The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 9 Chapter 42 Part 1

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Chapter 42: Yan Yue: Then You Raise Me! (1)

While Bai Lian was carrying the stone tablet, An Lan sneered and pressed Yan Yue's stomach.

This is the Lower Dantian, the root of humans, the base of life, and the yin and yang meeting point.


I'll draw a mark for you right here.

If you sneak close to Bai Lian in the future, I will find out immediately. I see how you can do "evil" again!

An Lan quickly drew a magic circle with her finger as her pen and spirit Qi as the ink.

This magic circle is near Yan Yue's dantian. It just flickered and disappeared. With Yan Yue's strength, it can't be found.


Soon Bai Lian came to An Lan with the stone tablet on her shoulder.

She found that it was a tombstone.

But the words on the tombstone are not engraved, but written with indelible paint.

[Tomb of Gong Xuexin of Yuding Temple]

Obviously, this tombstone was not built by the Duxian sect.

Yuding Temple should be the Taoist Temple that leads Gong Xuexin on the path of cultivation.

However, if Bai Lian remembers correctly, the Taoist temple should have been destroyed.

And this tablet…

"Why does it look familiar?"

An Lan took the tablet and said, "This is an integral part of the tablet you brought back from Canglong Garden."


Isn't it the fragment of Sansheng Stele?

Bai Lian was still thinking, and An Lan had taken action.

She would not allow Yan Yue to "get sick" like this.


After all, in order to find this tombstone made of Sansheng Stele, she blackened her face.

Sigh. I should go back and eat more melons to reward myself! An Lan thought.

An Lan looked down at Yan Yue who was sleeping peacefully.

Remember to thank me when you wake up, and remember to plead guilty and stay away from Bai Lian!

She held out her right hand.

Under the night sky.

Soft white light enveloped Yan Yue and the tombstone at the same time.

A force of suction was acting on Yan Yue, and she suddenly twisted uneasily in her dream.

"Don't move."

An Lan angrily gave Yan Yue two heavy slaps on the outside of her buttocks.


She even tried to seduce Bai Lian while sleeping! She is really not a good woman.

Yan Yue stopped moving after the slaps.

An Lan concentrated on "curing" Yan Yue.

There was no dazzling operation, but Bai Lian just couldn't understand it.

On the one hand, she is a superficial person.

On the other hand, An Lan's medical skill is too deep.

It's normal that she can't understand.

After a long time.

An Lan took her hand back, and the warm white light flew away like a firefly.

Bai Lian said, "Master Yan Yue…"

An Lan waved her hand.

Don't worry.

Yan Yue's eyelids trembled slightly, opened and closed again. After several times, "Sleeping Beauty" finally woke up from her long dream!

The night sky was clear.

The stars twinkled.

Yan Yue didn't care about this. She saw Bai Lian at a glance.

With the strength of Transcendency Stage, she certainly knows that this is not a dream.

She woke up before dawn, and her depression was mostly gone…

Bai Lian must have done it.

"Bai Lian!"

Yan Yue jumped up in an instant, and she reached out to take Bai Lian into her arms.

Suddenly a petite figure rushed out from the side.

Yan Yue was shocked to find herself lying down again.

What appeared before her was An Lan who was breathless.

Ah ↑ ah ↑ ah ↑

If An Lan were a Saiyan, her hair would have turned golden by now.

How dare you hug Bai Lian in front of me?

When I punched Witch Queen and broke the abyss of heaven, who dares to say a harsh word in front of me?


If you go one step further, the world will turn upside down!

An Lan stared at Yan Yue like this.

This amazing momentum really scared Yan Yue.

Here she goes again.

Bai Lian had a headache.

Shifu, Shifu, you are obviously concerned about Master Yan Yue. Why did you mess things up?

Come on.

Let me give you a push from behind.

Bai Lian went up and said, "Master Yan Yue, just listen to the master. You have just recovered a little. You can't move now."


Yan Yue was stunned.

But her smart head soon realized it!

It turns out that An Lan is concerned about her. No wonder her eyes are so wide.

The situation was very good.

Bai Lian forced herself between An Lan and Yan Yue.

She smiled and said, "Master Yan Yue, thanks to Shifu, it was Shifu who found the tombstone with Gong Xuexin's name on it, and then tried to wake you up."

"Is… is it so?"

Yan Yue suddenly felt guilty.

She thought Bai Lian woke her up.

Fortunately, she didn't shout out just now, otherwise, An Lan would be so disappointed.

"Hum, what else can I do?" An Lan said after seeing Yan Yue looking over, "The stone tablet with Gong Xuexin's name on it is a Past Stele."

Yan Yue looked confused.

What Past Stele?

An Lan couldn't help saying, "Don't you even know it?"

So she explained.

"The Sansheng Stele is a divine item of the Great Tao of Reincarnation. After being broken, it has become three steles, namely, the Past Stele, the Present Stele, and the Next Life Stele. Although the broken Sansheng Stele has been greatly damaged, it still has many incredible abilities."

Yan Yue nodded stupidly, "So I was Gong Xuexin and reincarnated as Yan Yue, because my name was engraved on the Past Stele?"

An Lan said, "No. There is such a thing."

She paused a little.