The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 9 Chapter 43 Part 2

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Chapter 43: An Lan and Little Bai Lian (2)

Just like in the wasteland, An Lan wasn't really going to hit her, she was just giving her some direction.

She was really silly.

An Lan just hoped that she could work harder!

Yan Yue was so moved that she now dared not move.

She let An Lan spank her bottom with a ruler in frustration.


Please make sure to double tap so I can remember for a long time!


Although Yan Yue put on a "guilty" attitude, Bai Lian still thought it was unnecessary.

She tried to bring An Lan, who was mad, back to normal, "Master, everyone has their own ambitions, we cannot force it."


Am I mad about this?

This is all because Yan Yue was trying to do something bad to you!

But she couldn't say this.

An Lan coldly said, "I'm doing this for her own good!"

Good is good, but such love can bring harm.

Bai Lian still wanted to give a few more words of advice.

As a result, An Lan didn't say anything, and Yan Yue stood up for herself, "Bai Lian, it's not a big deal."


Yan Yue sighed.

"I understand."

She looked up at An Lan and her eyes were filled with regret, remorse, and gratitude.

"You do it, wrongdoings must be punished."

An Lan accepted Yan Yue's proposal without hesitation.

She thought right, Yan Yue is indeed a silly woman.

You see.

She hit Yan Yue twice without putting too much force, and Yan Yue realized her mistake.

This time, she won't lower her guard against Yan Yue.

Yan Yue must be given a "buff" from time to time!

An Lan was feeling very proud now.

She deftly put an end to Yan Yue's bad thoughts towards Bai Lian without triggering any resentment from either of them.

She is really a wise woman.

This is the powerful power possessed by the Heavenly Lord!

All right.

Bai Lian headed back, she was a bit tired.

Since Yan Yue likes being hit, what else is there for her to say?

Anyway, she doesn't like it.

After a long time, An Lan finally cooled down.

Yan Yue stood up. Although she had been beaten, she still thanked An Lan, then she left the Qiongming Peak according to An Lan's wish.

An Lan is right.

The immediate priority is to quickly get the Blood Tree Patriarch to relax.

When Yan Yue thought about the Blood Tree Patriarch worrying for more than two months because of her, she felt like she was a bad person.


The times have changed.

For her own sake, for Bai Lian, and to repay An Lan's teachings, from now on, she must be optimistic!

She wants to live a healthy lifestyle, so she has given up her old bad habits.

She wants to carry on the spirit of being the master of the Zhuyan peak and make the Zhuyan peak great again.

She still needs to…

Forget temporarily those memories that weren't so pleasant.

In the Zhuyan peak's forest.

Yan Yue had a blank expression when sending a message to the Blood Tree Patriarch.

She has good reason to trust An Lan.

When An Lan said she wasn't Gong Xuexin, she visibly hesitated.

This is not normal.

To know An Lan always speaks straightforwardly. If she stops there, there must be some particular reason.

It is very likely that she is Gong Xuexin!

And the reason why An Lan denied it was because she didn't want her to see the worst part in Gong Xue Xin's memory.

"What is that memory?"

Yan Yue tried to recollect, but couldn't remember anything.

If she guesses correctly, those memories were probably "taken away" by An Lan.

"She always does this."

Yan Yue was huddled under a big tree, murmuring to herself.

The evening wind was strong.

The wind blew through her collar but she didn't feel cold.

She could feel the warmth from An Lan and Bai Lian just by closing her eyes.

Very comfortable.

One in front and one in back, covering her without leaving any blind spot.

A warm body, a warm heart.

"Hmm, the story of Gong Xuexin ended thousands of years ago. I am me, I am Yan Yue from Zhuyan peak!"

"What Xuexin?"

At this time.

A slightly weary questioning sound suddenly came from the sky.

Yan Yue immediately lifted her head.

"The Blood Tree Patriarch!"

Her voice was clear and sharp, cutting through the dull night sky in an instant.

The Blood Tree Patriarch, who just flew back from Yunluo Peak, was taken aback.

It felt it!

Suddenly, a bright smile spread across his old face.

"Welcome back, Yan Yue!"

The red candle flickered.

An Lan was standing.

Bai Lian was sitting.

The two people gazed at each other then averted their gaze.

The atmosphere in the room was slightly silent.

An Lan didn't go back to her cave immediately; she was pondering a very serious question.

Now is a good opportunity, should she take the chance to give Bai Lian some adult education?

You are nearly twenty years old, how come you don't know how to keep your distance from bad women?

I'm so worried!

In the end, Bai Lian was the first to break the silence.

"Master, I have a question."

An Lan said, "Ask away."

As Bai Lian was about to speak, a system task suddenly appeared.

[Task 1: Mention Yan Yue's name (Reward: Burning Thorns).]

[Task 2: Refer to Yan Yue as Master Yan Yue (Reward: +1 Soft Skill).]

Bai Lian put on a tight face.

That was close!

She thought her master had changed her temperament.

That was indeed an illusion, the master was born small, with a narrow heart and mind.

She, being cautious, naturally didn't dare to take the initiative to provoke her master at this time.


After coughing, Bai Lian lowered her voice, "Master, is Master Yan Yue really not the reincarnated Master Gong Xuexin?"

An Lan's answer was surprisingly straightforward.

"She is."


An Lan waved her sleeve and the Past Stele, half a foot high, appeared out of thin air in Bai Lian's room.

"You will know if you look yourself."

She didn't completely erase Yan Yue's memories, but instead extracted those memories and injected them into the Past Stele.

Bai Lian nodded and sent her Divine Sense into the Past Stele.

In a blink of an eye, Bai Lian followed the power of fate of the Past Stele and went back thousands of years.

She was like watching a 360-degree holographic video with no blind spots.

On the screen, an old Taoist priest was kneeling in front of the Past Stele.

He was the master of Gong Xuexin and luckily survived after the temple was destroyed.

He was holding a brush in his hand, writing "Gong Xuexin" over and over on the stele.


After the sigh faded away with the wind, the old Taoist priest finally succeeded in writing Gong Xuexin's name on the Past Stele.

He had a smile on his face.

At that moment, the already dead Gong Xue had endless possibilities.

The old man stood up.

He was already very old and leaning on his staff, yet he still bowed to the stone tablet of Gong Xuexin in solemn reverence.