The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 9 Chapter 38 Part 2

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Chapter 38: Jealousy Made An Lan Angry (2)

This medicine may be effective in improving endurance for others, but it's not worth a penny for her since her endurance was already maxed out.

Even when the medicine's effects have ended, she can still keep fighting!

Sure enough, Soft Skill +2 is more attractive.

This risk isn't so high.


When Bai Lian's eyes lingered with Yan Yue's, she became somewhat unsteady.

Yan Yue, who usually appears in an unreliable manner, now had eyes full of flickering light.

She looks almost like an innocent little chick, desperately in need of a 'mother hen' to watch over her.

Oh, master!

Bai Lian remembered the past between Yan Yue and An Lan.

Although their relationship has eased a lot recently, from Yan Yue's perspective, she still doesn't want An Lan to see her "ugly state".

I understand.

It's just Soft Skill +2, not a big deal. I can earn more in the future.

Bai Lian's decision wasn't only because of the motherly instinct stimulated by Yan Yue but also for other reasons.

When it comes to it, Master Yan Yue also helped her a lot in the past.

Whenever she provoked her master for recruiting new Martial Sisters, the first thought in her heart was to please Master YanYue, so that her master would calm down.

This time let her fulfill Master Yan Yue's thirst!

Choose Task 2, take the secret medicine.

Bai Lian took a step forward.

She raised her hand--already a habit, and was about to touch Yan Yue's head.

However, she reacted halfway when she stretched out her hand.


This is not Martial Sister, it's Master Yan Yue.

If she really does that, won't it be too disrespectful?

She doesn't want to be driven out by the angry Blood Tree Patriarch or Yan Yue.

"Master Yan, I understand, I won't go seek my master anymore."

Yan Yue sighed.

A warm current gently brushed past Bai Lian's hair strands.

Once she relaxed, she felt her body become so soft as if she had been tortured all night, draining all of her strength.

It's all Bai Lian's fault!

Bai Lian was a bit sad.

Now she can't even find An Lan to help.

How can she make Master Yan Yue, who is troubled by nightmares, find joy?

She glanced at Yan Yue with casual eyes.

Up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, b, a, start…

"Got it!"

Bai Lian's eyes lit up.

She thought of the mirror, and then from the mirror she thought of the Future Mirror.

Since this mirror managed to fool the eldest princess, it must have some use.

Most of the time, Bai Lian is a lazy person, but once it's time to get serious, she is a total go-getter.

Do as you say!

"Master Yan Yue, stay here and don't go wandering around, I'm going to the Qiongming Peak to get something."


Yan Yue was a bit nervous.

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Bai Lian immediately patted her chest, "Master Yan Yue, you can rest assured that I will never secretly tell the master."


Yan Yue nodded.

The Blood Tree Patriarch looked at Bai Lian's departing back with a pleased expression.

The world is becoming increasingly restless.

These days, there aren't many good kids like Bai Lian who respect their masters and stick to the right path.

It made two right choices in its life -

Four hundred years ago, it followed An Lan and came to the Duxian sect with An Lan.

More than four hundred years later, it made friends with Bai Lian, hoping that Bai Lian could reconcile the conflict between Yan Yue and An Lan.

Oh, Yan Yue.

Turning around, the Blood Tree Patriarch looked at Yan Yue sitting gloomily on the stone bench.

It silently prayed that Yan Yue could recover from her illness.

Right now it is most anxious about this "little sister".

For this, it once resisted crossing the Guafeng Disaster.

It was afraid that once it reshape its flesh and soul, and ascend to the Immortal World, no one would take care of Yan Yue anymore.

Yan Yue is so willful.

If nobody is constantly by her side, she will definitely get bullied if she goes outside.

Get better soon!

The Blood Tree Patriarch dispersed the dark clouds in the sky with its vines.

Cold winter night.

The clear sky was dotted with countless twinkling stars.

This scenery was a bit nicer, so Yan Yue's mood should be a bit better as well.

The summit of the Qiongming Peak.

When Bai Lian returned to the room, the Fourth Martial Sister and the Fifth Martial Sister had already gone to sleep peacefully.

She picked up the Future Mirror and walked away.

The movement was light.

She came quietly.

She quietly left again.

No matter how gentle the action is, it cannot escape An Lan's watchful eye!

"Don't peek at Bai Lian"… this was used to deceive Bai Lian.

From An Lan's perspective, she isn't doing something bad, but rather something good.

"I am worried that my eldest disciple might have gone astray, so I come to see what she is doing from time to time. Isn't this reasonable?"

Very reasonable!

You need to know that Bai Lian is at an age where she is interested in everything.

An Lan felt it was necessary to keep an eye on Bai Lian to prevent her from being corrupted by those outside "bitches".

Indulging in one's desires is not acceptable.

"What is she doing with that broken mirror?"

An Lan hesitated for a moment before getting off the bed and starting to tail Bai Lian.

With her technique, neither Bai Lian nor the Blood Tree Patriarch nor Yan Yue could discover her whereabouts.

"Great, staying up late and secretly coming to Yan Yue!"

When Bai Lian walked into Yan Yue's secret forest, An Lan's mood suddenly became very irritable.

She doesn't dislike Yan Yue.

Actually, she has very few people she hates, because most of the people she hates have already died.

She just simply hates Yan Yue sticking to her all the time.

Now she has to add one more reason -

Why does Bai Lian always think of Yan Yue first when there is a problem, rather than her own master?

Who is the master of the Qiongming Peak?!

An Lan wanted to drag Bai Lian by the ears and make her cry and admit her mistake.

But she can't.

If she left now, wouldn't it be obvious that she was following Bai Lian?

An Lan was angry.

She was only guarding against external enemies; she didn't expect that the person who had the potential to ruin Bai Lian was right beside her?

The enemy is in the main base.

Junk stuff!

If you dare to move one step forward, the sky will be overturned!