Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 1190

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Chapter 1190: Strangers Meeting

Yun Xi felt uneasy and even panicked as he looked at the eight Constellation God's weapons, which were the targets of his trial.

Compared to these Constellation God's weapons, El’phyllis's presence now mattered more to him.

Truly, he had so many things he wanted to say to his childhood sweetheart.

Why are you here?

Didn't you go to study in the Western God's Domain?

El’phyllis, this place is very dangerous – no, why are you the King of Undead in the Underground Cemetery?

Yun Xi learned about El’phyllis, Milei, and Ye Li going to study in the Western God's Domain from Hua Huo. The information also came back through the seeds planted in them.

After they both attended school at the White Lotus Sword Palace, he and Hua Huo chose to study at a higher-level school in the Western God's Domain, so they won't be able to see each other for a while.

Yun Xi never dreamt that he would be completely cut off from the Endless God's Domain in his own Star Trial World, he can say he is not in the civilization of the Endless God's Domain, and he met his childhood sweetheart.

El’phyllis looked at Yun Xi's anxious eyes, feeling a bit puzzled.

"Is there any problem with these Constellation God's Weapons?"

No, there's no problem with these Constellation God's Weapons, the problem is you, El’phyllis.

Yun Xi pretended to inspect these eight ancient Constellation God's Weapons, his mind was in complete chaos.

In his memories, El’phyllis, the young lady from the jewelry store, was always his top alternative to Hua Huo for marriage.

She had a gentle personality, was close to his age, and was recognized as a lady in the town.

Every year, there were so many people sending her love letters and arranging marriage proposals, that they almost crowded the doorstep of her jewelry store, and many of them were even from other towns.

Her family's jewelry store was always very busy, and the people who came to propose felt like they were going crazy buying gemstones, just like buying groceries at a market stall.

The knowledgeable and well-mannered young lady.

The gentle and virtuous lady.

And, she had an amazing figure!

Even Yun Xi's parents were very pleased. She was always ranked first on the "most desired bride" list of all the nearby towns.

Unlike the dazzling Hua Huo, who was destined for greatness, El’phyllis was closer to what Yun Xi imagined as the ideal bride.

He had considered more than once that if Hua Huo really left the White Lotus Sword Domain, maybe he would choose El’phyllis as his future partner.

El’phyllis didn't shine like Hua Huo. If Hua Huo was the queen of summer, shining like the sun, then El’phyllis was a blooming purple Roland in the garden, elegant and captivating.

At least, compared to the almost impossible future of marrying Hua Huo, the once ordinary Yun Xi felt that his chances of marrying El’phyllis were greater.

Counting the days, Hua Huo was going to participate in the Sword Palace exam. In the days when they would no longer be able to see each other, Yun Xi thought carefully about the future with their other childhood friends.

If they were to get married, El’phyllis would be the most suitable.

If it was about love, perhaps Milei would be more appropriate.

As for Ye Li, well, they were just too young, so they could only hope for the future.

For Yun Xi, who had already planned out the next thirty years of his life, unaware of his tragic future of being pursued by his four creator-level ex-girlfriends, this was the visible life.

It's not that he didn't like Hua Huo, he had just realized early on that Hua Huo, like the sun, would definitely go to a place he could never reach.

He had always considered Hua Huo to be the most important person to him, but back then, he didn't have the ability to keep up with her.

The two of them were like intersecting lines, after crossing paths at that moment, they were destined not to be together.

Hua Huo was his first love, the forever most beautiful feeling, something that could never be forgotten no matter when, a perpetual crush.

And El’phyllis, Milei, and Ye Li were the ones who were real.

Yun Xi at that time really thought that way.

The impact on Yun Xi from El’phyllis, as he remembered her, being so gentle, was immense.

It was completely unbelievable that, far beyond the White Lotus Sword Domain by countless light-years, sitting on the throne of the Underground Cemetery, was his childhood friend El’phyllis.

"You, aren't you the past King of Undead?" Yun Xi took a deep breath. The legend of the King of Undead in the Underground Cemetery could be traced back to the divine era of the war between humans and dragons in this world.

No matter how he thought about it, that King of Undead couldn't possibly be the El’phyllis in front of him.

Or, could it be that the El’phyllis he knew had actually lived for millions of years?

"Yes, the previous King of Undead was an incredibly remarkable person."

"He was an excellent scholar and the person who understood this world the most." El’phyllis's answer relieved Yun Xi, at least it wasn't the worst possible answer.

However, this is not enough. He really wants to know more things, more truths.

"You are the new King of the Undead, what is your name?" Yun Xi couldn't care less about being impolite, he had too many questions he wanted to ask.

"El’phyllis, that is my name."

"Ashe, would you like to become my ally?"

"This world needs change. I want to fulfill the last wish of the previous King of the Undead." El’phyllis's gaze remained as gentle as Yun Xi remembered.

However, she was no longer the young lady of the jewelry store. She was now the ruler of the Underground Cemetery, deciding the fate of Sia's world as the King of the Undead.

From her, Yun Xi could sense an incredibly powerful force, even stronger than the black iron giant and the Emerald Sea Dragon Beast combined.

Familiar, yet unfamiliar.

Even though she was right in front of him, Yun Xi couldn't reveal his identity, unable to acknowledge her.

"I...willingly..." Yun Xi gazed at the familiar gentle face, unsure of what expression to show at this moment.

El’phyllis also noticed the complex gaze of the silver dragon in front of her.




And, it seemed like a place she had seen before, a nostalgic scent.

"El’ a very beautiful name," Yun Xi awkwardly extended his hand, like meeting a childhood friend for the first time.

A small hand as white as snow, with the essence of a dragon's life coursing through the skin, and only fourteen years old, El’phyllis couldn't recognize him, which was only natural.

However, when Yun Xi held El’phyllis's outstretched hand, his heartbeat accelerated as usual.

Just like when he carried Hua Huo on his back, during tea time, he would listen to her telling those timeless mythological stories.