The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 9 Chapter 45 Part 3

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Chapter 45: Unification!!! (3)

Perhaps this is not An Lan at all, but rather the internal demon that was born in her heart sometime!


"That's not right either."

The system clearly said that her soul was a pure land and could not be invaded by an internal demon.

If it's not her with the problem, then it can only be An Lan with the problem.

An Lan is escaping reality!

Thinking about it makes Bai Lian a bit confused.

To know that An Lan is the Immortal Heavenly Lord, how could she be easily bound by this deceptive gentleness?

Bai Lian sitting at the table had a solemn expression.

Things cannot go on like this, evasion cannot solve any problems.

She must make her master take her seriously.

Bai Lian decided to use her all to persuade An Lan, even if it meant exposing herself as the real Bai Lian, not the "past" Bai Lian.


An Lan, who had just returned from outside, noticed that the atmosphere was odd.

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She nervously walked up to Bai Lian and asked, "What happened, my dear?"


Bai Lian signaled for An Lan to take a seat.

She didn't want to play around with An Lan anymore.

So she said directly.

"Am I a substitute for you?"

This question came fast and hard.

An Lan opened her mouth slightly as if she had lost her soul. She felt excruciatingly uncomfortable and was unable to come back to her senses for a long time.

"Why is that said?"

An Lan's expression was somewhat flustered.

She grabbed the teapot beside her and spilled some tea on the table when pouring.

Bai Lian slowly said, "Until now I still remember the scene when Shifu and I met for the first time, and I also still remember the words that Shifu said when you embraced me."

An Lan understood right away.

She knew, that Bai Lian was actually a very smart person, always able to find the most appropriate breakthrough when crisis comes.

At that time, she only planned to meet Bai Lian and then leave, so she didn't hesitate to express her guilt to Bai Lian.

She thought that Bai Lian had forgotten, but she didn't expect that she remembered very clearly.

How to explain it?

In An Lan's heart, there is sadness but also joy. Being able to remember this shows that Bai Lian really cares about her.

That's enough!

Bai Lian said, "Shifu, what you have done these years is to make up for your past regrets, right?"

After a moment of hesitation, An Lan finally nodded, "You've figured it out."

She paused.

Because she was afraid Bai Lian would misunderstand, she hastily explained herself.

"This matter is somewhat complicated to explain, but one thing is for certain - Bai Lian is Bai Lian and no one else can take your place."

"I know."

Bai Lian interrupted An Lan.

She suddenly felt that this was an opportunity.

Anyway, An Lan will forget "her" afterward, so why not take this opportunity to push An Lan and the outer her?

She forced a smile and said, "Master, what kind of person is that Bai Lian you're so concerned about?"


An Lan had nothing to say for the moment.

She unconsciously compared the outside Bai Lian with the current one.

"Compared to you..."

She is even more aloof.

She is even more rebellious.

She prefers to put on airs.

She prefers to play the field.

"She deceived me, and from time to time she will also contradict me..."


I'm not asking you to list my flaws!

Bai Lian couldn't help but glare at An Lan.

An Lan didn't notice her small actions, she was reprimanding Bai Lian, though her lips had a faint smile.

Laughing while scolding.

Then the conversation took a turn.

"She also has her merits..."

She is warm inside and cold outside.

She has a strong opinion.

She will stand up for the people she cares about even without any certainty of success.

She is very caring and has an extraordinary charm.

She usually tells white lies out of kindness.

"She would go to a dangerous place to search for medicine, even if it meant traveling thousands of miles for me."

Bai Lian is Bai Lian, not the Heavenly Lord's lance.

She can freely play her lance, but not Bai Lian.

An Lan re-examined Bai Lian in front of her.

She suddenly understood something.

She is not a person who is very good at caring for others.

If there was no previous apathy, no previous friction, there would be no later regret.

Without regret, she wouldn't be so interested in Bai Lian.

If she cannot see Bai Lian in her eyes, how can she construct a bridge between herself and Bai Lian?

There are effects because there are causes.

It is regret that opened the way for this road now!

Removing the regrets is equivalent to erasing the cause from the past.



An Lan took out her "Future Diary".


She didn't reserve it, so Bai Lian wouldn't be courteous either.

She started reading from the first page.

An Lan was patiently waiting for her.

She found that every plan was written with a red mark of "achieved" behind it, except for the last one.

[January 28]

[Achieve the great harmony of life with Bai Lian.]

Bai Lian, "..."

She didn't know if it was a hurricane or waves, but either way, her head got blasted blank.

It's so deathly quiet.

Bai Lian gently closed the diary.

She looked at An Lan and said, "Shifu. Do it?"

An Lan shook her head.

She used her pointer finger to direct the flame, burning the diary to ashes.

"Is it because of that Bai Lian?"


That Bai Lian is one of a kind!

"I understand."

Bai Lian was very happy.

This smile was probably the brightest she had ever had.

This time, she was not just putting on a smiling face.

The master's words are not perfunctory!

I like you from the bottom of my heart.

Therefore, the only obstacle in front of her now is the foe of the Master and the Master's restraint.

She wants to be stronger, strong enough to defeat all enemies!

Bai Lian's longing for strength is the strongest it has ever been.

An Lan asked, "Are you disappointed?"

Bai Lian shook her head, "No, because she is the real me, and she needs you more, Master."

An Lan stood up.

She reached out and stroked Bai Lian's head.

Bai Lian was already taller than her, but since Bai Lian was sitting down, she could do it.

"I'm leaving."


An Lan hugged Bai Lian.

"Thank you."

The voice was soft and gentle, but it shattered the world!

When An Lan's figure was deleted, the world that had fulfilled its mission shattered like glass.

The world was back in chaos.

Bai Lian still floated in chaos.

But this time, she was no longer confused.

Past, present, future.

When the chaos first opened, it shone on Bai Lian, and a mysterious aura rose up from her body. That was the Way of the Great Tao known as [Field]!

In another world.

An Lan didn't immediately leave upon the removal of the Past Stele.

"Writing a diary means having a beginning and an end."

Her soul slowly enveloped Bai Lian's soul, and then, you in me, me in you.

The winter night also ushered in a spring breeze.

Bai Lian had a long dream.

It must be because of reading that diary.

In the dream.

They achieved the great harmony of life.

Wait until midnight.

Bai Lian broke through the seemingly insurmountable barrier and achieved the Transcendency Stage.