The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 9 Chapter 6 Part 2

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Chapter 6: Spending a Good Night With Bai Lian (2)

At the moment when she contacted the cultivation method floating in the sea of her divine sense, her sea of divine sense was boiling.

Just like the dam burst, countless "springs" gushed out!

At that moment, An Lan's brain was blank.

She was as light as a swallow, and suddenly seemed to climb to the highest place in the sky.

She was warm all over, as if she was soaking in a pool of warm spring water.


An Lan was shocked.

What Bai Lian found was a "Creation Level" cultivation method!

Even she can't ignore this kind of treasure.

An Lan, who had recovered from a strange state, was about to ask Bai Lian, but she suddenly found herself stuck in the deep of her throat by a hard lump.

"The cucumber…"


An Lan rolled on the bed for several times while coughing violently.

When she stopped rolling, her body suddenly froze.

Why do I have to roll?!

She drove her spirit Qi to annihilate the cucumber directly. As soon as she looked up, she found Bai Lian looking at herself strangely.

It's over.

Her authority has diminished!

Screw you, cucumber!

An Lan was furious. She decided that she would "kill all the cucumbers". From now on, no cucumbers would appear in the Qiongming Peak!

What makes her even more upset is that she, who was once the Heavenly Lord, showed her "ugliness" in front of Bai Lian.

This is unforgivable!

And this is very problematic. When did she become so unguarded?

An Lan couldn't figure it out.

Does it mean that she has entered a declining period?

Bai Lian hurriedly handed over a glass of water.

An Lan raised her hand and was going to slap the cup away, but stopped when her finger touched Bai Lian's wrist.

She is not a demon. It was not Bai Lian's fault.

"I don't need to."

An Lan said coldly.

Bai Lian removed the quilt and asked, "Master, how about this cultivation method?"

"It's not bad. It's of great reference value to me. You can try to practice it." An Lan said, "Where did you pick it up?"

It's given by the system!

Of course, she won't say so.

Bai Lian made up a story, "It was found near the green dragon remains."

Were the green dragon and the ember fighting for this cultivation method?

An Lan immediately filled in a story with thousands of words in her mind.

It's a pity that they got nothing and it finally fell into Bai Lian's hands!

So Bai Lian is also a woman of great fortune.

Think about it.

If she had not been lucky, she would have been killed by that pile of Death words.


An Lan suddenly looked up.

She found a problem. The reason why Bai Lian's Death words were reduced was probably because she found the "Creation Level" cultivation method, not because she had taken Ling Xuan back.


Then why did she accept Ling Xuan as her new disciple?!

This is like finding troubles for herself.

An Lan glared at Bai Lian.

Rebel, why didn't you tell me this earlier?!

Did you mean it?

Not right.

She is so mature and steady. How can Bai Lian see through her mind?

And the Death words are so mysterious that Bai Lian can't easily figure out how to eliminate them.

She must have thought too much.


Not bad.

Her disciple Bai Lian is a dutiful person. She was the first person Bai Lian thought of when she found something good.

An Lan's mood gradually improved, and she didn't realize that her mouth was slightly raised, which caused a smile.

Bai Lian also smiled.

Finally, Shifu is happy. Then she will have a chance to take advantage of it!

She immediately mentioned the practice between Ling Xuan and the jade rabbit.

"The jade rabbit looks a little aggrieved. Shifu, I know you didn't mean it. I'll go and comfort her later."

Bai Lian had already made a plan.

It may be difficult for An Lan to apologize in person. After all, An Lan never apologized to anyone. Let her do it for her.

This kind of thing must be explained clearly, otherwise, An Lan will be very angry when she sees her apologizing to the jade rabbit in her own name.

But An Lan's reaction was completely unexpected.

"Of course I didn't mean it!" An Lan immediately pointed out, "That's because I have something to do temporarily, otherwise…"

Bai Lian said, "What's the matter?"

An Lan said coldly, "You don't need to know!"

In fact, it's all your fault!

If you hadn't suddenly gathered your younger Martial Sisters together, would I have run outside your house to confirm the situation?

Fortunately, you stopped the "immoral" activity, otherwise, I would beat you hard today!

Bai Lian nodded. She saw that An Lan took out a top-quality Spiritual Herb.

"This is the reward for the rabbit. Please help me give it to her."

Bai Lian took it immediately.

An Lan started to become impatient.

After saying goodbye, Bai Lian left the cave.

Standing in the bamboo forest shrouded in moonlight, she always felt something unreal.

It was too smooth. She succeeded at once and left without getting stuck.

"It seems that Shifu is also slowly changing."

Bai Lian was in a good mood.

She found the jade rabbit in the herb garden and explained the situation once. When the jade rabbit took over the Spiritual Herb, she immediately put aside her last grievance.

The jade rabbit pouted and ate grass happily.

"I'll go first."

It's a long night and Bai Lian still has a lot to do.

Because the fifth Martial Sister had no room of her own, she let the fifth Martial Sister sleep in her room first.

After that, she wrote the "Younger Martial Sisters Raising Project" by the light outside the window.

First of all, she must show her Elder Martial Sisters' dignity, and make them realize that cultivation should be treated seriously.

Then there is the reward and punishment mechanism.

Bai Lian decided to check the strength of her younger Martial Sisters every once in a while.

Those who perform well can be rewarded by her. Those who perform poorly will be punished for taking on the chores of the Qiongming peak.

The punishment is not heavy, but the younger Martial Sisters are all proud people. This is enough to make them feel ashamed and cultivate hard.

In addition to regular assessment, there are several major events.

One is the Immortality Promotion Meeting of the Duxian sect to be held next year.

The second is the Five Peaks Competition that would be held the next year.

The third is the Internal Ranking Battle of the Ten Thousand Immortals League.

The Qiongming peak never participated in such things before.

But now it was different. Bai Lian thought she should let the Martial Sisters participate in the competitions. She didn't want them to show off. She just wanted to give them a goal.

Poor performance?

Go back and reflect on yourself.

Good performance?

What reward do you want? Tell me. I can give you anything!

"That's it."

Bai Lian brushed down the plan on the paper.

She paused and added another point.

[Stimulate the younger Martial Sisters appropriately to let them compete with each other, but not to hate each other]

For example, one day the second Martial Sister got the opportunity to watch her Tao Halo because of her excellent performance. Then the third Martial Sister and the fourth Martial Sister will surely work hard to get the same opportunity.

That is great!

Bai Lian thought she was really a visionary genius.

After all, she canceled the night class early.

She bit her pen excitedly.

"Well, it's just not enough. I have to find time to answer their questions, and then take them out for training to help them generate new motivation for cultivation."

That's it.

After writing for a while, Bai Lian folded the plan and put it into the storage space on her chest.

Seeing that it was getting late, she went to the bedside, stared at the sleeping fifth Martial Sister for a while, and then lay down on the floor to rest.

This night was quiet.

Bai Lian fell asleep in the cool wind.

After a long time, a faint breath came from outside and wrapped Bai Lian's room gently.


After a slight noise, An Lan climbed in from the window.

She's here to teach Bai Lian a lesson!

Although Bai Lian sent her a "Creation Level" cultivation method, which made her very happy, she hadn't punished Bai Lian, because Bai Lian made her have to apologize to Thousand Sword City.

As a Heavenly Lord, how can she break her word?

She didn't want others to know her behavior, so she used a spell to cut off the divine senses of everyone on the Qiongming Peak.

Now, no matter what she did to Bai Lian, no one would find her.

"Clean your ass and wait for me to beat you, you rebel!"

An Lan scolded angrily.

She looked at Ling Xuan, who was still giggling in her dream, and at Bai Lian, who was still dignified when she slept. She unconsciously pressed her hand on her lips.

How did the ten-year-old little Bai Lian look when she slept?

At that time, she was troubled by Death words, and probably frowned when she slept.

Poor little Bai Lian!

An Lan hung a rope on the beam.

She knelt beside Bai Lian and prepared to tie her up with a quilt and then hang her on the rope just like what she did to Yan Yue when Yan Yue was still a child.

But just as she grabbed Bai Lian's exposed hand to tuck it back into the quilt, Bai Lian in her sleep suddenly embraced her waist.


An Lan was shocked.

She tried to break away, but she heard Bai Lian talking in her sleep.

"Oh, the second Martial Sister."


An Lan didn't resist at the first time and was pulled back by Bai Lian.

Now she was lying on Bai Lian's body. She and Bai Lian were so close to each other. She could feel the cold of Bai Lian through the quilt.

This this this this…

An Lan was furious.

Are you blind? Who is your second Martial Sister?!

She twisted her body and raised her hand to slap Bai Lian.

Bai Lian said again, "Ah, it's so flat. Is it the third Martial Sister? It can't be Shifu, can it?"

An Lan stopped twisting.

Who else can I be?!

She jumped up as if Bai Lian had caught her weakness.

Traitor, traitor, traitor…

An Lan directly turned Bai Lian over, took out a ruler, and hit her on the bottom a lot.

After hitting Bai Lian for a long time, she finally left Bai Lian's room angrily.

The night finally passed peacefully.

The next morning, Bai Lian woke up from her sleep and suddenly froze.


When did she fall asleep on her stomach and deliberately raise her hips?

Forget it. Today she has to teach the second Martial Sister a lesson alone.

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