Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 1005

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Chapter 1005: the Tower Masters of the Seven Towers

The star bridge is the link connecting the various domains of the Endless God's Domain.

The seven towers are the nodes that carry all the star bridges. Each tower is unique but can project numerous avatars, responsible for connecting countless star bridges.

After the battle of Twilight of the Gods, this system has been running safely for millions of years without any problems.

Until today.

The ruler of the Northern God's Domain, Supreme Dragon God Asha, was the first to break the rules.

She used her highest authority as the owner of the Dragon Tower to forcibly take one-seventh of the liquidity from the star bridge, projecting her own power of creation from the distant Northern God's Domain onto the White Lotus Sword Domain in the Eastern God's Domain.

The entire White Lotus Sword Domain was pulled out by Asha from the territory of the Sky Sword God's Domain and forced to move towards the Northern God's Domain.

This action caused great panic among the various God's Domains on this star path.

However, what nobody expected was that this was only just the beginning.

Below the Sky Tower, Lilibet pulled out her own sword of order, the Blue Divine Sword.

Three strands of hair on her forehead stood up high, and the braids behind her automatically moved without wind, faintly showing the shadow of blue feathers.

"Understand...this kind of not allowed..."

"Following your will...arrive..." The compass on the Order Divine Sword reflected the scenery of the sun, moon, mountains, and rivers, which was the legendary fantasy land of the entire Eastern God's Domain - Kunlun God's Domain.

A gigantic tree grew from the top of the Sky Tower, opening the boundary between heaven and earth, humans and gods.

The ruler of the Eastern God's Domain, and the Supreme Dragon God Asha, one of the highest beings in the Creation Level, took action.

On the star bridge of the Eastern God's Domain, about one-seventh of the area changed colors.

Lush vitality flowed along Asha's path and eventually turned into a green light that blocked the White Lotus Sword Domain, forcefully pulled out of the Sky Sword God's Domain by Asha.

Lilibet stepped out into the starry sky, with a constantly spreading halo under her feet.

The ruler of the Eastern God's Domain, the West Queen Mother - joining the battle.

At the same time, in the God's Domain of the south.

Two different smells came sweeping in, each activating the power of one of the seven towers and locking in their chosen positions.

Inside the treasure space, far beyond the countless Chain of Star Dragons, Su opened her arms and blissfully savored the scent from the great origin.

"Naiya... hooray!"

Countless ink-like substances dripped from the star bridge, splattering onto Su and the red-haired warrior, instantly transforming the already towering figure of the red-haired warrior into a colossal creature twisted by black matter.

With claws tearing, the Chain of Star Dragon began to be ripped apart from the outside.

"Come... let me see... what's hidden inside!"

Amid Su's joyful laughter, as a disciple of Naiya, she began to invade Asha's constructed cage.




Zi Yuan knelt down gently in front of a blurry figure that couldn't be seen clearly, on the same side of the secret treasure space.

That was the Goddess of Ineffability, the lady who killed gods, the owner of the City of Torment - Ms. Endenise, symbolizing the nonexistent gods without names.

Two primordial beings from the God's Domain in the south came at the same time.

From Asha breaking the rules forcefully, to the three primordial beings intercepting at the same time, it was only a moment's time.

And in just this short moment, the White Lotus Sword Domain had already been dragged out of the Sky Sword God's Domain, and was even about to fly out of the Eastern God's Domain, forcibly moved by Asha to the central area of the Endless God's Domain.

In front of the White Lotus Secret Treasure, the twin witches guarding the golden scales started to shake.

"Just a few more..." White Lotus looked at the unbalanced weights on both sides of the scales and shrugged.

"This is really..." Red Lotus held onto her head, everything had gone crazy since the appearance of Asha, the ruler of the Northern God's Domain.

Who could have imagined that the trial of the White Lotus Secret Treasure would attract the attention of four world-creating beings.

What did her younger sister see in the prophecy given by the White Lotus Secret Treasure?

"Are you ready, sister?"

"We are going to perform the divine descent technique." White Lotus held her sister's hand and guided them to make a choice. Now, they were like an arrow that had to be released.

"Understood, we are responsible for 'that one'." Red Lotus never dreamed that as the priestess of the gods, they would be involved with "that one".

"Red, the color of flames, passionate, lively, and hot."

"Orange, the color of the sun, gorgeous, sweet, and joyful."

"Yellow, the color of divinity, bright, pleasant, and shining."

"Green, the color of life, gentle, fresh, and peaceful."

"Green, the color of the sky, wide, clear, flawless."

"Blue, the color of the ocean, eternal, calm, gentle."

"Purple, the enchanting color, noble, charming, proud."

"Who can possess all these colors?"

"Who is the owner of the seven-colored slate?"

"She will not have a place in Pantheon, for she is the goddess above all!"


In the moment when the "true name" was spoken, the golden balance fiercely began to shake, the seven-colored radiance intertwined, and then fell upon the twin witches.

The descent of the gods has been triggered.

At this point, almost all of the Tower Masters known to people in Endless God's Domain had gathered at the seven towers.

In Eastern God's Domain, the Tower Master of the Celestial Tower is the Queen Mother of the West.

In Northern God's Domain, the Tower Master of the Dragon Tower is the Supreme Dragon God Asha.

In the Southern God's Domain, the Tower Master of the Earth Tower is Naiya, the Lord of Chaos.

In the Southern God's Domain, the Tower Master of the King's Tower is the Nameless Lady.

In Western God's Domain, the Tower Master of the Divine Tower is Ionia, the God above Gods.

Among the seven towers, nobody knows who is the Master of the "Shadow Tower," which was the last one to be completed, and it seems to not exist in the real world.

As for the "Tower of Stars," which was the first one to be completed, it has never had a Master, but rather is responsible for operating and dealing with matters related to the star bridge.

At this moment, the five Tower Masters who had found the coordinates and arrived at the White Lotus Sword Domain were the five creator-level beings seated on the highest throne of the Endless God's Domain.

Any of them has the power to destroy countless worlds in God's Domain, especially the two creators in the southern God's Domain, which is known as the "Abyss God's Domain" and is recognized as the most terrifying embodiment of the Endless God's Domain.

The city of suffering where Nameless Lady resides is the headquarters of various dark organizations in the Endless God's Domain, providing unconditional shelter for all intelligent beings who commit crimes in the Endless God's Domain.

The King Tower stands in the center of the city of suffering.

The "King" of the King Tower is not the human concept of a "king," but the one who rules everything solely with absolute power, symbolizing the "king" of the strongest creatures.

The Abyss Tower where Naiya resides, which corresponds to the Sky Tower, is a gathering place for countless monsters in the Endless God's Domain. It is also the hiding place of many evil gods, a paradise of indescribable things.

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