The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 9 Chapter 46 Part 2

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Chapter 46: Heavenly Lord's Taste Is Really Good! (2)

In her nervousness, she came to the conclusion, "The taste of Heavenly Lord is really good."

Let me work hard to turn this dream into reality next time.

Bai Lian walked calmly and composedly out of the room.

There was someone in the courtyard.

Those were Yan Yue, Elder Gaoyi, and Jun Yunzi who rushed over from Yunluo Peak.

These people were all attracted by the shockwaves caused when she broke through to the Transcendency Stage.

Bai Lian quickly explained the situation to them.

"Just now, I have gained insight into the second [Field]."

Bai Lian humbly spoke to Jue Yunzi.

She didn't lie.

She just deliberately didn't say her first [Field] was also the one she just realized.

Jue Yunzi didn't doubt her.

Bai Lian is a reincarnated Immortal Emperor, so it's not surprising that she can master more than one Field!

He softly stroked his beard with a smile on his face.

Recently, the Duxian sect has been filled with joyous occasions.

First, he successfully passed his Guafeng Disaster and broke through to the Transmigration Stage.

Then the Blood Tree Patriarch will also face his Gafeng Disaster.

If all goes well, within a hundred years, the Duxian sect should be able to recover to the prosperity it had when Gong Xuexin was still alive.

Jue Yunzi felt deeply moved in his heart and even felt a little unreal.

He is not daring to take credit for himself.

He certainly did some beneficial work, but without the previous sect leader's consistent commitment for hundreds of years, the rise of the Duxian Sect would never be as clear as it is now.

Besides the former sect leader, An Lan's contributions cannot be overlooked.

If it weren't for An Lan, he would have been harassed by Mu Yisheng and others when he faced his Guafeng Disaster, and the slightest mistake would have cost him his life.

Without An Lan, the Blood Tree Patriarch would definitely not appear in the Duxian sect.

If it weren't for An Lan, Bai Lian might have really been taken away by the people of the Yaochi Holy Mountain.

If there were no An Lan...

"My Shifu really thought far ahead!"

Jue Yunzi felt a secret sadness.

To be honest, An Lan who just arrived at the Duxian Sect was not a very likable character.

She always put on a proud face as if she was the best person in the world at that time.

"Who can't hold it up?"

However, since Jue Yunzi's master asked Yan Yue and An Lan to get closer, everything changed.

Perhaps this is the law of equivalent exchange!

An Lan's personality is still "rude," but she no longer has the thought of wanting to escape from the Duxian sect.

After being together for a long time, Ju Yunzi also discovered the interesting side of An Lan.

Essentially, she is a person who is aloof on the outside but warm on the inside.

She often says "no" out loud, but behind the scenes, she is more diligent than anyone else.

She occasionally gets caught up in "chuunibyou" and says she is invincible, but carefully thinking about it, she doesn't seem to be wrong.

Jue Yunzi had never seen An Lan suffer losses to any opponent of the same level.

Therefore, ever since long ago, he had believed that An Lan would be the first to break through to the Transmigration Stage in the entire Duxian Sect.

Unfortunately, he guessed wrong.

"Perhaps it's still a matter of personality."

Jue Yunzi smiled and shook his head.

He only stayed for a while on the Qiongming Peak. As the day of the Blood Tree Patriarch's Guafeng Disaster was getting nearer, he had a lot of things to take care of next.

In a short while, only Bai Lian and Yan Yue were left at the top of the Qiongming Peak.

It's somewhat awkward.

Bai Lian was musing to herself.

She still remembered the scene where Yan Yue curled up in her arms and said "then you raise me".

Finally, it was Yan Yue who broke the silence.

"Bai Lian, I want to take another look at that mirror."


Bai Lian understood Yan Yue's meaning.

She also wanted to see if the Blood Tree Patriarch could survive his Guafeng Disaster successfully.

So she led Yan Yue into the room and this time, through the Future Mirror, the picture they saw had indeed changed.

Floating beneath the dark sky, the Blood Tree Patriarch's face remained serene.

No flames, no thunder, no gusts of wind, all under his control!

Seeing this, Yan Yue was completely relieved.

She murmured, "I know he won't fall under the Guafeng Disaster so easily."

She turned around and suddenly hugged Bai Lian.

"Thank you…uhhh…"

Yan Yue's words were not able to be said in the end.


An Lan was back!

She stood outside the window, almost floating, looking like a gloomy female ghost suspended from the tree.


Oh gosh, why?

Yan Yue was totally confused.

Her emotions were so full that they were about to burst out, but An Lan appeared suddenly and she could only forcibly hold back everything.

This feeling is really too painful.

Yan Yue bit her teeth secretly.

An Lan, are you paying attention to Bai Lian every moment?

She was unable to verify it.

An Lan jumped in from outside the window.

She walked to Bai Lian's bedside like she was returning home, familiar with the surroundings.

Yan Yue, "..."


Bai Lian shyly looked at An Lan.

She couldn't let the master know she'd woven a huge lie.

An Lan said, "I am here to take the sword."

"Take the sword?"

"The Dirt Free Sword."


Bai Lian immediately pulled out the slender Dirt Free Sword from her chest.

An Lan took over the Dirt Free Sword, and she directly started to refine it as if no one was nearby.

Add one spoonful of elixir, several pieces of rare ore, and several strands of Immortal Spirit Qi...

She was obviously doing this to drive Yan Yue away.

Yan Yue also noticed it. Humph, I won't leave!

She doesn't want to lose face in front of An Lan because she is Bai Lian's master.

If Bai Lian and her get together in the future, won't she be completely suppressed by An Lan forever?

Yan Yue said, "Bai Lian, in fact I came here looking for you for a reason."

"Oh, what's up?"

Yan Yue said, "This matter is related to Yaochi Holy Mountain..."

After all, the Yaochi Holy Mountain is one of the four major sects, so under normal circumstances, the matters of the Duxian sect would not be able to draw their attention.

This time they specially sent their blessings and sent someone to attend the ceremony, inseparable from a place called [Qingxu].

It is said that Qiongxu was the place where Green Emperor achieved immortality.

In the East Divine Land, ascending to the Immortal World is not uncommon.

Just the name 'Green Emperor' is really too heavy.

She, by her own strength, ended the dark age of the East Divine Land and created an immensely powerful unified empire, restoring order to the land and allowing humans to freely proliferate in the East Divine Land.

Just these names are already amazing, not to mention the mysterious auras that surround the Green Emperor.

It is rumored that the strength of Green Emperor comes from her insight into Ruomu.

Ruomu is a rare sacred tree in this world, second only to the holy tree Jianmu that communicates between Heaven, Earth, and humans. It contains thousands of laws of the Great Tao and is mysterious beyond measure.

There are rumors that Green Emperor had a power comparable to the Earth Immortals even before ascending to the Immortal World, which is why she was able to unify the world and hunt sea beasts.

Under the blessing of numerous rumors, Qingxu became a holy land longed for by countless cultivators.

Bai Lian also has a slight understanding of this.

Because "Qingxu" is a secret map that opened in the later stages of "The Battle of Gods".

She often went to Qingxu while she was playing the game.

The monsters in that area have a high level, making it a goldmine for leveling.

And most advanced materials of wood attributes can be obtained from Qingxu.

That's all there is to it.

At least during the process of playing the game, Bai Lian didn't discover anything special about Qingxu.

Yan Yue said, "Recently, there has been abnormal activity in the sky and Qingxu has reappeared. People from Yaochi Holy Mountain have come a long way to the Duxian sect, I guess they wanted to invite you to explore Qingxu together."

"No, not interested."

Bai Lian answered firmly and decisively.

She's not going to bother with those materials, and she won't get any experience from fighting monsters, so it's not worth the effort.

Is it not good to have this extra time to accompany Shifu and Martial Sisters?

Yan Yue was taken aback by Bai Lian's attitude.

She understood immediately.

Oh, right.

Bai Lian is a reincarnated Immortal Emperor, don't even say that Qingxu is only where the Green Emperor ascended to the Immortal World, even if the Green Emperor herself stood there, Bai Lian wouldn't even look at her straight in the eye!

She was careless.

Yan Yue quickly changed the topic, since An Lan wasn't leaving and she wasn't going to leave either.

This was a hard blow for Bai Lian.

On the left was Master An Lan, and on the right was Master Yan Yue; She was squished so tightly between them. It was too unbearable!

Until dawn, the smell of lancepowder in the room finally faded.

Nevertheless, although the pain has been unbearable, Bai Lian didn't come away empty-handed.

With the help of her master, her Dirt Free Sword was promoted to the best Spirit Tool.

She also earned 1 point for Tea Ceremony, 1 point for Focus, 3 points for Hard Skill, and 2 points for Light Skill this night.