The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 9 Chapter 43 Part 3

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Chapter 43: An Lan and Little Bai Lian (3)

"You are our pride at Yuding Pavilion."

"What was before is, what will be in the future is, and what will still be in the future."

"My poor disciple, I can't avenge you, only I can do is to build a stele for you here."

The old man went away in the sunset.

After that, he never came again, probably because he passed away.

The stone stele standing in the wilderness also gradually buried underground along with the movement of the land veins.

Until the day Yan Yue arrived at Silver Frost Valley, a strange connection was formed between them.

Yan Yue restored the memories belonging to Gong Xuexin.

Just the suddenness of this memory, coupled with the Past Stele's aura, caused a strong impact on her.

This shouldn't completely drain Yan Yue.

Despite that, recently she's been feeling a bit down.

After seeing the extraordinary strength displayed by Xiao Jinse, Su Youwei and others at such a young age, Yan Yue felt deeply inadequate.

"Why am I so weak?"

The more she thought about it, the sadder she became.

She's been stuck at the Transcendency Stage for two hundred years already. If this continues, Bai Lian's Martial Sisters will soon catch up to her.

This kind of mood is very common for her. Every few months, it will occur. Normally, she will say fiercely that she will cultivate hard, and after a few days, she will give up and return to the original state.

"Study? Study for what?!"

But this time it's different.

With numerous unfavorable factors piling up, Yan Yue fell down before she could spirit herself up.

She was sitting in the corner of the wall like a frost-bitten eggplant.

"I'm just a waste, wah wah…"


Bai Lian gave a sly smile.

She seriously suspected that if not for the influence of the Past Stele, it wouldn't be long before Yan Yue would shrug and say, "Yes, I am a waste. So what?"

She continued to look at the memories belonging to Gong Xuexin.

This memory is fragmented, but it still mentions many key things.

From here Bai Lian knew that the person who plotted against Gong Xuexin was from the Taixuan Taoist Sect!

At that time, the Taixuan Taoist Sect had not yet split and was rightfully the leader of the East Divine Land.

"No wonder Gong Xuexin has been unable to get rid of the scars on her back."

An Lan quietly arrived beside Bai Lian and said, "The Taixuan Taoist Sect has done this kind of thing plenty of times."

Bai Lian nodded.

In order to maintain its "monopoly" position, the founding emperor of Heluo Country died at the hands of the Taoist master of the Taixuan Taoist Sect.

An Lan said again, "The Taixuan Taoist Sect split into the Taixuan Taoist Sect and the Taiqing Taoist Sect. It is said that it was over differing philosophies, which is not wrong; however, it was more about maintaining the traditions of the Taixuan Taoist Sect. The master of the Taixuan Taoist Sect thought that the Taixuan Taoist Sect should be the master of the world, while the master of the Taiqing Taoist Sect thought that their cultivation methods should be open to everyone, and the cultivation needed exchanges to make progress."

So that's how it is.

Bai Lian was not surprised that An Lan knew these secrets.

She was more interested in what An Lan said afterwards.

"Jue Yunzi once told me that Yan Yue is not the daughter of the former sect leader; she was picked up by the former sect leader near the mountain gate."

"The former sect leader never married in order to devote his life to the Duxian sect."

"Since she was young, Yan Yue has been very sensitive. In order to prevent her from overthinking, the previous sect leader, along with Jue Yunzi and other people, falsely claimed that Yan Yue's mother passed away soon after she was born."

Bai Lian asked in surprise, "Master Yan Yue still hasn't found out yet?"

An Lan shook her head, "No one told her."

Bai Lian stepped back from the Past Stele.

That's fine for now.

Knowing the truth doesn't do Yan Yue any good.

Unless An Lan can restore her strength, there is no possibility of the Duxian Sect defeating the Taixuan Taoist Sect now.

Bai Lian knows all too well that this cannot be rushed.

In fact, the Taixuan Taoist Sect has many enemies.

Leave Emperor Xu Pan and Marquis Wu'an alone.

In the later stage of the Battle of the Gods, the Duxian sect suffered many hardships. As the leader of the righteous sects, the Taiwan Taoist Sect was also attacked by many evil forces.

In this setting, the game is quite reasonable.

Disasters will not only fall upon the protagonist's sect.

Right now.

An Lan, who also came out from the Past Stele, said, "Bai Lian, go call your Martial Sisters over."

She decided.

Adult education is a required course.

But she couldn't be too obvious about it, so she called the four and five disciples to watch, so Bai Lian wouldn't suspect her intentions!

But An Lan waited a long time and still didn't receive a reply from Bai Lian.


She turned around and suddenly realized that Bai Lian had already fallen asleep on the table.


An Lan used her Divine Sense to check Bai Lian's body and immediately realized that Bai Lian had used her "eye" too much, causing her to become weakened.

Young girl, your body is too weak!

Muttering to herself, An Lan was preparing to return to her cave.

Just as she reached the window, she circled back around and gently picked up Bai Lian.

An Lan felt Bai Lian's soft skin.

The warmth made her eyes involuntarily squint with an undetectable smile at the corners.

She went to the bedside and laid Bai Lian flat on the bed.

She didn't leave but instead sat down in a timely manner, looking at Bai Lian as if she was inspecting a delicate porcelain ware.

Sure enough, sleeping Bai Lian is the best.

She was like a White Lotus quietly giving off a fragrant scent in the pond.

An Lan stretched out her hand and carefully helped Bai Lian take off her shoes and then cover her with a blanket.

It seems all that needs to be done has been done.

She held her chin in her right hand, her eyes wandering, and the Past Stele, standing in the center of the room, fell into her eyesight once again.

"Got it!"

An Lan's heart beat quickened when that thought came to her.


Very powerful.

She wanted.

She wanted to go and see little Bai Lian when she was still ten years old!

With the Past Stele, she can return to Bai Lian's "past".

She didn't hesitate.

An Lan waved her hand and sucked the Past Stele towards her.

Her hands were trembling lightly.

Half excited, half anxious.

She was excited because she had long wanted to care for the pitiful little Bai Lian, who was oppressed by the words "death".

She was uneasy because she had not obtained Bai Lian's consent and she feared that Bai Lian would blame her.


Sure enough, she still wants to watch!

The plump little Bai Lian, the tearful little Bai Lian, the little Bai Lian who was still shorter than her…

An Lan held the Past Stele and whispered,

"Just a little bit, I'll take a quick look… I will come back immediately after pinching Little Bai Lian's cheeks!"

Saying this, the white light emitted from the Past Stele had already enveloped both her and Bai Lian together.


Bai Lian was adrift in a chaotic world.

There was no light here.

No space.

There was no time either.

She floated aimlessly like this, not knowing where she came from and where she was going.

She was like a blank sheet of paper, not caring about living.

At a certain moment.

When she started to feel bored, a ray of light pierced the seemingly endless night.

Within the light was a person, and she saw that it was An Lan.

Without saying a word, she easily understood An Lan's purpose.

This has got Bai Lian flustered.

Little Bai Lian?

There is no Little Bai Lian! After all, she came to this world at the age of fifteen. She never lived in this world before.

Little Bai Lian was just a made-up story to cheat An Lan.

Oh no.

If An Lan knew that she was lying, what would she think?

Bai Lian had never been so anxious.

But suddenly an anomaly appeared at this time.

She was amazed to find that the chaos around her was broken up by light.

The world is becoming more tangible.

There is a wall, a bed, a table and chairs…

Her body also underwent changes.

Get shorter, become smaller, and be even cuter.


Bai Lian stared vacantly at her own hands.

Isn't this just a child's hand?


She discovered that the door to the room she was in had been pushed open, and An Lan appeared in the doorway, with a faint smile on her face.

Time has come, and it is flowing.