The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 9 Chapter 37 Part 2

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Chapter 37: Bai Lian, Save Me! (2)

Bai Lian walked up to the vanity and the Future Mirror quietly leaned against the corner of the wall.

She thought about it over and over again, but eventually gave up on asking the Future Mirror.

This mirror is so stupid!

She doesn't know either if it's really stupid or just pretending to be.

Bai Lian asked if there was a way to increase her cultivation base quickly. The Future Mirror replied directly, "Bai Lian, you are already invincible in the world. Leave a way out for others."

Since it can neither predict the future nor know how to flatter its master, what use is this mirror for?

Bai Lian began to consider if she should let the fourth Martial Sister eat it.

In such a dismal atmosphere, Bai Lian suddenly received news in the morning of the second day that the Blood Tree Patriarch was going to cross his Guafeng Disaster.

This is a first-rate matter for the Duxian sect!

The number of powerful cultivators determines how much of a say a sect has in the East Divine Land.

If it weren't for the decline of the Duxian sect, it would have been one of the top sects in the East Divine Land.

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The founder of the Duxian sect rose from nothing, building the powerful Duxian sect alone.

That is to say, the Duxian sect had too little heritage and lacked any Immortal Weapons, otherwise, it would have definitely been able to rank among the top four sects at that time!

It's a pity that the good times won't last long.

When everyone was expecting the Duxian sect to shine with a brilliant light, the prodigiously talented founder of the Duxian sect was suddenly grievously injured on a trip.

The injury was extremely strange.

According to records of the Duxian sect's past sect leaders, the founding master sought spiritual medicine to suppress her wound, but it was ineffective. He had to helplessly watch as the sword mark on her back grew ever wider, finally resembling a deep canyon.

This sword scar suppressed the cultivation base of the founding master of the Duxian sect, further tormenting her mental will.

In order to avoid going crazy and killing her fellow disciples, one night, the founding master destroyed her own soul and died on Yunluo Peak.

The ascendancy of the Duxian sect has now come to a halt.

Despite maintaining its strength for some time, the Duxian sect eventually declined with the passing of time.

When Yan Xiyi took up the position of Sect Leader of the Duxian Sect, there was suddenly only one Transcendency Stage cultivator left throughout the entire sect!

Now the elders of the Duxian Sect are all brought out by Yan Xiyi.

Apart from An Lan, both Jue Yunzi and Elder Gaoyi, as well as others all inherited Yan Xiyi's will to "realize the great revival of the Duxian Sect".

For this, they have toiled for hundreds of years.

Until today, they finally saw the dawn of the former glory of the re-established Duxian sect.

Can we not celebrate this?

Fire a salute for the new strong ones!

Bai Lian understood.

No wonder why Master An Lan has rushed away last night; it turns out she was discussing how to organize the celebration.

Although everyone knows she is a complete fool, she is still the master of the Qiongming Peak, so she must attend the meeting.

"A group of fools, how dare you to look down on me? If it wasn't for me, could you have held this celebration?"

An Lan scolded and grumbled as she walked past Bai Lian.

She stopped walking as she went.

"Do not dishonor the King!"

An Lan decided to show her power, letting those fools know what it means to be a Heavenly Lord!

Even though she was lying down, her mind completely still, An Lan could still bring the atmosphere of the celebration to an awe-inspiring climax.

Dada dada dada…

An Lan quickly retreated back to Bai Lian's side with light steps.

It's decided. It's you.

[Help me, Bai Lian!]

She looked up at Bai Lian with a serious face.

"Bai Lian, I have an urgent matter these two days and the burden of the Qiongming Peak all falls onto your shoulders."

A task suddenly appeared in front of Bai Lian.

[Task 1, "I won't do anything that doesn't have any benefits." (Reward: Green Flame)]

[Task 2: Accept with pleasure (Reward: +1 Hard Skill)]

Green Flame is a kind of low-grade Spirit Fire, so it's considered ordinary to Bai Lian now.

The risks of Task 1 are not great.

After carefully thinking, Bai Lian still chose Task 2.

Let me do something that would make the master comfortable before I can surpass her level of strength.

Bai Lian replied, "I understand."


An Lan was very satisfied with Bai Lian's response.

Bai Lian is her eldest disciple and represents her will in every word and deed. When Bai Lian brings the celebration to a climax, it means she is letting the celebration reach its highest point.

This makes sense.

A bunch of fools, let you witness the true power of the Immortal Heavenly Lord. I don't even need to use my true form to make you kneel!

An Lan quickly skated back to her cave. In order to prevent anyone from finding her, she transferred her jade slip directly to Bai Lian.

Bai Lian held the red string on the jade slip, squinting in the warm winter sunlight.

This jade slip smells like the master!

After all…

The master kept it close to her chest.

Bai Lian is not a psychopath.

Therefore she didn't hold the jade slip in her mouth.

Go ahead.

Since there's nothing much to do lately, it's easy to gain skill points by engaging in more conversations with others.


The north wind swept through and withered the grass.

In this world of predominantly gray and white hues, the Duxian sect was bustling as if it were New Year's.

At the beginning, Jue Yunzi didn't intend to make the celebration too grand, but somehow this news spread out.

First, the Biluo sect sent congratulatory gifts, followed by the Tianji sect and other sects friendly with the Duxian sect also came to offer their congratulations.

Finally, even the distant Yaochi Holy Mountain and Thousand Sword City sent representatives to deliver messages.

These two are two of the four renowned sects!

Jue Yunzi had to put forth 120% attention, resulting in the celebration increasing its scale. Although not as grand as the eldest princess's ceremony, it was still quite impressive.

"When the Yaochi Holy Mountain initially offered to trade their Saints for Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian, the sect leader rejected the offer without even considering it!"

"Thank goodness he refused."

"How could that be possible? The sect leader is so smart. Don't even mention two Saints, he wouldn't agree to exchange Bai Lian for even one hundred Saints!"

"If there were really one hundred Saints…"

"No, fifty is quite a lot."

"Twenty-five seems okay too…"

"Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian has arrived!"

On the mountain trail of Zhuyan peak, those disciples who were whispering to each other immediately shut their mouths and stood straight.

Bai Lian walked away in a strange manner.

At one point, she thought she had come to the gossip center at Qingyu Peak, led by Tong Yao!

That's quite strange.

Although Yan Yue is not very reliable, she has put in a lot of effort in instigating her disciples to improve their conduct.

In a short while, Bai Lian arrived in the forest.

She could see from far away the Blood Tree Patriarch standing deep in the woods.

Compared to before, the Blood Tree Patriarch's crimson trunk had swollen more than twice as much, and the crown looked greener.


Full of energy!

Only the powerful spirit was disturbed by the noisy notes of the lyre wafting through the woods.

When Bai Lian stepped into the forest, the sound of the lyre suddenly stopped.

"Master Yan Yue?"

She gave a soft call.

After passing through the thick trees, what appeared before her eyes was a sorrowful-faced Yan Yue. The seven-stringed lyre placed on the stone table had been broken in two.

"Oh, Bai Lian."

Yan Yue forced out a smile on her face.

Her smile is just her protective color.

And the protective color looks a bit too thin, unable to cover the worries in her eyes and between her eyebrows.

At this point, anyone who isn't blind can see that she has a problem.

Bai Lian remembered the scene when she met Yan Yue a few days ago. It seemed that Yan Yue had been like this since she came back from "White Emperor City".

It's been over two months now.

Bai Lian bowed and said, "Master Yan Yue, I am here on behalf of my master to visit the Blood Tree Patriarch."

"Ah," Yan Yue nodded, "You can chat with it if you have something to say."

"Thank you, Master Yan Yue."

Bai Lian went up to the Blood Tree Patriarch.

The Blood Tree Patriarch again showed his delicate side.

At once, it saw through what Bai Lian was thinking.

What Bai Lian meant is exactly what it was worried about.

Although Yan Yue warned it over and over again not to speak out, now that it has come to this, it had no choice but to speak out.

How can it watch Yan Yue stay in distress without doing anything?

The Blood Tree Patriarch also tried to cheer up Yan Yue, but that didn't do any good. Now it can only put its hope in Bai Lian and her master An Lan.

Bai Lian has always been solving others' troubles like this, she must have a way, right?

The Blood Tree Patriarch suddenly said, "Yan Yue… oh, she has been having nightmares recently."


Bai Lian was shocked.

After one becomes a cultivator and can see into the Sea of Divine Sense, they will almost never have dreams again.

If they are haunted by nightmares, it means that their souls suffer damage, or be entangled by something strange.

Bai Lian automatically ruled out the second situation.

If this is true, the Blood Tree Patriarch would have reported it to the sect leader.

That is…

"Don't talk too much!"

Yan Yue suddenly shouted, she got up and fiercely glared at the Blood Tree Patriarch.

But the Blood Tree Patriarch was as if he hadn't heard.

I'm just gonna say it: You can't beat me anyway!

"The origin of this matter can be traced back to the last trial of the sect…"

"I think you're in for a beating!"

Yan Yue interrupted the Blood Tree Patriarch's speech and angrily rushed towards him.

Dozens of vines shot out and blocked her way forward.

She waved her right hand, producing a fiery blade that cut the vine directly, but it came more and more vines afterward.

"Snap, snap, snap."


The ground suddenly burst with mud pits.

In the small space, Yan Yue and the Blood Tree Patriarch had a heated fight.

They were also quarreling at the same time.

"Come on, hit me!"

"Do you think I'm not brave enough to beat you?"

"I've been with you for more than four hundred years, don't I know you? If you have the guts, set me on fire!"


Angry Yan Yue grabbed a vine of the Blood Tree Patriarch and bit into it with all her might.

It was very heavy.

But it didn't hurt.

The Blood Tree Patriarch reached down a branch, gently caressing Yan Yue's head like a warm hand.

Be good~

"You're always like this, there's no need to keep everything to yourself, it's ok to be more honest."

Yan Yue still tightly held onto the vine and wouldn't let go.

The Blood Tree Patriarch smiled.

It knew that Yan Yue with the fiercest face was the best at speaking.

"Leave it all to me."