf" system is considered one of the greatest achievements in the history of the Ten Leaves Alliance.

This currency, created by an undisclosed founder of the Ten Leaves Alliance, can be seen as one of the cornerstones of the entire civilization in the Endless God's Domain.