The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 9 Chapter 40 Part 1

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Chapter 40: I, Bai Lian! (1)

That was a long, long corridor.

Bai Lian took dozens of steps and suddenly felt refreshed!

This is not how good Bai Lian is at finding "holes".

Her body is quite sturdy, but in terms of the strength of the soul, it is far inferior to Yan Yue who has been staying in the Transcendency Stage for many years.

If both sides really had a fight.


It is highly likely that Bai Lian will be directly swallowed up by Yan Yue's soul!

However, the reality is that Yan Yue, who is in a nightmare, has almost no defense against Bai Lian.

Her soul is like a balloon with many holes poked in it.

As long as Bai Lian is willing, she can drill wherever she wants.

She encountered resistance from all directions as she moved forward, which was merely a move of Yan Yue's subconscious.

It looked determined.

But a bit more forceful and it would push it away completely.

"I will not tolerate any cowardly acts!"

This is all the thoughts that Bai Lian has now.

Yan Yue is weak and easy to bully; it feels like a punch could make her cry out loud.

But Bai Lian is not the kind of person who enjoys bullying others; she would never do something bad like throw salt on someone's wound. She might, at most, add a bit of sugar and then lick it off with her tongue.



Not bad either.

It has always been this way.

Bai Lian never thought of being a hero to save the world.

That is what the Martial Sisters have to do.

As the supporting role, she didn't have the ability to snatch away the mission of her Martial Sisters, she just needs to be a good Elder Martial Sister and a good mother, and raising the Martial Sisters up is enough.

Yan Yue…

Hmm, although Bai Lian needs to call her Master Yan Yue.

It's also kind of like a Martial Sister or Daughter role.

She was always in a sheltered environment, but this care lacked the most important fatherly and motherly love and was replaced with An Lan's coldhearted scolding, so that she never felt like she truly grew up.

"Master An Lan is the same too."

Bai Lian thought to herself.

The game character card mentions Master An Lan's experiences from her younger years.

Not much content.

But it can be seen that, under the guidance of An Lan's master who never left his name, at that time, An Lan basically didn't encounter too great storms.

"Actually, it's not a good thing."

Once she encountered a major setback, it is likely that she would never be able to recover.


The patient to be treated now is Yan Yue.

She could explore the secrets of her master later.

Come on, Bai Lian!


After passing through the strange and winding "pathway", Bai Lian arrived at a vast new world.


Very white.

She closed her eyes as she was engulfed by the sudden surge of white light.

Just as Yan Yue had said.

She only felt warmth, fulfillment and satisfaction in this world.

After a long time.

Everything returned to normal, adapted to this expanse, so Bai Lian was about to set off…

She wanted to find Yan Yue who had been wandering in the nightmare.

What appeared before her eyes were two tall mountains, with thick white snow dotting their peaks.

Two mountains enclosed a valley.

Down the hill was a lush tree-lined landscape in the blazing sun, as well as a small town nestled at the foot of the mountain.

This scene was so realistic, it felt as if it existed before.

"This is…"

Bai Lian didn'thing, but suddenly many thoughts appeared in her mind.

I understand.

This is the Silver Frost Mountain in the past!

The Blood Tree Patriarch said that Silver Frost Valley used to be a mountain, but after a great battle, the mountain was flattened, the valley sank and the underground water was opened up, bursting out and turning into a stream to nourish passing travelers.

That happened over 5000 years ago.

At the time, the Duxian sect had only just been established.

Why does Yan Yue have dreams about events from over five thousand years ago?

If it wasn't for an external force…

Bai Lian had an answer in her heart.

It seems like there are a lot of people who have recently been reincarnated and started their spiritual journey anew.

However, there is a problem. Has Master An Lan not realised that Yan Yue is a reincarnated cultivator?

She flew forward.

In the small town at the foot of the mountain, Bai Lian finally found Yan Yue.

This Yan Yue is quite different from the Yan Yue of the outside world.

The "real" Yan Yue likes to wear light purple clothes, most of her clothes are very gorgeous and make people think she is a rich woman at first sight.

The world's Yan Yue was too simple.

The clothes she was wearing were a dress from a certain martial arts school, and it was a men's size. Perhaps because of being washed too many times, the clothes had started to fade in color.

She had a knife hung at her waist, resembling a Goose Feather Knife prevalent during the Ming Dynasty.

The knife was very beautiful.

But it was just an ordinary knife.

If Bai Lian were to hold the knife and stab herself, the knife would shatter before she could cause any wounds on her body.

If this Yan Yue were a martial warrior, it would still be acceptable, but unfortunately, she was a cultivator at the Qi Refining Stage, only one step away from the Foundation Establishment Stage.

"This is too poor, right?"

Bai Lian followed far behind Yan Yue.

From morning to noon.

Yan Yue was walking around the town without taking a break for a moment.

The child from the family on the east side broke his leg, and she helped the unfortunate child saw the leg off.

A woman's husband got beaten up due to a small dispute, so she stepped in and beat up both the person who had beaten her husband and her husband.

Someone came to challenge the martial artist at the Martial Art School, Yan Yue immediately disarmed the person without saying a word.

There are too many to count.

"Is this the humanistic brilliance that you have spoken of?"

"Is this the justice and chivalry you spoke of?"

"Is this what you said that got so much praise?"

Bai Lian was confused.

Yan Yue, are you a demon?


Compared to Yan Yue, she can truly be called a Natural Saint!

At one point, she wanted to rush out and teach this Yan Yue a lesson.


But Bai Lian soon found out that things were different from what she had imagined.

When the sun passes overhead.

It's afternoon.

When Yan Yue returned from gathering medicine on the mountain, she mended the poor child's leg.

In the alley, the bystanders were chatting, saying that the woman's husband had a gambling addiction, and he could only quit gambling temporarily if he was beaten.

A group of martial artists came from the south and took away the "hero" whose arms and legs were dismembered by Yan Yue. The hero is not a "hero" but a wicked demon who escaped after murdering his wife and children more than a decade ago.


Bai Lian was filled with regret.

She has treated Yan Yue as her daughter intimately, so how could she suspect Yan Yue like this?

Yan Yue will definitely be very disappointed when she finds out.

She is really an awful woman!

Bai Lian vigorously rubbed her eyes.


Her mood is much better now.

"It's not my fault; why didn't she explain her moves when she did them?!"

It is not surprising that Yan Yue felt empty after waking up from her dream.

Bai Lian continued to tail.

She discovered it.

It is probably because of poverty that Yan Yue is so industrious!

Doing laundry, cooking, mending, and irrigating… she is practically capable of everything!

Bai Lian unconsciously compared this Yan Yue to the one outside.

Besides fighting, the Yan Yue outside can't do anything…

Almost got it!

In short, Yan Yue didn't say anything wrong.

But Bai Lian wouldn't go so far as to criticize Yan Yue for her past attitude.

Everyone has their own way of life.

Those who can become Immortals are few, some feel they can become an Immortal Emperor, while others think "Why can't it be me who enjoys the life?". This is normal.

She is also an ordinary person herself.

Her past dream was to be invincible.

Her current dream is to live a happy life with Shifu and Martial Sisters.


After all, she is a person without morals.

"Where is she going?"

After nightfall, Yan Yue left the town and headed for Silver Frost Mountain, her destination.

Climb the mountain.

Climb to the top of the mountain, then spread out her arms and lie down on the snow.

Watching the starry sky.

Watching the stars reflecting on the rippling waves in the river.

Half an hour later, Yan Yue suddenly sat up.

She yawned and stretched, "It's not bad to stay here all the time."

She had a faint smile on her face.

Her smile touched Bai Lian's heart.

She had not seen such an expression on Yan Yue's face in a long time.

She understood as well.

Yan Yue knows this is a dream, but she doesn't want to leave this dream now, because this warm dream can fill her heart's emptiness and make her not think of those strange things anymore.

Bai Lian furrowed her brow.

This is not a good thing.

It's no use deceiving yourself, you won't be redeemed!

Once the situation changes, Yan Yue is likely to be consumed by her internal demon.

Is this okay?

Bai Lian cannot sit back and let this situation happen.

As this Yan Yue was still immersed in the starry sky above her head, she decisively jumped out from the side.

"Yan Yue!"

The familiar voice made Yan Yue get up from the ground, she looked at Bai Lian warily.

"Who are you?"

"Bai Lian."

Bai Lian's answer was straightforward and simple.

Yan Yue immediately shook her head, "I don't know you, and I'm not Yan Yue, I am, I am…."

She suddenly lowered her head.


Who is she?

She seems to have never paid attention to this issue all along.

What did people call her when she was doing heroic deeds in the small town?

Gong Xuexin.

That's right, that's the name!

Yan Yue blurted out.

"I am Gong Xuexin, I am not Yan Yue!"


Bai Lian was stunned.

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