The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 9 Chapter 45 Part 1

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Chapter 45: Unification!!! (1)

The night was cool like water.

The pearl-like tears wetted Bai Lian's collar.

Then, the warm tears slid down along her clavicle, just like An Lan was softly caressing her body.


The tiny and more sensitive body made Bai Lian involuntarily shiver.

She nervously twisted her two exposed little stubby legs.

At this moment, it seemed like there was a fireball burning in her mind.

That was the quiver from An Lan's body.


Now Bai Lian has no intention of doing any "bad deeds".

An Lan's crying face was deeply reflected in her eyes like a knife.

She just wanted An Lan to regain her confidence as soon as possible.

Crying and weeping shouldn't be An Lan's style.

Therefore, Bai Lian anxiously stretched out her hand to wipe away An Lan's tears.

It's unfortunate that this tactic didn't work at all; she tried to plead with An Lan in an attempt to soften her, but all she got in response was a series of "I'm sorry".

The night is full of spring feeling with wind, water, and moonlight.

But the beautiful scenery combined here conjures up a kind of sorrow.

There's nothing else to be done.

Let's try it again, Bai Lian!

Bai Lian showed seriousness.

At the critical moment, she had to prop up and use a tough posture to break through her master's weakness, and restore her master's unparalleled pride.


Little Bai Lian gave a light shout.

An Lan slightly raised her head without expressing too much.

She had anticipated it.

No worries, as long as she can successfully get An Lan's attention, that would be enough!

Suddenly, Bai Lian raised her hands and grabbed An Lan's cheeks, forcing An Lan to look at her.

Then, she said word by word, "I'm not crying, and you're not allowed to cry either!"

The wind blew away the dust, rippled the lake surface, and disturbed An Lan's heart.

It was as if some special switch had finally been shut off and An Lan suddenly stopped crying.

She gazed at the little Bai Lian, who seemed like a miniature adult.

"You're an adult, so why keep crying and making a fuss!"


This sentence...

Surprisingly familiar, and possessing a magical power to re-energize.

That happened a very long time ago.

You are right.

Time passes like a running stream, never staying for an eternity.

I'm no longer that little girl who was often bullied to the point of tears!

An Lan gently wiped away the teardrop just about to fall from her chin, dispersing it into countless silver star points.

After gracefully tracing a line in the air, it lightly landed in the corner of Bai Lian's right eye.

Bai Lian felt warmth and moistness, just like An Lan extended her tongue to lick the corners of her eyes.

She quickly reached out to touch the spot.

An Lan smiled and let her go, "This is the complete you."

Bai Lian stepped forward with small steps.

In her reflection in the water, she has the bright ★ on the corner of her eyes again.

It seems like it was destined to be!

She crouched down, curling into a small ball, and asked, "Will I die?"

"Do people have past lives?"

An Lan nodded, "Of course."

"Did I know my master in my previous life?"

"I don't know."

An Lan surprisingly shook her head.

She neither denied it directly nor fabricated a lie.

She squatted down beside Little Bai Lian and poked the water surface with her index finger.

She has none of the grandeur of the Immortal Heavenly Lord, just like any other girl next door.

An Lan suddenly spoke. Her voice was as melodious as a clear spring flowing. "There are those who seek everlasting glory and those who seek to suppress the heavens in the world..."

As she was talking, she grabbed Bai Lian's right hand and slowly lifted her head.

She has never heard of anyone who has truly transcended beyond the Three Realms and the Five Elements.

Perhaps the Other Shore is just a beautiful legend.

Bai Lian looked at An Lan's profile and asked, "Shifu, what do you want?"

An Lan was clenching her jaw and looked very serious.

"Probably... something like living simply? I didn't think too far ahead; when I just started to cultivate, I just wanted to take down everything I hated."

Bai Lian nodded.

That makes sense.

An Lan continued, "Now, it's about seizing the moment. The past is gone, the future is hard to come by, only by becoming one of the most respected in this lifetime can one find a way out!"

After all, there is a shadow ahead.

If she cannot pass the shadow, then no matter how grand the wish may be, it will eventually turn into a dream with no conclusion.

Bai Lian held An Lan's hand with her small left hand and said, "I will protect Shifu!"

An Lan stared blankly at Little Bai Lian.

After a long pause, she chuckled.

This laugh was even brighter than the beauty of the spring night.

"Don't be silly, if you really encounter danger, hide as far as you can. Well, even if you don't hide, I will quietly leave by myself."

Bai Lian's heart skipped a beat.

Just as she was about to speak, An Lan pressed her lips together with her index finger.

"This is the way of as the master!"

The way of the master, what is most important is tolerance towards her disciples.

Even if the road is winding, it doesn't prevent the disciples from feeling the warmth of the master.

Bai Lian stopped talking.

An Lan is a stubborn person, even if persuaded it doesn't work.

She can only keep an eye on An Lan and watch her closely to prevent her from running away on her own when the day arrives.

An Lan smiled and asked, "Are we going back now?"

Bai Lian shook her head immediately.

What are you going back to?

Those people are not her real kin; isn't it strange to go back on a whim?



An Lan softly replied.

She understood.

If Bai Lian said "I want", it would be strange to her.

Although it is a home, it is also the source of nightmares!

Thinking of it this way, An Lan felt heartache.

What a strong, kind, and filial good child this is!

Although her own world is all dark, she still tries her best to bring light to everyone around her.

She is the light!

She is the light that rejects darkness!

Xiao Jinse, Su Youwei, and Qing Luan all received redemption by believing in the light.

An Lan held Bai Lian's hand.

At this moment, she felt that she had grasped the future!

"If you're not tired now, then let's do something meaningful."


The so-called meaningful thing is to cultivate.

Just as before, An Lan taught Bai Lian the Qiongming Traceability Sword Classic.

But this time, An Lan taught Little Bai Lian hand-in-hand on how to cultivate.

Assisting in sensing the spirit Qi of Heaven and Earth.

To infuse spirit Qi into Little Bai Lian, guiding her to move along with it.

Use spirit Qi to cleanse and purge Little Bai Lian's bones.

She did all that she could do with Little Bai Lian.

It was four o'clock in the morning.

Little Bai Lian eventually could not persist any longer; she collapsed onto the bluestone, panting heavily, her face flushed, soaked in sweat, feeling exhausted, almost broken apart from the harshness.

"I can't do it anymore, Shifu~"

An Lan was sitting next to Bai Lian.

"Alright, take a good rest. I'll help you clean up first so that you don't get cold."

The immortals have their own methods.

Although An Lan is interested in Bai Lian's body, she would not go as far as to lay a hand on little Bai Lian; she is not a pervert.

She used magic to cleanse the dust and grime off of Little Bai Lian.

As she looked upon the pure, undefiled Bai Lian, she drew a sword from her bosom.

"This sword is called the Dirt Free Sword, and when you break through to the Foundation Establishment Stage, I will give it to you."

The Dirt Free Sword...

Bai Lian remembered the past.