The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 9 Chapter 38 Part 3

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Chapter 38: Jealousy Made An Lan Angry (3)

Just as An Lan was fiercely bullying the tree branch she was stomping on, Bai Lian finally arrived in front of Yan Yue.

"This mirror has the ability to foretell the future."

She explained the situation to Yan Yue and the Blood Tree Patriarch.

Since we cannot get to the bottom of it, let's go the other way and do the opposite.

Look to the future!

Perhaps there will be clues to follow in Yan Yue's future.

"Try it and see."

Bai Lian looked at Yan Yue with an encouraging gaze.


Yan Yue was a bit hesitant.

Could this mirror show what's in her heart?

An Lan breathed a sigh.

So, it was for this kind of thing.

No problem.

Misunderstanding cleared!

She turned around to leave, but only took one step before stopping again.

No, she keeps looking.

"This kind of thing, where love grows over time, does exist."


Yan Yue eventually reached out to the Future Mirror.

The surface of the mirror was rippling with clear reflections.

After the waves calmed down, the mirror suddenly revealed pictures like a computer screen.

Bai Lian was relieved.

She was worried that the mirror would be smashed by Yan Yue just now.

Fortunately, the images reflected on the mirror are coherent and not like the many divergent futures the eldest princess described.

"I'll take a look."

The Blood Tree Patriarch leaned its trunk and craned its head over.

Yan Yue's expression was somewhat strange.

In the mirror, she was lying on a creaky bamboo bed, a cup of unknown drink to her left, and in her hands was a bag of roasted peanuts.


Open her mouth.



The peanuts were eaten.

Yan Yue held the cup slowly and took a drink, then repeated the same action again.


Is this raising pigs?

Bai Lian was a bit confused.

The Yan Yue in the mirror looks a round chubbier than she does now.

No way, no way. She has already reached the Transcendency Stage and yet still can gain weight?

Before Bai Lian had time to compare, Yan Yue quickly dispersed the image.

But she didn't relax, because the new picture that emerged was somewhat cruel.

In the mirror, the Blood Tree Patriarch quivered under the dark sky. Suddenly, its hard bark cracked piece by piece, firstly with a gust of wind blowing, and then with flames leaping out from its body.

The flame burned brighter and brighter, eventually coloring the whole night sky a dazzling, fiery red.

Bai Lian figured it out.

This is saying that the Blood Tree Patriarch will fail to pass his Guafeng Disaster.

She doesn't know if this is real or not because it's a plot that has never been seen in the game before.

In most of the storylines in the game, the Blood Tree Patriarch always stays by Yan Yue's side. It hasn't experienced much hardship and has not reached the Transmigration Stage.

Only when the Ten Thousand-meters Divine Body of An Lan's foe descended upon this world did it sink into an endless void along with the East Divine Land, annihilated by the Power of the Great Tao.

In short, don't look into this for now.

Bai Lian retrieved the Future Mirror.

Yan Yue and the Blood Tree Patriarch's situation is now not right.

Fortunately, the Blood Tree Patriarch was laughing, although somewhat uneasily.

Yan Yue simply held onto Bai Lian's shoulder, "Fake, that must be fake, right?"

That must be false!


Just as Bai Lian was about to speak, new words appeared on the Future Mirror.

"I never give fake…"

Damn it!

With one punch, she broke the mirror, then pointing to the word "fake", said, "It admitted itself that it was fake, so it seems the mirror really has some problems."

Yan Yue lowered her head slightly.

She doesn't accept this answer.

In the darkness of night, the woods fell into silence, only for the evening breeze blowing by, emitting an eerie and unpleasant sound like the wail of a wolf.

Bai Lian regretted it.


She should be tougher more often!

Avoiding problems is futile and cannot solve anything.

If she had forcibly informed the master, then the situation wouldn't have devolved into what it is now.

"Master Yan…"

Yan Yue shook her head, "Let's leave it like this for now."

Her attitude was resolute.

Reluctantly, Bai Lian had to take her leave.

She walked back to the Qiongming Peak.

In regards to the Guafeng Disaster, other people from the Duxian sect can only provide some material assistance, even if they want to help.

The problem is that the Duxian sect is poor.

Those Magic Treasures, Medicinal Pills, and Magic Arrays won't do much help.

It seems she can only go and ask Master An Lan for help.

An Lan was far behind Bai Lian.

"It's just the Guafeng Disaster."

She didn't care.

But she couldn't take the initiative to step forward and help Bai Lian.

She would have to wait for Bai Lian to find her.



It is best to pretend to reject Bai Lian and then let Bai Lian cry on her lap.

"Master, please help me! I beg you, I'm willing to do anything for you!"



Smiling, An Lan's face turned green.

Bai Lian begged her for the sake of Yan Yue?

How does she feel that something is wrong here?

So, she ends up being a matchmaker between Bai Lian and Yan Yue?



But soon An Lan found a more serious problem.

Bai Lian might not necessarily come and ask for her!

Bi Lian didn't know that she was the Immortal Heavenly Lord, nor did she know that she had many ways to help the Blood Tree Patriarch survive his Guafeng Disaster.


Why don't she go and hint at Bai Lian quietly later?


It seems there is a need for it.

Knock on Bai Lian as well to let her understand that even if you become stronger, you still have to stay obedient in front of your master.

Don't think you can turn the tables and become the master now!

An Lan quickly returned to her cave.

You need to perform the whole set for the play.

She seemed to be taking a stroll, patrolling the Qiongming Peak, and heading for the summit.

She stopped halfway through her walk.

Someone is here!

Yes, it's Yan Yue.

Yan Yue came.

Yan Yue stepped into Bai Lian's room.

Yan Yue persuaded Bai Lian.


This bitch took Bai Lian away directly, and their destination was Silver Frost Valley!



An Lan was so angry that she raised her fist.

Do you still have your master in your heart, you rebellious one?

An Lan spun around a few times at the spot and rushed off towards Bai Lian and Yan Yue.