Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 1191

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Chapter 1191: The Feeling of a Beating Heart

"Are the princess and the dancer doing well with you?" As the successor of the previous King of Undead, El’phyllis had the responsibility to take care of the ancient weapons in the Underground Cemetery.

They were also essential assistants in breaking Sia's world with Heaven's Banishment.

The previous King of Undead had developed ancient weapons such as the black iron giant, Emerald Sea Dragon Beast, Opera House Phantom, and Rift Space Dragon, which were not originally intended for war.

Their ultimate goal was the same.

They wanted the wise beings of Sia's world to break through the barriers of the sky, establish a star bridge in this world, and make this world a part of the Endless God's Domain civilization.

For the Ten Leaves Alliance, this was also their most important mission.

Each addition of a new God's Domain from a new civilization meant the recognition of more world rules, more rare resources, and a list of minerals.

Any world that gave birth to civilization was a treasure that the Ten Leaves Alliance desired.

Every civilization in the sky has its own unique features.

Discovering these civilizations and making them part of the Endless God's Domain, the seven towers system, has been the most important achievement and goal of the Ten Leaves Alliance since the Twilight War of the Gods.

Sia's world's mission is one of the most challenging tasks in the known discovered civilizations.

Compared to other civilizations that can be engaged in limited negotiations once discovered, the isolation of Sia's world is unparalleled.

The people living in Sia's world may not know how strange the God's Domain where Sia's world is located is.

Not only is it as simple as the Heaven's Banishment, but the coordinates of the entire God's Domain where Sia's world is located are chaotic and change their position every once in a while.

The planetary belt surrounding Sia's world not only cannot be accessed by conventional means, but even if one manages to enter, they will face immense rejection.

The exploration missions launched by the Ten Leaves Alliance targeting Sia's world have a failure rate of 99%. The previous King of Undead is the only known individual who successfully entered Sia's world and returned with a message for the Ten Leaves Alliance.

It took the Ten Leaves Alliance thousands of years or more, from the establishment of the incomplete Heaven's Tower by the King of Undead to the execution of the trial mission by El’phyllis, to reach this place.

It's not that the Ten Leaves Alliance didn't save the previous King of Undead, it's just that figuring out the ever-changing coordinates of Sia's world was too difficult. If it wasn't for the King of Undead sending out the message, the Ten Leaves Alliance might never have found the way in for thousands of years.

Ancient weapons like the black iron giant, Emerald Sea Dragon Beast, Opera House Phantom, and Rift Space Dragon represent all the emotions the previous King of Undead had for this world.

Even if it turns into a bonfire, El’phyllis was infected by this determination, making her determined to complete this trial.

"The black iron giant is fine, but the Emerald Sea Dragon Beast might need some more time to repair."

"The seal of the Rift Space Dragon will soon be automatically released. Is this tower the miracle you want to accomplish?" Yun Xi's heart was accelerating, and he could only pretend to have a conversation to disguise his emotions.



Pafu, who was inside the dragon gem on Yun Xi's chest, had long been excited and jumping around.

This unfamiliar world, so distant that it could be said to be separated by countless other worlds, meeting the lady from the jewelry store whom Yun Xi once thought was the most suitable for marriage, made him feel a sense of destiny.

Even though she was right in front of him, they couldn't recognize each other or speak about anything related to themselves.

Even though it's not allowed, even though it's not right, the feelings that surged in their hearts couldn't be restrained.

This won't do, things are bound to go wrong if it continues like this. Yun Xi knew better than anyone that this was not right, but he couldn't control the emotions welling up within him.

El’phyllis, are you okay?

Do you still remember "Yun Xi" now? And what is your true identity?

"Yes, Silver Dragon, watch closely now."

"Soon, a bridge to the stars will be erected in this world."

"For this goal, Underground Cemetery has been preparing for millions of years."

"When all the ancient weapons of Underground Cemetery are completed, this Tower of Babel will become the biggest marvel in this world." El’phyllis raised her fingertips, pointing at the endless distant stars.

There, it is a world of stars and ocean, cherished by the creatures of this world since the divine era began.

Once the Tower of Babel is completed, a brand new era will dawn upon this world.

Conquering the world is just a means to accomplish this goal. The time has come. As long as enough resources are gathered and the unfinished fifth and sixth ancient weapons of the Underground Cemetery are created, the miracle will happen.

The world's greatest miracle is right in front of me, El’phyllis.

Yun Xi has never felt the bond between him and El’phyllis so clearly, transcending time and space.

Even though burdened by curses from Asha, Ionia, the Nameless, and Naiya, unable to use the power of the Star Seed connection, Yun Xi can still feel the invisible thread between him and El’phyllis.

"You possess great power. May Asha bless you," El’phyllis said with a smile, delivering the Northern God's Domain-style congratulations that left Yun Xi unsure whether to cry or laugh.

Blessings from Asha... For me, they are like fatal curses, El’phyllis.

Looking at his current fourteen-year-old body and the Dragon Jade on his chest, Yun Xi began to regret his proactive choice of Asha's curse. Would it have been better to choose Ionia's curse?

"I have some dragon friends that I know in the Northern God's Domain. You must have accidentally ended up in this world. Do you want me to help you find your way back?" El’phyllis always cared about others.

"Thank you, but I don't plan on going back." Yun Xi's forehead sweated heavily. Was he going to the Dragon God's Domain in the north to fall into the trap of his ex-girlfriend, Dragon God Asha?

Taking a path to certain death is not the way to go.

If he were to find a place to hide, it would definitely be some remote God's Domain in the Eastern God's Domain.

Wasn't he living happily in the White Lotus Sword Domain for sixteen years? If possible, the place he wanted to go the most was the legendary Kunlun God's Domain.

At least, there he had a good friend, the Golden Crow Princess. Additionally, the Empress Xi of the Kunlun God's Domain was the only creator-level being who had never harmed him.

"You're starting your journey so young. You're truly an outstanding silver dragon," El’phyllis looked at Yun Xi, who was even younger than herself, with a gentle expression.

Somehow, this beautiful and lovely silver dragon was very endearing.