The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 9 Chapter 40 Part 2

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Chapter 40: I, Bai Lian! (2)

Gong Xuexin?

Is this not the name of the founding master of the Duxian sect?

Is Yan Yue the reincarnated funding master of the Duxian sect?

Countless questions flashed through her mind in an instant.

It's too late now for her to worry about these things.

Yan Yue wants to escape!


If you are able to run away from me, I will perform a handstand for you!

Bai Lian grabbed the pants of Yan Yue in one step, and the disadvantage of the pants being too tight was now revealed.

A sharp sound.

After a sharp sound, Yan Yue was still pulled back by Bai Lian.

"Wake up, you! Don't try to avoid the problem. Have you forgotten about the Blood Tree Patriarch in the Zhuyan peak?" Bai Lian glazed at Yan Yue.

She also gave it deep consideration.

When it comes to Yan Yue who wants to run away from reality, gentle persuasion won't do any good.

The Blood Tree Patriarch would have been burned to charcoal if she didn't wake Yan Yue up as soon as possible!

Since that is the case, let's use force.

Be as strong as the "Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian" in the game!

Yan Yue's eyes flickered wildly, and she stammered, "I, I don't know anything about the Blood Tree Patriarch, I won't cause any trouble, but I'm not afraid of trouble either!"

While saying this, she took out that knife, preparing to give Bai Lian a harsh punishment.

How dare you!

Bai Lian grabbed the knife from Yan Yue.

With a grasp and a pinch.


The blade shattered into powder, falling from Bai Lian's palm.

Bai Lian looked down at Yan Yue, whose legs were weak, and said, "Do you think you can resist me?"

Yan Yue stared fiercely at Bai Lian, "I am Gong Xuexin, the founder of the Duxian sect. Do you think I'm afraid of you? Since you won't follow the rules, then I won't be polite either!"

"Just like this?"

He he.

Bai Lian laughed in a disdainful way.

"I am still a reincarnated Immortal Emperor. Even if you are Gong Xuexin, how dare you challenge me? Stand straight!"

I will spank your bottom till it's swollen!

Yan Yue would not easily admit defeat, she desperately fought back.

She consecutively summoned several small fireballs to bombard Bai Lian's chest, but Bai Lian just lightly ducked and extinguished the fireballs.

She spat out a water jet to stab Bai Lian's stomach, and the water jet instantly turned back and splattered her face.

Finally, she had to take out her treasured Level 2 Talisman, which was howling and gusting with wind, carrying snowflakes and blowing away rocks.

After a dizzying flurry of movements, Yan Yue was horrified to find that she hadn't accomplished anything; instead, only her clothes were cut to shreds. If she hadn't pulled the drooping cloth back in time, she would have been exposed in front of Bai Lian.


Yue Yan gnashed her teeth.

She desperately wanted to rush up and tear Bai Lian apart, but under the current situation, she didn't dare move at all.

Actually, she is very clear that she is dreaming.

She knows she is Yan Yue, and she also knows that Bai Lian is Bai Lian.

Because of this, she was even more grief-stricken.

No matter what, she's still Bai Lian's master!


Bai Lian walked towards her.


Don't come over here!

Yan Yue was completely flustered.

She waved her empty right hand, "Go out, go out, quickly get out of my body!"

Bai Lian stood firm and continued to say menacingly, "I won't go out unless you obey me!"

"Go away, ah…"

Yan Yue stumbled as she walked, and plopped down on the ground with a thud.

Sitting on the snow, she felt a bit chilly.

"You, you, you… Bai Lian, are you going to bully your master today?" Yan Yue was filled with fear.

Bai Lian shook her head gently.

No denying it, she was indeed musing.


The founder of the Duxian sect had long since passed away. So how could she bully her again?

There's nothing she can do about it now.

Bai Lian can swear by her own conscience.

Next, the things she is going to do are not because she is bad but because she has a "sincere" heart!

The founder.

Please forgive my impetuous act.


So saying, Bai Lian held onto Yan Yue's hand and then rode directly onto her thigh, no matter how much Yan Yue struggled, it was to no avail.

"Let me go!"

Yan Yue tried hard to flip Bai Lian onto the ground.

But so far all she had done was in vain.

Bai Lian tightly held her hands and folded them outwards.

"If your master knew, she would definitely expel you from the sect!"

"You scoundrel who would dishonor your master!"

"I won't let you off!"

Yan Yue was so frustrated that she was close to crying.

Now she was very fragile.

Not only was she weak in strength, her heart was about to collapse.

Why has it become like this?

The starry sky is no longer brilliant, and Yan Yue's eyes seem to be covered by a black cloth.

Bai Lian waited for a while.

It's a pity that the system didn't generate any tasks.

Let's leave it at that.

Suddenly, a piece of clothing appeared in her right hand, and with a surprised look in Yan Yue's eyes, she covered Yan Yue with it, making sure she was completely covered.

"I should have helped you put it on, but in order to prevent you from running away I have to make do with this."


Yan Yue was staring blankly at Bai Lian.

Bai Lian said, "I cannot understand your thoughts very well since I am not you, but you should know yourself. Think carefully, why am I here?"

Yan Yue was not speaking.

Bai Lian continued, "It was you who called me, wasn't it? You are very afraid, you're afraid that your actions will influence the Blood Tree Patriarch's Guafeng Disaster, and so you wanted to find a solution for the problem, and that's why you sought me out."

Yan Yue sniffed her nose.

The air seemed to be filled with a tangy smell.

Bai Lian sighed.

She raised her fist high and was just about to punch Yan Yue in the face.

Yue Yan was flustered and turned away too quickly.

The wind wailed mournfully.


The last punch landed on her ear and fell on the snow.

"If I could wake you up with a punch, I would do it without hesitation," Bai Lian said seriously. "You feel like you're a waste, so you hide in your dreams, because everyone here needs you, but that's all fake. By staying here, you're really abandoning the people who need you."


"Stop the crap!"

Bai Lian gave Yan Yue a hard slap on the side of her butt.


"Didn't you say you were Gong Xuexin? How is it that the founding ancestor of the Duxian Sect is such a weak and merciless person?"

"I am not!"

The corners of Yan Yue's eyes were filled with tears.

"Since you're not, why did you come here to hide? Look at this!"

Bai Lian placed the "Yan Yue's Diary" that the Blood Tree Patriarch secretly gave to her against Yan Yue's chest, and then loosened her hand.

Of course, this is just a simulated replica made with her Divine Sense.

"The Blood Tree Patriarch secretly copied a copy of your diary and gave it to me in hopes that you could make peace with my master."

"The Blood Tree Patriarch has been with you for hundreds of years, watching you grow from a little child to now. Are you going to abandon it like this?"

When Yan Yue looked through her diary, Bai Lian prattled on nostalgically about past events.

There are a lot of things in it that Yan Yue has forgotten.

However, she is not concerned about this; she is focused on the annotations written by the Blood Tree Patriarch after each diary entry.

That feeling…

Not a brother, but better than a brother.

Yan Yue was shaking with hands tightly holding the diary.

Bai Lian sighed, "Don't take people's affection for granted just because it has become a habit, otherwise it will be too late to regret when it's gone."


Yan Yue moved the diary slightly.

The exposed eyes sparkled and finally, tears flowed down unwillingly.

"I'm a waste, I'm just a waste, sorry…"

Her crying grew louder and louder, soon drowning out the sound of the mountain wind, and even the world around them started to change.

Time flew like an arrow.

Bai Lian saw Gong Xuexin was born.

She saw how Gong Xuexin became an orphan.

She saw how she grew up with the support of the people of the town.

She saw Gong Xuexin's kind neighbor send her to a Taoist temple to study cultivation methods.

She saw Gong Xuexin return from the Taoist temple and cultivated her heart around the small town.

She saw the temple she was at being destroyed by people.

She saw her grow in pain.

She saw that she had made new friends.

She saw that Gong Xuexin realized that the strength of one person could not protect what she loved, so she created the Duxian Sect.

She saw her lead the Duxian sect to glory.

She saw the small town destroyed, Silver Frost Mountain turned into Silver Frost Valley, Gong Xuexin's heart was broken, and she was slashed in the back by an enemy leaving behind an indelible scar.

She saw her pass away in the anguish of self-reproach.

She saw her continue to shout loudly in front of her, "I'm just a waste!"

Bai Lian fell silent.

It seems that it is not easy to make Yan Yue recover to normal.

After all, she was not able to go back five thousand years ago and prevent the tragedy from happening, and the situation was likely more complicated than what she saw.

Bai Lian scratched her head.

Bai Lian reached out her hand.

"At least, for now, stay mentally strong and after the Blood Tree Patriarch safely passes through his Guafeng Disaster, I will try to think of a way to help you."

Yan Yue didn't answer her, but also didn't stop her action.

"Then I'll take it that you agree with me."

Bai Lian held the tearful Yan Yue in her arms, as if she were cradling a princess.

Now she was taking Yan Yue back to The Duxian Sect.

If "Gong Xuexin" stepped forward to stop it, she would not be polite.

On the other side.

Somewhere in the Silver Frost Valley's underground.

She gently wiped away the black mud that was stuck on her forehead.

"It was you who caused the trouble after all."

Standing before her was a stone tablet.

An Lan directly pulled the stone tablet out and a surge of endless joy filled her heart.

That's great!

With this, she can make Yan Yue recover to normal.

She didn't actually intend to bully Yan Yue; she just wanted Yan Yue to dislike her so that in case she was caught by her enemy in the future, Yan Yue wouldn't be implicated.


In any case, let's not think about these now. Go go go!