The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 9 Chapter 38 Part 1

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Chapter 38: Jealousy Made An Lan Angry (1)

The night is a monster that devours people!

Especially for the "children" who have been hurt.

Not everyone's night is accompanied by an Ultraman who stands up to defeat monsters.

Most of the time, the wounded child has to curl up in the pitch-black night, licking his wounds while waiting for the darkness to pass.


Most of the time these children don't wait until the moment when dawn silently pierces the night.

The world of the heart cannot be inferred by common sense.

If no outsiders intervened, the black curtain would never be broken and light may never have come down.

According to the Blood Tree Patriarch, the nightmare tormenting Yan Yue appeared two months ago.

At that time, Yan Yue led a group of disciples to Silver Frost Valley under the orders of the sect leader for the trial.

In the beginning, everything was normal.

Yan Yue was as lazy as ever, putting most of the work on himself and the attendants accompanying them.

The good times won't last long.

One night.

In the wasteland, Yan Yue lay dazedly asleep on the seven-stringed lyre.

That is, from this time on, Yan Yue suddenly became abnormal.

She had been energetic, but from that moment on, her eyes drooped and she couldn't muster any strength. As she walked along, she started yawning.


The Blood Tree Patriarch was on guard.

It couldn't watch helplessly as its own "sister" was destroyed.

It immediately asked Yan Yue what had happened.

But Yan Yue's answer was very perfunctory.

"It's normal. You don't need to worry!

The Blood Tree Patriarch nodded silently.

This kind of rhetoric, of course, won't be believed!

But Yan Yue didn't want to say it, and there was nothing he could do. He can't tie up Yan Yue with his vines and force her to speak, right?

It's not a pervert.

Everyone has their own privacy and everyone would instinctively protect their confidential matters.

Seeing that Yan Yue's condition was not particularly bad, the Blood Tree Patriarch stopped asking any further questions.

"I regret now, very much!"

In front of Bai Lian, the rough bark face of the Blood Tree Patriarch wrinkled up completely and looked pathetically.

Ye Yan sullenly sat to one side.

After the fight, she no longer tried to stop the Blood Tree Patriarch.

It's almost as if she had accepted her fate.

Bai Lian curiously asked, "What happened afterwards?"

The Blood Tree Patriarch said, "This is exactly what I'm going to say next."

Not long after returning from Silver Frost Valley, Yan Yue's "condition" worsened.

She was feeling down all day, seeing her disciples playing around didn't even make her in the mood to discipline them.

The whole Zhuyan Peak was a mess.

The Blood Tree Patriarch could not stay still any longer.

Since Yan Yue won't speak, let her find Jue Yunzi for help.

Among this generation of disciples, Jue Yunzi is the Elder Martial Brother who shoulders great responsibility.

Although Yan Yue wasn't very close to Jue Yunzi when she was young, Jue Yunzi's care for Yan Yue cannot be denied.

After all, she is Yan Xiyi's daughter.

Throughout the entire Duxian sect, the only one that Ju Yunzi could not deal with was An Lan.

Whenever he expresses his care, An Lan can always come up with something new.

Including but not limited to "Suddenly broke through to a new realm", "Instantly speaking out a lot of strange lines and then laughing away" …

Upon hearing that the Blood Tree Patriarch was going to find Jue Yunzi, Yan Yue blocked it immediately and then stammered out the dilemma she was facing.

She has nightmares every night.

She also wanted to escape from those nightmares, but every four o'clock in the morning, no matter what she was doing, she would fall asleep due to fatigue.

It's the hour, let's start playing the nightmare!

This nightmare was unexpectedly long, and its plot had ups and downs; Yan Yue has been at it for two months and it still hasn't ended.

Under the burden of the nightmare, Yan Yue became increasingly apathetic. The most she did was sigh and groan every day.

"I checked carefully, there were no problems with her soul, and I didn't find any trace of her being schemed against." The Blood Tree Patriarch sighed and shook his head.

The only power stronger than it now in the Duxian Sect is Yue Yunzi.

They are almost equal in terms of their knowledge of the soul -

They knew almost nothing!

Thus, the Blood Tree Patriarch felt sad.

It couldn't see the problem, and Ju Yunzi probably couldn't find it either.

If things go on like this, Yan Yue will be beyond saving.

It can only put its hopes on Bai Lian now.

This is not only because Bai Lian is a "reincarnated Immortal Emperor", but also because Bai Lian had a brilliant achievement in healing the broken-hearted Qing Luan.

Please, White Emperor Bai Lian!

Bai Lian nodded, indicating that she understood.

She asked, "Will this be related to Silver Frost Valley?"

The Blood Tree Patriarch, "I have doubted it before, so I went to investigate it personally, but there was nothing special in Silver Frost Valley; the most powerful demon cultivator there was at the Golden Core Stage. I even specially read through the history of Silver Frost Valley and in the last five thousand years, there have never been any suspicious movements there."

"Before that?"

"Once a peak, that place had been reduced to a deep valley with a babbling stream due to battle."


What do we do now?

Bai Lian knew her true strength.

How could she have the ability to rescue Yan Yue from the nightmare?

Her medical skills have recently been upgraded to 12 points, but she can only use it to look at gynecological diseases for Yan Yue.

"Let's do it this way!"

Bai Lian lightly tapped her palm.

If you want to succeed and be happy, just remember this simple motto:

For external matters, rely on Special Effects; for internal matters, ask An Lan!

"I'm going to find my master right away."

Bai Lian stood up to bid farewell to the Blood Tree Patriarch.

The Blood Tree Patriarch readily agreed.

Many hands make light work!

One person can't do anything about Yan Yue, but if there's more than one, it's not certain.

When Bai Lian took the first step forward, Yan Yue, who was sitting on the ground drearily, seemed to be suddenly jabbed by her needle.


After a shriek, Yan Yue leapt up directly.


Her body was tightly wound, her face flushed, her legs tightly pressed together, and she looked very excited.

Anyone can do it, except for An Lan!

Yan Yue took two steps forward and directly pressed down on Bai Lian.


Bai Lian suspected that Yan Yue wanted to eat her!

She immediately saw a list of tasks in front of her.

[Task 1: Stand firm in your opinion, "Master Yan, it is not advisable to fear what the doctor prescribes!" (Reward: +2 Soft Skill)]

[Task 2: Go with the flow and abandon asking An Lan for help (Reward: Secret Medicine - Freedom Wren Tweets Gaily).]


The task reward put Bai Lian in a difficult position.

Task 1 is simple and straightforward, no need for further explanation.

Task 2 is worth a good exploration.

This Secret Medicine is a Level 4 Secret Medicine, comparable to an ordinary top-quality Magic Tool, allowing the user to "bring joy" to herself.

This problem is a big one.

"Do I need this?"

Bai Lian was puzzled.