The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 9 Chapter 44 Part 1

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Chapter 44: Master, I Like You! (1)

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Entering Bai Lian's past was slightly strange.

Because of the Past Stele, An Lan should have no hindrance in getting it all the way through.

When it came to the practical operation, she only saw chaos, so much so that she felt she had gone through the wrong door.

It's like you're supposed to move forward, but instead, you slip out the side or back door by accident.

This way will get her somewhere, but the destination isn't right!

"What's going on?"

An Lan was feeling a bit down.

She was like doused with a bucket of cold water, her passion ignited then half extinguished.

Just when she was about to leave, trying to figure out if she had gone to the wrong place, everything changed.

In an instant, the chaos in front of her receded like a tide.

A beam of moonlight descended from the sky and sprinkled on the weedy courtyard that she stepped on.


An Lan loosened her grip slightly.

The feedback from the Past Stele told her that this was Bai Lian's past.

This year, Bai Lian was nine years old.

Not big, not small, like a green apple.

She was not completely ignorant of the world and would not be full of superficial knowledge.

This is the original Bai Lian!

An Lan decided to give five stars of positive feedback.

A faint smile appeared on her face.


Although the process of coming in was a bit winding, the result was still satisfactory.

She remembered the stories Bai Lian had told her before, and by now Bai Lian should know about the strange "death" words on her body.


Poor little Bai Lian!

An Lan wished she could immediately scoop Xiao Bai Lian into her arms, and gently caress her head while telling her--she is the most precious treasure in An Lan's heart.

"Don't be afraid, the master is here."

But on second thought, An Lan didn't move.

She is a very serious person!

Before setting off to look for Little Bai Lian, she first made sure of the situation around her.

It was already late at night.

But the small courtyard was still brightly lit.

In the front hall, a couple with distraught faces were communicating the illness with a "cultivator" wearing a red robe.

They were obviously talking about Little Bai Lian's "hypochondriasis"

In the hall, on one side were sighs and moans from the parents, and on the other side were the 'dong dong' sounds when the cultivator knocked on the table.

"This problem is quite serious. To really solve it, it looks like …"

"Let's add money, and double it again!"

"Miss Bai Lian is so fortunate to have such loving parents. Your heartfelt affection has moved me. Even if it would cost me my life, I will do my best to expel the evil spirit for Miss Bai!"

The cultivator took out a "ghost-busting" stick.

That stick is covered with tiny sharp spikes, like it was made to imitate a wolf-tooth club.

"Cost your life?"

Bai Lian's "dad" was scared by the harshness of the cultivator's words and the stick in his hand.

The cultivator nodded, "Ghosts have the extreme death Qi. If people rashly contact them, they will naturally consume some of their life. But Mr. Bai, you need not worry. We cultivators would not be afraid of even heavenly lightning, why would we fear a few years' diminutions of our life?"

Bai Lian's "father" nodded.

That makes sense.

"That would be…"

He hadn't finished his sentence when a blue and white lightning bolt suddenly flew in from the front hallway.


The dazzling light burst, illuminating the whole room.

Wait until the light fades away.

Bai Lian's parents were stunned, watching the cultivator writhing on the ground, eyes rolled back, body turning black, and emitting blue smoke from his mouth.

The cultivator didn't die.

After all, An Lan didn't want to kill anyone in Bai Lian's past. Even if it was just a false person in Bai Lian's memory, she also didn't want to leave any bad impression on Bai Lian.

But she couldn't act as if nothing happened.

She remembered clearly every single word Bai Lian said to her.

After discovering the death words on her body, Little Bai Lian was tortured by many doctors.

Someone said she was possessed by evil spirits.

So witches, fake cultivators, and fake Taoist priests came out one after another, using Little Bai Lian as a tool for fraud.

Today she needed to drink a bowl of soup, tomorrow she had to walk backward, and the day after tomorrow she might still get a beating.

Thankfully, the gods have not been "bad" to the extreme.

Although having experienced many hardships, Little Bai Lian still grew up stumbling along.

"A pack of con-artists!"

An Lan couldn't help but scold again, all because of Bai Lian.

"You say my little Bai Lian has been possessed, I think it's your whole family who has been possessed. No, people like you don't even have any family!"

Amidst the bickering, An Lan passed through a door and entered the back yard.

Here it is narrower and darker than the front yard.

It was this kind of environment that made An Lan's heart rate skyrocket.

She likes it here!

She saw the small room, lit by dim and wavering candles.

No one was visible, but An Lan standing at the door had a strong premonition that Little Bai Lian was inside.

Let's go!

After repeating the actions of closing eyes, opening eyes, inhaling, and exhaling several times.

An Lan raised her hand.

She lightly pushed.

That door was not set against her with any impediment.

When a tiny crack opened, the night breeze suddenly blew.

That was an unusual wind.

The leaves in the courtyard were blown up by it.

It blew a fragrant breeze that belonged to Bai Lian.

It blew away all of An Lan's rationality.

It blew away past memories, and also sent this life away.

Finally, it blew through the frozen time in chaos.

Behind the door, on the wooden bed.

That suddenly appeared, buried underneath the title of "Natural Saint", was a story that originally belonged only to Bai Lian.


It belongs to me now too!

An Lan thought.

Although she didn't get Bai Lian's consent when snooping around her secrecy, didn't Bai Lian also take her first kiss without getting her consent last time?

It doesn't matter now.

An Lan's mind was full of the [Young girl] who was sitting on the bed looking at her hands.

The little Bai Lian wrapped in a blanket is as cute as she imagined.

She is as fair and delicate as a porcelain doll, her features have not yet fully developed, but one can already catch a glimpse of the beauty she will be in the future.

A pair of small legs were wrapped up in white over-the-knee socks, fitting both slender and chubby figures that made An Lan irresistibly want to play around with them.

Little Bai Lian was as pitiful as she imagined.

She stayed up late at night looking at her hands in the dim light, isn't it because her hands were full of death words?

An Lan took a closer look.

When she found that the death words on Little Bai Lian's body were densely packed like a black lace bodysuit, her heart suddenly tightened.

This is identical to the current Bai Lian!


She never would have imagined that Bai Lian was infected with such a heavy burden of karma at such a young age.

That's the pain she shouldn't bear at her age.

No wonder she can silently endure all her setbacks even after growing up.

She has weathered storms and walked through thorns and stumbled on muddy roads but got back up again.

No matter how difficult it is, it can't beat her down, only make her more patient and gentle.

An Lan's hands were trembling lightly.

She took a breath.

Inside was the aroma of little Bai Lian, as well as an abundance of sourness.

She's a total jerk!

Bai Lian kept trying to get close to her, but she was coldly shut down.

This coldness is a double-edged sword.

It jabbed into Bai Lian's body.

Finally, it deeply pierced into her own body.

They got not happiness, but longing, and the emptiness after the longing.

Because the past is already gone, with her current strength, she can't make up for the wounds that have been imprinted in the long river of time.

An Lan raised her hand and wiped away the tears in her eyes. Today, she was surprisingly emotional.

"Bai Lian."

She softly called out, then locked eyes with the astonished Bai Lian.

There is neither dry wood nor raging fire.

Only a master full of apologies and a disciple equally full of apologies.

An Lan rushed up, she leaned on the bedside and tightly held Little Bai Lian.

The sudden warmth flooded Bai Lian's body in that moment.

She had two little hands lifted high and nowhere to rest them.

An Lan hugged tightly, as if she wanted to merge into one with her.

The two hugged each other, and with a gentle rub, it caused them to feel sore.

Bai Lian wanted to scold An Lan loudly, but she really broke the rules too much!

Why do you apologize?

"Sorry, I'm late."

"Sorry, I shouldn't have been deliberately avoiding you."

"Sorry, I knew you wanted to have dinner with me, and I was standing outside, but I just couldn't bring myself to go in."


Anyway, this is Bai Lian's past. Bai Lian won't know whatever she says here, so An Lan has completely opened her heart.

She kept repeating it, her sobbing made Bai Lian surrender on the spot.


Bai Lian doesn't blame An Lan.

She knows that An Lan is a bit peculiar.

If An Lan really had dinner with her that night, that would be problematic, as it would make her suspect that someone else had possessed her body.

In short, Bai Lian was very happy now.

She was filled in by An Lan very carefully.

At least she knew that at that time, An Lan was waiting outside.

She wanted to comfort An Lan and tell her not to blame herself too much.

At this moment, the system task suddenly popped up.

[Task 1: Comfort An Lan by saying "Master, I don't blame you." (Reward: Hard Skill +4).]

[Task 2: Burst into tears (Reward: Light Skill +1)]

[Task 2: Trembling, "Who… who are you?" (Reward: Tea Ceremony +1)]

Three tasks don't seem very dangerous.

But Bai Lian suddenly figured it out.

Task 1 is a trap!

As an awkward person, the reason why An Lan has become so frank is because this is the so-called "past".

Therefore, An Lan can do whatever she wants.

If An Lan knew she was still herself, she would probably be scared and run away.

An Lan might even disappear directly because of an emotional "meltdown".

How could she possibly find An Lan who was deliberately hiding with her strength?

Between Task 2 and Task 3, Bai Lian chose Task 3.

Because the object is An Lan, she doesn't want to take any risks.


This is a deception.

You have woven a lie, and now you need more lies to fabricate it.

This is guilty acting!

Bai Lian can only act.

Her body trembled slightly and she stammered, "Who…who are you?"


An Lan suddenly woke up.


Little White doesn't even know her, so to do this in Little Bai Lian's eyes it's just being a weirdo, right?

She awkwardly let go of her hands.

Bai Lian stumbled back to the corner.


An Lan was about to introduce herself again, when Little Bai Lian shouted and buried her head in the quilt with only her round buttocks and short legs trembling outside of it.



An Lan's hand was stiffened halfway out.


This little Bai Lian completely meets her expectations in her heart.

Cute and lovely.

She couldn't resist the urge to tease Little Bai Lian's bum.

But the sound that followed made her face pale.

"There's a ghost!"

How dare you!

Your master is a super beauty, yet you dare to scold me as a ghost?

It seems that you need to be taught a lesson!

An Lan, angry, grabbed little Bai Lian's foot and then lifted her up from under the blanket.

Four eyes looked at each other.

An Lan stared intently.

I, An Lan, am fierce!


Bai Lian was a bit flustered, she was wondering if what she just did was a bit too much.

If An Lan gets angry and beats her, then she has to helplessly take the beating.

She instinctively covered her butt.

In the end, An Lan didn't take action.

Although she raised her hand, she didn't bully Bai Lian's butt, but after staring at Bai Lian for half a day, she created a lot of blue and white flowers out of thin air.

It was as if the stars suddenly spread out in the room.

An Lan said, "I'm not a ghost, I'm a fairy. Do you understand?"


Bai Lian immediately raised her head.

At this time, she dared not continue arguing with An Lan.

An Lan secretly let out a sigh of relief.

She really isn't good at dealing with children, even though Little Bai Lian is much more mature than the other children.

She was relieved. If flowers can't soothe Little Bai Lian's emotions, then she would have to perform magic tricks such as lit a firework from her hands.

Fortunately, she "tamed" Little Bai Lian at once.

"I'm still quite personable!"

After all, she is the Immortal Heavenly Lord.

The Immortal Heavenly Lord! Isn't it amazing?!

An Lan laughed and said, "I can make you a fairy too, so you won't have to be afraid of those death words anymore."

"Really… Really?"

Bai Lian looked surprised.

She was wondering if she should immediately comply with An Lan.

Would that be too fast?

If it's too fast, it will arouse An Lan's suspicion.

Take it slow.


She decided to refuse An Lan, and then suddenly agreed to An Lan when she was annoyed.