The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 9 Chapter 46 Part 1

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Chapter 46: Heavenly Lord's Taste Is Really Good! (1)

This is a night intoxicated by the spring breeze!

Although there was no stove in the room, it made people feel uncomfortably hot.

Fortunately, this situation didn't last too long.

After all, it was an intimate contact of the souls, with a greatly increased sensitivity, such that efficiency is far faster than the real "skin-to-skin" combat.

In addition, An Lan was afraid to cause too much trouble and wake Bai Lian from her dreams, resulting in an irreparable mess, so she escaped from Bai Lian's soul after tensing her body up like a bow three times.

The surging heat finally dissipated.

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The chilly moonlight flowed into the room through the open window, illuminating An Lan's white long dress.


An Lan raised her right hand, lightly wiping away the crystal-clear droplets of sweat rolling down her forehead.

It is well known that people are bound to get drenched in sweat after exercising!

She is still in a comparatively good situation now. The reaction from Bai Lian's side was much more intense.

An Lan turned around and looked closely at still-sleeping Bai Lian lying on the bed.



An Lan lifted her long skirt, which was slightly loose, and then used her spirit Qi to vaporize the excess moisture on her body.

Her current sentiment was only three very simple words —

[Just so so.]

It's not that she despises Bai Lian.

Actually, doing something "mischievous" with Bai Lian is a joyful thing that can get rid of all troubles.


If you can't have fun, happiness isn't so joyful!

She had no choice.

After all, it's also a kind of "war" and there's a lot to consider.

Strength, agility, endurance, resilience...

If none of these work, don't look for the shame.

Overall, Bai Lian is not bad.

Her soul strength is more than a match for some cultivators at the Transcendency Stage.

Within the realm of normal people, she is already very strong.

But it's a pity.

"Her opponent is me!"

An Lan shook her head.

Compared to her, that Bai Lian's soul is too weak.

If she were to unleash all limits, taking out 100% of her real potential for an "unrestricted level of combat" with Bai Lian, Bai Lian wouldn't have been able to withstand a single move of hers.

But if you change the arena and add a lot of restrictions.

For example, using souls is forbidden, using reactive magic is forbidden, using external "weapons" is forbidden...

Hmm, biting is not within limits, after all this is just making use of one's physical gifts.

If she were to go toe-to-toe with Bai Lian under these rules, then the outcome is yet unknown.


Even if Bai Lian sends a "declaration of war", An Lan doesn't dare to fight.

A few seconds later, An Lan pulled out another "Future Diary" and a brush pen from her pocket.

She flipped to the last page, and there it was, still the same phrase.

[January 28th]

[Achieve the great harmony of life with Bai Lian.]

An Lan bit the pencil.

After much hesitation, she still has not destroyed her diary.

Just brushing the brush in her hand, crossing out the first line, changing it to "November 18," and adding "Achieved" after the line of words.

Very good.

An Lan nodded contentedly.

That's the so-called finishing touch!

So far, she has successfully filled all the regrets in her mind.

It was the Past Bai Lian who had urged her to leave the past world; from now on, when she faces Bai Lian, she no longer needs to bow her head out of guilt.

She is after this kind of momentum.

The master should be majestic!

An Lan left the Past Stele at Bai Lian's bedside, then lightly leapt out the window with quick steps.

When she was still on the way, she suddenly heard several dull thunderclaps.

Next, a force that seemed to be able to disrupt time spread out in all directions from Bai Lian's room like a whirlwind.


"Bai Lian has broken through to the Transcendency Stage!"

An Lan blinked her eyes.

Can this be counted as some kind of good omen?

She tilted her head back.

In the dark night sky, there was a layer of crystal-clear white light.

In such a world, countless snowflakes of goose feather size were flying down.

The evening breeze blew, making the petals dance.

Winter has arrived.

An Lan lowered her head.

She didn't intend to get involved with what came next, she was determined to make her way back to her own cave.

But the white figure on the side of the road still successfully caught her attention.

That was the jade rabbit.

She sat crouching on a piece of blue stone, and two pale blue long ears naturally drooped down.

She was not as reserved and slow-witted as usual tonight.

She looked into An Lan's blue eyes, and from them An Lan saw an extraordinary wisdom.

This doesn't look like the look of that silly rabbit that is always grazing all day.

One person and one rabbit standing there like that.

Long, long time from now.

When the divine light came over Yunluo Peak, the jade rabbit jumped away and An Lan returned to her cave as if nothing had happened.


The path to breakthrough is winding and long.

But the moment of breakthrough is also very refreshing.

At last, finding a bright exit in the midst of the crowd, all enthusiasm was ready to burst forth, isn't that comfortable?

In the Sea of Divine Sense, Bai Lian who was drifting began to inspect her progress.

The most obvious was an improvement in her cultivation base.

The System Panel's 'Cultivation Base' section had the large characters of "The Early Stage of the Transcendency Stage" written brightly.

But what attracts Bai Lian's attention the most is the newly added "Field" column in the panel.

[Field]: Past Master, Yaoguang


Bai Lian repeatedly confirmed it several times.

She has two [Fields]!

Past Master, this title makes sense. The reason why she could break through to the Transcendency Stage, half of which can be attributed to the Past Stele.

But why did Yaoguang Special Effect suddenly become the Yaoguang Field?

Bai Lian was puzzled.

Oh well, if you can't figure it out, then you can just forget it.

Rather than wasting mental energy on this, why not see what the two new Fields have to offer?

[Past Master] merged the power of the Past Stele and Qianhuan Real Eyes. Under the cover of this [Field], Bai Lian can "reverse" time in a small range and send enemies into a terrifying cycle of reincarnation.

[Yaoguang Field] is much simpler and brutal, with multiple effects such as illusion magic, weakening enemies, and enhancing oneself.

Neither of these Fields is offensive on its own, but Bai Lian is very satisfied.


That thing isn't important.

Her body is her best weapon!

With the help of these two Fields, she can maximize her ability.

Give a simple example.

To make Bai Lian fight a hundred Shadow Guards of the Canglong Garden at this time, the process will become very unfavorable.

Step 1: Unlock the "Past Master" Field.

Step 2, watching the Shadow Guards covered by the Field act like fools and attack the false Bai Lian, only to find that the injured ones were themselves.

Step 3, Bai Lian opens the Yaoguang Field to harvest souls.

The biggest difference between the Transcendency Stage and the Soul Changing Stage is not the soul strength, but the [Field].

There are countless rules in the world, and the types of fields are even more numerous than the hairs of a cow.

Usually, only those Transcendency Stage cultivators whose Fields are too useless will be bullied by the cultivators at the Soul Changing Stage.

Bai Lian was uncontrollably happy.

To this day, she has been cultivating for only five years. Her cultivation speed is already faster than her Martial Sisters.

That's great!

After shutting off the system panel, Bai Lian's soul closed her eyes and was ready to return to the real world.

After a slight shudder, she opened her eyes and got up from the bed.

The room was empty, the master had already disappeared.


Bai Lian had a strange look.

Because she found that she was menstruating, and a strange dream lingering in her mind.



Suddenly, she forgot her progress in her cultivation.

Bai Lian didn't feel like paying attention to this.

She only had this strange dream left in her mind.

That dream was too realistic.

In her dream, the master abandoned her shyness and became surprisingly proactive.

It was a struggle for Bai Lian to cope.


Bai Lian shook her head slightly.

What a thrilling battle it was!