The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 9 Chapter 41 Part 1

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Chapter 41: An Lan: What Are You Doing?! (1)

Bai Lian's movements were very gentle.

She took the initiative.

Yan Yue slowly rose up.

At the start, Yan Yue, crying and exhausted, was like a puppet at the mercy of others.

No matter what Bai Lian did, it was like she didn't even notice.

Once Bai Lian flew to the cloud in this chaotic world of consciousness, everything changed.

It's not right.

Very wrong!

Even in her state of constant self-denial, Yan Yue found it hard to ignore the things that Bai Lian was now forcing her to do.

Bai Lian was not trying to hug her, but to ignite her!

Yan Yue felt very hot.

She was as hot as red hot iron tongs.

Especially in places where Bai Lian's skin was touched, it seemed as if a little more force and friction would create sparks.

Before this, she had never been held like this by anyone.


The Blood Tree Patriarch.

Even An Lan had held her this way before, but after only a moment An Lan tossed her onto the bed and tickled her fat little feet wrapped in white socks.

That degree was much tighter than it was now.

But she had never experienced such a strange feeling before.

She didn't feel annoyed about it.

Even though it was hot, she held up.

Because of how hot she felt all over, her mind stopped dwelling on the thought of "Am I a waste?"

After the intense pain, Yan Yue finally experienced a moment of joy and an unprecedented level of comfort.

Perhaps it would not be bad to keep letting Bai Lian do this kind of thing!


At this moment, An Lan's face would unconsciously appear in her mind.

She is An Lan's Martial Sister while Bai Lian is An Lan's eldest disciple.

They shouldn't be striking such a strange pose.

In short, it's very wrong!

Yan Yue unconsciously developed a feeling of resistance.

She wanted to push Bai Lian away with her hand; she wanted even more for Bai Lian to leave her body.

As for what will happen next, she has no time to think in detail with her head in a muddle.

But soon Yan Yue realized that she couldn't do it.

She's just a useless woman who can't do anything!

Under Bai Lian's exercise, her body became soft as mud.

Don't mention pushing Bai Lian's chest. She can't even lift her fingers now.


How can she say she can't do anything?

She can do it, she can do it on her own!

Yan Yue grit her teeth and tried several times, but failed each time. After going around in circles, she was back to the same initial question.

"I'm just a waste!"

The intense disruption within the soul brought on by a momentary emotional low.

The sky was changing quickly and thunder was rumbling.

Just a moment before, Bai Lian thought she was galloping on the back of a horse with Yan Yue.

The next moment she found herself facing a much larger wave of storm!

"It's not going to be so easy after all!"

Bai Lian had a solemn expression.

That will was desperately trying to keep Yan Yue.

If it was in the outside world, her 609 points of Focus were still quite sufficient.

But she was now in the soul of Yan Yue, and it was a very deep place.

That will power had an exit blocked off, and then with full malice pressed in from every angle, she could easily get trapped here forever if she careless, and even worse, could be eaten alive by Yan Yue.

Bai Lian glanced down at Yan Yue, curled up like a cooked shrimp.

The simplest and most effective way was to punch Yan Yue to death.

But this is not good.

She is here to solve the problem, not to solve the people who bring the problem!

Go for it!

Bring out your best Hard Skill and give it your all!

Bai Lian's eyes gradually sharpened.

Today, the murderer White Emperor Bai Lian reappears in the world!

"No matter who comes to stop me today, I'm taking her away!"

She embraced Yan Yue with one arm.

It's tightly stuck.

A sword naturally appeared in her right hand.

Immediately afterward, her sharp eyes slowly dispersed like star points, finally turning into two dazzling galaxies.

This is Qianhuan Real Eyes!

In ancient times, the Holy Body that left an illustrious reputation was reborn within Bai Lian's body.

Before that, Bai Lian had been saving her energy because she was afraid that she would be drained by Qianhuan Real Eyes.

But this time the situation has changed.

For one of the people closest to her, she must fight no matter what.

Moreover, this is a world dominated by the soul, it is indeed the homeland of Qianhuan Real Eyes.

"See Through Vacuity!"

Feeling the heavy burden of her soul, Bai Lian cast the spell [See Through Vacuity" without hesitation.

Her already dazzling eyes now glittered with a piercing silver light.

Silver light showered like rain.

The desolate atmosphere attached to Qianhuan Real Eyes bursts out along with the silver light, like a heavenly pillar that can turn rivers and overturn the sea, crashing down into the depths of the vast sea, stirring up raging waves.

A miraculous scene appeared like this.

It seemed that Bai Lian had poked the will into its weakness.

The surging waves disappeared forever after they fell.

The thick clouds were torn apart with a shocking rift, and the sunlight fell and illuminated the four directions.

Bai Lian saw a world of grey and white, it was as quiet as an apocalyptic wasteland.


Bai Lian let out a sigh of relief.

That crack was the exit.


At key moments, both men and women have to be tough!

She flew towards the crack with Yan Yue in her arms.

Calm is only temporary.

After all, there is a limit to Bai Lian's endurance.

As soon as Qianhuan Real Eyes become weak, that willpower will immediately swallow her with a more terrifying tide.

The best plan for the present is to act quickly.

Press on with the quickening wind!

Bai Lian only spent less than three seconds.

Too fast!

Before Yan Yue could even react, she took Yan Yue and escaped through that crack.

White light spread out like a tidal wave.

When the world in front of her returned to normal, Bai Lian discovered that she had re-entered the outside world.

She sat cross-legged on the ground, with Yan Yue nestled in her embrace, her head resting against her chest.

The stars in the sky were brilliantly sparkling.

As soon as Yan Yue moved her head, it caused a stir and made Bai Lian's body tremble violently.


Bai Lian raised her hand and pressed against her right eye.

She had already shut down Qianhuan Real Eyes in time, but the explosion still drained most of her energy.

The pain from her soul made her awareness a bit blurred.

However, she could still manage for the moment, at least it was not a problem to send Yan Yue back safely to the Qiongming Peak.

As for afterwards…

She needed to have a deep sleep.

Bai Lian climbed up from the ground.

Yan Yue hasn't woken up yet, but her breathing has not deteriorated further.