The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 9 Chapter 43 Part 1

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Chapter 43: An Lan and Little Bai Lian (1)

To be honest, An Lan was moved when she just arrived at the crooked neck tree.

One person.

One tree.

Four hundred years of loyalty.


Recently, An Lan, who has become quite emotional, even sighed secretly.

Everybody is not living an easy life.

Along the long journey of life, having such a "brother" to look after Yan Yue is truly enviable.

If only she had…


An Lan scratched her head.

Here it comes again!

Just now a glimmer of light shone through her soul.

When she tried to capture the light, she found that she was only holding onto blankness.


She became increasingly sure that she had forgotten something.

This must be due to the fact that most of her soul was annihilated by her foe's Taiyi Divine Wheel!

The magical part is that even though she lost some of her memories, when she looks back on the past, she finds that her experiences remain connected and seamless.

Is this reasonable?

Really not!

"Perhaps it's not just a simple case of amnesia."

If she explored deeper.

Would some of the memories in her mind be false?

An Lan was in a state of confusion.

She didn't doubt for too long, a voice from inside the house woke her up.

That was Yan Yue's low sobbing sound.

She said through tears, "I treat her as my sister and my mother."


This sentence hit An Lan's heart like a silver bullet.

The first thing that flashed in her mind was the memory of Gong Xuexin and the person who set up the stone tablet for Gong Xuexin from the Past Stele.

She then remembered the words Jue Yunzi had said to her.

She remembered the "struggle" between her and Yan Yue that lasted for more than four hundred years.

"Go ahead, who made you so unlucky anyway?"

An Lan said something.

She decided to forgive Yan Yue for the time being.

Anyways, she just rubbed Bai Lian's chest without further contact.

After all, she is the Immortal Heavenly Lord.

No matter whether it's age calculation or strength calculation, she is the senior of Yan Yue.

As a senior, she must be generous!

It is only natural for the seniors to look after the juniors.

If she had been put in the same situation before, she naturally wouldn't be so "easy-going", but since she followed Bai Lian around aimlessly at the lantern festival last New Year's Eve, she has started to enjoy this plain world.

Although she never said it out.

Even now, whenever she sees the firework bursting in the sky, she remembers the scene when Bai Lian grabbed her hand and played with the fireworks with her.

The air was filled with a faint pungent smell.

Electric sparks scattered in the air, as if a tree made of fire.

In the swaying of the arms, the firework weaved wave after wave of brief happiness.

When these joys come together, it becomes a wonderful experience that An Lan wants to experience again.

That's great!

An Lan squinted her eyes.

However, she wouldn't invite Bai Lian proactively.

What's the big deal?

If Bai Lian knew, she would definitely think she was a woman whose desire was too strong.


Is she such a woman?

Even if Bai Lian came to invite her, she would reject Bai Lian twice before agreeing.

Only in this way could show her Heavenly Lord's demeanor.

It's a shame…

Everything disappeared after hearing Yan Yue's words.

"Will you raise me then?"

This sentence is no longer a pathetic cry, but a shy tease with an inexplicable meaning.


An Lan sharply raised her head, then appeared like a ghost at Bai Lian's window.

She peered inside.

What she saw almost made her blow up on the spot.

Yan Yue, who was sitting opposite Bai Lian, somehow came up to Bai Lian. She bent down and sat on the ground with her upper body leaning in Bai Lian's embrace, like a hungry baby waiting to be fed.

You, you, you…


Fuck you!

An Lan was so excited that she cursed coarsely for the first time in her heart.

She glared fiercely at Yan Yue.

She was wrong.

She shouldn't give Yan Yue any lenience; this silly woman will be carried away whenever she finds an opportunity.

Only when she is constantly pressured and kept below will she truly learn her lesson!

Yan Yue swallowed a mouthful of saliva involuntarily.


She just thought that to herself, and then talked off the cuff like that, never expecting to be caught by An Lan.

Is this woman a demon?

Why is she always able to arrive at the "critical" moment on time?

I'm so mad!

Bai Lian was facing away from An Lan, but the strange atmosphere in the room suddenly let her understand that there was a "ghost" behind her.

"You are such a mess!"

Before she had a chance to turn around and confirm the situation, An Lan nimbly jumped in from the outside window.

Like an enraged kitten, fast and fierce, leaving a lingering trace in the air.


A ruler hit Yan Yue's butt.


It was rippling up!

That was amazing!

Bai Lian was stumped.

Even Yan Yue, who was preparing to fight An Lan, was stunned.

Actually, it doesn't hurt.


That's horrible!

An Lan was like a Black-Faced Demon God, grabbing Yan Yue's ear with one hand.

"Are you doing enough to live up to your father's expectations and the Duxian Sect's cultivation of you?"

"Pah pah."

Yan Yue got two hard spankings on her bottom.

Still not painful.

But her eyes welled up with tears all of a sudden.

An Lan glared at Yan Yue furiously, "Reputation is the most important thing for a big family. If your behavior gets spread around…."

Yan Yue argued in grievance, "I'm not from a big family. My family has me alone now."


Only she is left in the Yan family now.

Yan Yue continued, "Besides, my family never pays attention to reputation. My ancestors won't mind what I do."

How dare you argue with me!

OK, I will take the opportunity to hit you twice more!

An Lan was waving the ruler in her hand.

"Even if you don't think of yourself, you should think of Bai Lian."


She lowered her head.

Yes, indeed.

Without the memories of Gong Xuexin causing trouble for her, she didn't mind this kind of thing.

But she didn't want to affect Bai Lian because of herself.

She was not afraid of being criticized by outsiders, but rather afraid that Bai Lian would have ill feelings toward her.

In her eyes, Bai Lian was no longer an ordinary disciple of the Duxian sect, but rather a guide who put in all her efforts to lead her out when she was lost.

Bai Lian, her light, her superhero!

What should she do if her superhero dislikes that she is always so laid-back?

When Yan Yue got to this level, she blinked her eyes forcefully.

She got it!