The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 9 Chapter 45 Part 2

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Chapter 45: Unification!!! (2)

That was the first mid-grade Magic Tool she got, which was also given to her by An Lan.

Just that An Lan was unusually cold back then.

"The Foundation Establishment Stage is enough to wield this mid-grade magic tool, so take this sword with you."

At that time, she just threw it to Bai Lian.

Bai Lian just took it.

The two met for less than a hundred seconds. Including greetings, they only said three sentences in total.

However, she was also silly back then.

As soon as she got the Dirt Free Sword, she ran off with a cheerful chuckle.



Women are not as interesting as the Magic Tool. Women will only affect the speed of her sword drawing!

When one is foolish, there will be fewer troubles.

If she keeps this kind of thought, she won't eventually feel like a castaway in the world by herself.

"Shifu, I will seriously cultivate!"

Little Bai Lian clenched her fists.

The night was long.

An Lan held Little Bai Lian and sat on the bluestone all night.

This night, all sounds were still.

She couldn't hear any noise from the outside world, only her own heart.

That's it.

Facing the pool of warm spring water.

She decided that starting from tomorrow, she will be a good master!

Cooking, guiding disciples in their practice, and traveling the world.

Everything starts from tomorrow.

When the warm sun leapt out of the horizon, An Lan and Bai Lian, rubbing their sleepy eyes, returned to the Bai family.

This is a reunion, but also a farewell.

"I will find a way to erase the death words from Bai Lian."

She vowed to Bai Lian's "parents".

Mrs. Bai had tears in her eyes, but still let An Lan take away Little Bai Lian for her daughter's own good.

On the way to Yao Xia Bay to sample the delicious food, Bai Lian was silent.

She is actually a person who is easily affected by the atmosphere.

But at the farewell banquet filled with sorrowful parting, she had to put in a lot of effort before managing to squeeze out a tear.

Is it really because all of this is fake?

It seems that everything in this strange past world revolves around her.

Bai Lian doesn't believe she has the ability to bring a world this real to life.

To know that she had never been to most of the territories of the East Divine Land.

That can only be credited to the system.

Create everything out of nothing!

This is practically a treasure!


Too bad.

No matter how Bai Lian calls in her heart, the system continues to choose to play dead as usual.

It only rushed out to make a statement when Bai Lian doubted if it has a bug.

I absolutely have no bugs!

Whenever Bai Lian questioned it, it would explain this.

Darn it!

Why is this system so wooden?

Bai Lian was very depressed.

She wanted to tease the system, but the system didn't take the bait.

Wait until I find the person who makes you, I will definitely beat him to death and let him experience the might of the White Emperor!

Not for long.

Under An Lan's guidance, Bai Lian stepped foot in Yao Xia Bay again.

Yao Xia Bay here has not been renamed as White Emperor City yet, which makes Bai Lian deeply gratified.

She even felt that this world had become more lovable.

But the few words that appeared in front of her made her stunned.

[Ten Thousand Years Hall]


Isn't this the hot spring inn that she and the Fifth Martial Sister experienced together last time?


Before Bai Lian could finish her sentence, she was pulled in.

Bai Lian imagined many scenarios of close contact with her master, which were mostly based on the scenes in the game.


This situation is really too sudden!

An Lan took off all of Bai Lian's defenses and placed a white towel on her head. Bai Lian sat tensely next to the hot spring pool.

She backed away from An Lan, like a bullied and miserable little kitten.

Don't come over here!

She didn't want to be teased by An Lan in this way, so she had to come up with ways to stay away from An Lan.

But An Lan still came, she softly touched Bai Lian's cheek from behind.

"Even at such a young age, you're already so shy."


Under the dual effects of blushing and steam, Bai Lian's skin looked white and delicate.

This gentle, weak look let An Lan completely let go of herself.

"Come, let the master give you a back rub!"

Sifu, don't do that!

Bai Lian tried to climb out of the pool.

But she had just clasped the pillar on the shore when she was caught by An Lan.

[An Lan's Flying Claw!]


Struggling without any result, Bai Lian quickly grabbed some water and watered them to the corner of her eyes.

When An Lan twisted her around, the teary-eyed look on her face made An Lan flustered.

"Sorry, I was too cocky just now..."

Suddenly An Lan remembered that she had only known Little Bai Lian for two days.

Too intimate actions can scare people.

She said she would be a kind master, so how can she make Bai Lian cry?

She hastily let go of Bai Lian.

Bai Lian sighed in relief.

Take it easy, too fast can lead to injuries.

In the next period of time, An Lan wasn't idle either.

There were a lot of things she was hesitant to do when she was at the Qiongming Peak, but here she had no scruples.

Anyway, Bai Lian doesn't know either.

She took the opportunity to practice in advance.

So, after the awkward atmosphere subsided a bit, An Lan began to educate Bai Lian.

This includes, but is not limited to, "Girls should learn to protect themselves when they are out", "Try to stay away from women who look at you with suspicious eyes", and "Those women want to take your source of power away".

What source of power?

Bai Lian was a bit confused.

The most important question is, isn't the master the only person who looks at her with suspicious eyes now?

However, she doesn't dislike the current harmonious master-disciple relationship.

They respect each other and always think of each other.

At five in the afternoon.

An Lan led Bai Lian out of Ten Thousand Years Hall.

She recorded something in her notebook.

[Go to Ten Thousand Years Hall and take a hot spring bath with Bai Lian (achieved).]

There is still a lot to do next.

That's the regret left from the past, all the regrets accumulated together to become a thick [Future Diary].

Under the lingering glow of the setting sun.

"Let's go."

An Lan took Bai Lian's hand and walked into the biggest restaurant in Yao Xia Bay.

March 6th.

An Lan and Bai Lian were having dinner together at Yao Xia Bay.

May 11th.

An Lan and Bai Lian went boating on Mouchou Lake, the wind blowing and the lotuses swaying.

July 20th.

An Lan and Bai Lian celebrate the unique Blue Flower Festival of the East Divine Land, holding green wood to thank the Green Emperor for bringing peace to the East Divine Land.

December 15.

An Lan and Bai Lian strolled through the streets of the small town in the pouring rain. The liveliness of the Lanterns Festival came and went quickly.

December 28.

An Lan was celebrating Bai Lian's 10th birthday.



Two years...

Three years...

Bai Lian has truly appreciated what it means to have "time flies like an arrow, days and months pass like a shuttle".

At first she felt very happy.

She will never feel empty, lonely and cold anymore, because every day her master fills her up with happiness.

But as time went on, she increasingly felt something wasn't right.

First, there is an issue with the flow of time.

Before she had a chance to savor each day, sunrise to sunset, she had already grown from nine to twenty.

And then there's An Lan's attitude.

She came here just to see what Little Bai Lian looks like, is it necessary to stay here for eleven years to see Little Bai Lian grow into Big Bai Lian?

Do you have a problem?

And it's a big problem.

Bai Lian began to doubt the authenticity of An Lan in front of her.