The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 9 Chapter 8 Part 1

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Chapter 8: I Wish I Was the Star and You Were the Moon (1)

A gust of cold wind blew through the trees covered with yellow leaves.

In the rustle, yellow leaves rolled and fell.

It was like a tawny butterfly flying all over the sky.

Xiao Jinse raised her head slightly.

The world in her eyes were slowly dying.

But no matter at that time or now, someone came out and told her that all this was just a facade.


The earth is blossoming with red or pink flowers.

Under the gentle fingering of Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian, the flower glowed with more attractive vitality and seemed to drip water tenderly.

She was extremely comfortable.

A moment.

The flowers floated to the sky with the wind, scattering the yellow leaves all over the sky.

Float, float.

Floating, they brought Xiao Jinse's thoughts back to her hometown.

She had not always been at a low point.

She was the apple of the eye of the Xiao family before she was found to have an "Obsolete Spiritual Root".

This was not only because she was the daughter of the family owner, but also because she would be taken to the Sword Washing Pavilion to be the Sword Bearer respected by thousands of people when she was 16 years old.

For Castle Peak City, the strongest person is just a cultivator at the Foundation Establishment Stage. The Sword Washing Pavilion is an immortal sect that they dare not even think about on ordinary days.

In the words of the family elders:

"The Sword Washing Pavilion is an immortal sect flying in the sky!"

"Isn't the Royal Family of Wutan powerful enough? In the eyes of the Sword Washing Pavilion, they are a group of ants!"

"When you officially become the Sword Bearer of the Sword Washing Pavilion, even if the emperor wants to send his daughter to our house to be a maid, he has to kneel down and beg us!"

This is so arrogant that people can't help but want to beat him, but it's true after all.


In the eyes of ordinary people, the princess is really brilliant, but in the eyes of the cultivators, a mere princess is not worth a Medicinal Pill that can slightly improve their cultivator bases.

The Sword Bearer of the Sword Washing Pavilion is destined to break through to the Soul Changing Stage, such a great cultivator can destroy Wutan as easily as killing an ant.

Therefore, when the news that Xiao Jinse was favored by the Sword Washing Pavilion spread, the Xiao family immediately became the object of flattery by the big families nearby, and even the royal family sent people to congratulate them.

At that time, she was given many frightening names.

Such as the immortal seed, the fairy of Castle Peak City, and the matchless sword lady…

Wherever she went, she would be followed by a large group of people, and the Xiao family would try their best to satisfy her.

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She was more like a princess than any real princess.

Xiao Jinse was full of confidence at that time. She said to her father, "Dad, when I become a sword immortal, I will also change you into an immortal!"

Her father stroked her head and said, "I'll be happy as long as you can live a safe life."

She was still young and could not understand the meaning of her father's words.

She grew up in love until an accident suddenly came.

Ten years old.

A Sword Bearer of the Sword Washing Pavilion passed the Castle Peak city when he was out on a mission.

He came with a smiling face.

But that smile was the beginning of a nightmare.

When the Sword Bearer said angrily that she was an Obsolete Spiritual Root in the Xiao family's main hall, her situation instantly fell into the abyss from the cloud.

She stood in the middle of the main hall with a blank face.

What happened?

Then she almost forgot all the scolding words.

She only remembered that her father suddenly rushed out and hugged her.

Her father's body was very hot, and he was still trembling, but his hands were firmly held, and he didn't relax for a moment.

He said, "Don't be afraid. Daddy is here."


She lowered her head.

Maybe she did something wrong.

Because everyone said that only children who did wrong would be condemned.

But she was not afraid, because her father was there.

She used to have nightmares. As soon as she opened her eyes, she would find her father holding her hand tightly beside her.

That was the warmest thing in the world!

The same was true this time.


Eleven years old.

Her father died.

In the mourning hall, she seemed to have something in her body.

It was hot, but she felt cold.

She didn't cry. She saw that other people around her didn't cry. They talked in a low voice, which was a taunt.

It suddenly dawned on her——

Not everyone's death is a sad thing.

Some people cry.

Some people laugh.

And more people will only say in a very ordinary tone that "someone died yesterday".

Is the world too cold?

She didn't think so.

She only remembered what her father had said by touching her head when she returned to the dark and narrow room.

"When you have someone you like, you won't feel hard."

She burst into tears as if she had broken a dike.

Since then, she had no one to like and no one to like her anymore.

She was very lonely.

Twelve years old.


It rained heavily at night.

She struggled to get up from the bed made of straw.

She went to the window and licked the wound alone by the little light that came in from the window.

It hurt.

Because she was just beaten with a stick with thorns during the day.

She was no longer as naive as before.

This is how people grow.

She was sometimes tired and weak, feeling that her body and soul were about to be separated.

She was sometimes irritable and wanted to kill all the people who beat and cursed her.

But it was a birthday.

Looking at the raindrops beating on the window frame, her mood was strangely calm.