The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 9 Chapter 39 Part 1

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Chapter 39: There Is Only One Good Person in the World, Bai Lian (1)

Yan Yue came suddenly.

Bai Lian hadn't prepared at all.

At that moment, she had just opened the door, and before she could take off her coat, hurried footsteps came from behind.

She quickly turned back.

In front of us was the "girl" who always wore a purple dress.


Before Bai Lian had finished her sentence, Yan Yue lunged toward her.

Surly aggressive.

She forced her way in from the door without Bai Lian's consent, taking up all the space in the small room.



Yan Yue immediately made a gesture of silence.

Bai Lian knew what Yan Yue meant.

After all, this is the Qiongming Peak, the homeland of An Lan, and there are two Martial Sisters sleeping next to her.

If too much noise is made at this time, it is highly likely that someone else will catch them in the act!

Yan Yue sneaked here, just to avoid this situation.

She nodded her head.

She first greeted Yan Yue to go two steps deeper into the room, and then cautiously closed the door.


After the faint sound.

Two people sit side by side with red candles on either side.

They sat for a while.

Until the red candle burned through more than half, the tear of the candle dropped onto the back of the hand with a snap and Yan Yue only started to talk after feeling the heat.

"Bai Lian!"

She leaned to the side and grabbed Bai Lian's sleeve.

The way she looked at Bai Lian no longer had the eyes of an eldership.

She is actually sensible and knows when to stay and move on!

Who is Bai Lian?

Bai Lian is an Immortal Emperor who can kill Blood Demons at will!

But she is even more of a Natural Saint with a broad mind and a kind heart!

Yan Yue could now only put her hopes in Bai Lian.

This makes sense.

Being the Immortal Emperor, Bai Lian's true age is at least twenty times hers. Never mind being her mother, she would be qualified to be her grandmother.

"I'm about to give up, I thought this nightmare would eventually end, it would just be a matter of toughing it out, but…the Blood Tree, it…"

Yan Yue's voice was choked with emotion.

"It's all my fault. If it can't make it through his Guafeng Disaster, it must be my fault."

Bai Lian stared blankly at the face of Yan Yue, which was so close.

She didn't cry.

But her little face was slightly wrinkled and looked pathetic.

Last time when Bai Lian saw this scene, it was after Qing Luan had flown away. That night, Master Xu came to seek her out and talked about her worries with her.

Does this count as business expansion?

The people who have come to visit her in the past have all been the same age.

Now, the elder sister from the last generation has also come to her!

There are so many "problem children" in this game.

Including "Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian", half of the people in the game are abnormal.

Fortunately, this is still a reasonable world.

There won't be a sudden NPC that pops out and says creepily to you, "I never expected my wife to be your companion. We should get closer."

Bai Lian supported Yan Yue's waist.

She thought it was best to call the master over at this moment.

It is probably impossible to solve the problem with her alone. Only if An Lan was involved too can the solution be reached quickly!

But Yan Yue didn't follow.

She didn't want An Lan to see her like this, otherwise she would have pulled An Lan's skirt, just like when they were kids.


Bai Lian thought carefully.

That leaves us with no choice but to take a step back!

"Let's go to Silver Frost Valley first!"

She said to Yan Yue.

In this world of cultivation, everything has its own karma.

Yan Yue had a problem after she arrived at the Silver Frost Valley, so there must be something that can affect her.

Bai Lian doesn't expect to be able to find that thing.

She plans to just go through the motions with Yan Yue.

After they hit the road, she'll quietly tell An Lan what happened here.

Yan Yue agreed.

The two rode the wind and soon ascended into the clouds.

At this moment.

The Immortal Heavenly Lord tightly clenched her fists, following closely behind with great vigor.


An Lan hasn't been this angry in a long time.

Bai Lian x Yan Yue? No way!

Bai Lian shows her filial respect to An Lan? Yes!

Yan Yue is indeed her lifelong nemesis!

She should have taken hard measures in the first place, directly "defecting" from the Duxian sect, so that her eldest disciple Bai Lian wouldn't be entangled with Yan Yue.

It's all her fault.

She neglected to educate Bai Lian.

If she had made it clear to Bai Lian earlier that Yan Yue was a woman not worth getting too close to, then this mess wouldn't have happened.


At that moment, An Lan's chest suddenly vibrated.


She reached out and pulled the jade slip out.

This item was returned to her by Bai Lian a few days ago, and it smelled of Bai Lian.

"What message did Bai Lian send?"

After reading the words Bai Lian had written in secret, she smiled contentedly and sighed from the bottom of her heart.

"My disciple is the first great filial piety of the Duxian Sect!"

Bai Lian didn't know that she was being followed, but still actively informed An Lan of the private meeting between herself and Yan Yue.

What is this called?

This is called "a filial disciple"!


An Lan was in a very good mood.

She blamed Bai Lian incorrectly!

She didn't turn away and leave. Yan Yue didn't want her to see, so she insisted on seeing it.

So, roughly half an hour later, Bai Lian and Yan Yue arrived at Silver Frost Valley via a scroll of teleportation.

Although the name carries the words 'Silver Frost', in reality, it is a place of lush vegetation and gurgling water!

But now, what mixed in this valley are fresh blood, tears, yellow paper, and white cloth~

This used to be the place where ordinary people lived.

The hardworking and simple-living mountain people toil in the valley, leading a simple life of rising with the sun and retiring at sunset.

"It was probably two years ago…"

Yan Yue told Bai Lian about the past of the Silver Frost Valley.

There were demon cultivators who couldn't get along anywhere else, and they came to the Silver Frost Valley.

They occupy the valley "for private use".

Every three to five days, mountain people would disappear, becoming sacrifices for these demon cultivators researching evil sorcery.

Upon receiving the news, the Duxian sect chose the Silver Frost Valley as a trial ground and had their disciples go and deal with these demon cultivators.

"That day was right here."

At the valley, in the desolate wilds, Yen Yue pointed to an open space.

She was playing the lyre here and fell asleep while playing.

That's when she first entered into the never-ending nightmare.

"So, what was the nightmare about?"

Bai Lian asked a question.

Know both the root and the bottom, then she will be able to solve it.

Yan Yue paced back and forth on the wasteland.