The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 9 Chapter 41 Part 2

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Chapter 41: An Lan: What Are You Doing?! (2)

When Bai Lian tried to pick her up, she cooperatively put her arms around Bai Lian's neck.

Her head was no longer obedient, seemingly because she had found a warm and soft place; even though Bai Lian reached over to move her, she refused to budge.

"Master Yan Yue, don't do this."

Bai Lian pinched Yan Yue's tummy.

Yan Yue couldn't hear or feel, of course, there would be no reaction.

There's nothing else to be done.

Although not very comfortable, just go with it for now.

Just as Bai Lian was about to take off, a loud boom suddenly came from beside her.


Bai Lian immediately turned around.

At first glance, she saw An Lan standing at the edge of the grass.

The "girl" in a light blue knee-length dress raised her hands awkwardly, her five fingers twisting uneasily; a piece of half a foot tall gravestone fell beside her feet.

First, Bai Lian: щ(゚Д゚щ)

Next, Bai Lian: o(゚Д゚)っ!

Finally, Bai Lian: (º﹃º)…

An Lan froze.

Several dozen seconds ago.

She carried the stone tablet like a ray of light passing through the long night.

Actually she also believed she was light.

Because she was about to rescue Yan Yue with an incredibly gorgeous pose in front of Bai Lian!

[God Doctor An Lan]

When the time comes, Bai Lian will realize how great she is.

My foolish eldest disciple oh.

Admire, admire me hard and follow me!

But, but…

An Lan never imagined that the scene would be like this when she met Bai Lian again.

Yan Yue leaned against Bai Lian's chest.

What is this?!

Her eldest disciple, Bai Lian has grown up.

In that moment, An Lan felt like something had been taken away from inside her.

Then a ball of angry fire rose in her heart.

Keep your mouth shut!


Stop, you foolish woman!


An Lan was furious.

How dare you do this, Yan Yue!



An Lan blew up directly.

Unlike others, the first thing she thought of was not to rub her eyes and run away; that was not her style.

She is the Immortal Heavenly Lord.

She is that Immortal Heavenly Lord who has conquered all three thousand realms and has no equal!

In terms of momentum, she, An Lan, has never been inferior to anyone throughout her life.


An Lan stepped over the stone tablet.

Like a mad bull with bloodshot eyes.

That imposing manner directly made Bai Lian tremble, unable to move.

That's terrifying.

She certainly lives up to her title of "Immortal Heavenly Lord".

If the master can restore her full strength, she could kill any ordinary Immortal just by her imposing manner alone.

Just as An Lan was about to rush up, she suddenly calmed down.


She cannot punch Yan Yue.

It's not to say that she has a deep relationship with Yan Yue.

There are some factors like this, but what is more important is that An Lan thinks very far ahead.

How should she explain to Bai Lian after she beat Yan Yue?

To beat someone for no reason is to undermine her dignity as the master.

Tell it like it is.

"She bumped her face into your chest and I'm angry, is that not okay?"

The tone is quite arrogant, but it doesn't do any good.

Bai Lian is a very serious person.

She's already disgraceful enough, if Bai Lian knew what she was thinking…

It looks like they can't be master and disciple anymore!

Before, An Lan didn't care at all, but now her attitude has changed somewhat.

That came suddenly, out of her control, like a mysterious entanglement from past lives.

In a flash, An Lan's clever little brain had come up with the right solution.

She stepped forward and grabbed Yan Yue's waist in front of Bai Lian.


Neither Bai Lian nor the unconscious Yan Yue could stop her.

Her strength is like a mountain, her spirit is like the world!


An Lan picked up Yan Yue and put her directly on the ground.

Then she kneeled down beside Yan Yue, with a worried face and shouted, "Yan Yue, how could you be so stupid!"

Bai Lian, "…"

Change came too fast like a tornado.

She was completely taken aback.

"You piece of crap!"

An Lan wiped away her tears. She was about to give Yan Yue a slap, but in the end, she changed her mind and gently caressed Yan Yue's cheeks.

"You are definitely not a waste!"

Not a waste, you are just a bitch taking advantage of the situation!

An Lan angrily waved her fists.

She remembered the scene when Yan Yue confessed her "guilt" by her bedside when she was feigning injury.

Although Yan Yue was the one who made the mischief, in the end most of the blame fell on her head; some of which she knew and didn't bother with, while others were things that she didn't know about. After all, she wouldn't go around snooping on Yan Yue for no reason.


She really didn't know that she had taken so much of the blame for Little Yan Yue!

Yan Yue always says An Lan is a bad woman, although this is not an insult, Yan Yue herself is not a "good thing" too.

Hit you!



Finally, An Lan still faithfully carried out the plan she just set.

First, drive Bai Lian away.

"Bai Lian, go and carry that stone tablet over here, quickly!"

Her voice was urgent.

"I'm going right away."

Bai Lian ran over there immediately.

To be honest, she was deeply touched by the close friendship between her master and Master Yan Yue!

Normally Master Yan Yue always loves to scold her master, but once her master gets hurt, she looks more anxious than anyone else and is unable to eat or drink.

Master An Lan cares about Master Yan Yue too.


She didn't even call the master, so the master came here because she was worried about Master Yan Yue.

Although An Lan cursed Master Yan Yue as a fool in her mouth, it was precisely because of this that she could reflect her concern for Master Yan Yue.


Bai Lian had seen An Lan several times wanting to hit Yan Yue, but eventually she stopped.

How could she beat her?

The injury is on Master Yan Yue's body, the pain is in Master An Lan's heart!

Moreover, Master An Lan was speaking so sternly and urgently just now because she cares deeply for Master Yan Yue.

It's so touching!