The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 9 Chapter 37 Part 1

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Chapter 37: Bai Lian, Save Me! (1)

Xiao Jinse really wanted to stay.

The year-end is near, even if you want to go out and have an adventure, it shouldn't be at this time.

After she saw the silhouette of the master stretching her back halfway up the hill, she felt embarrassed.

The events that happened not long ago remain vivid in her mind.

If she stayed at this moment and waited for her master to return, who knows what kind of torture she would have to endure?

Let's go!

After seeing that the fourth Martial Sister had successfully condensed her Nascent Soul, she finally gained the confidence to go out and gain experience.

She is the second oldest of the Qiongming Peak and if she can't hold her own, wouldn't that make others laugh at her?

She doesn't mind people laughing at her.

Anyway, she has been living in such a harsh environment since she was little.

She was afraid that people would make fun of Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian.


She didn't want Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian's reputation to get a little stain.

But there's nothing that can be done.

Xiao Jinse knows that those haters of Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian cannot be reasoned.

"I can reach the Nascent Soul Stage too!"

Xiao Jinse clutched the Blowing Snow Sword tightly in her hands.

Passion was burning.

Blood was boiling.

After clearing away the obstacles in the path ahead, she even started jumping as she walked.

All in all, this misunderstanding has had many benefits!

One, she has more motivation to practice now.

Secondly, she successfully strengthened her relationship with Master An Lan.

Thirdly, she greatly increased her status at the Qiongming Peak, the fourth Martial Sister was grateful to her, and the fifth Martial Sister became more intimate with her.

As for Su Youwei…

Let's not pay any attention to that dwarf.

They are enemies for life and cannot even pee in the same pot.

Now they have both grabbed each other's weak points. For the sake of Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian, they won't have a fight. But they always keep an eye on each other's weaknesses.

Carrying such a thought.

In mid-October, Xiao Jinse attended Su Youwei's aunt's wedding with the other Elder Martial Sisters.

Because both the bride and groom's families have few relatives, everything was kept simple for this wedding.

Even so, the wedding was still lively.

What left the deepest impression on Xiao Jinse was not the chef's skill, but the scene when the bride appeared in her red bridal gown.

Under the bright light, she saw the stars, gradually captivating her eyes, in the air.

Oh, people.

There are troughs.

There is a peak.

She did this, and Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian did the same.

Nevertheless, for both highs and lows, looking back now has been beneficial for her in many ways, and she lingers on it fondly.

After the wedding ceremony.

Xiao Jinse changed into a white, lightweight robe and styled her long hair into a single ponytail. Then she put the Blowing Snow Sword on her back.

In this way, she finally broke away from her past innocence and looked somewhat heroic and graceful.

Her destination is the Fire Spirit Mountain Range in the southern part of the Duxian Sect.

That was a wildland bordering on an infinite sea, with a hundred thousand great mountains stretching continuously, fierce beasts running rampant. It was the best testing ground for her, who was desperately in need of fire-attribute spirit items.

However, she did encounter some minor inconveniences just before leaving.

That afternoon.

When she embraced the fourth Martial Sister, suddenly Su Youwei, long absent, burst out from the side.

Xiao Jinse, "What?"

Su Youwei also took off her neat-breast shirt dress.

She was wearing a black shirt and a small bucket hat on her head, with the old version of the Dirt Free Sword slung around her waist, which was given to her by Bai Lian.

She stood proudly between the cold winds blowing over the rocks.

At this time, she washed away her bashful style, with a peaceful blend of unspoken sharpness.

Her sword no longer has the fighting spirit.

Those have gone with the wind.

The only thing left now is to set sail again with a stubborn determination.

Just like Mars hitting Earth.

In the moment when their eyes met, Xiao Jinse and Su Youwei had a strong friction.


Maybe it's a good thing to have had so much practice.

When their spirits were about to reach the highest point, their emotions suddenly relaxed.

In some aspects, the compatibility between them is amazingly high!

[This kind of fight may last a lifetime.]

Xiao Jinse was daydreaming.

If Su Youwei suddenly disappeared, she would probably think it was very boring.

Yu Ying turned her head, looking at Su Youwei in confusion, "The Third Elder Martial Sister, what is this?"

Su Youwei clasped her hands together and responded coldly, "I also want to go out and try my luck."


"I can't let Elder Martial Sister down at the Grand Contest next year!"

Yu Ying nodded silently.

She looked at her hands.

She somewhat understood the thoughts of the Second Elder Martial Sister and the Third Elder Martial Sister.

This must be related to her cultivation base suddenly advancing to the Nascent Soul Stage.

What can she say?

Maybe being candid is the best attitude.

On the mountain path, Yu Ying bowed and said, "The Second Elder Martial Sister, the Third Elder Martial Sister, I'm here waiting for your return!"

Xiao Jinse waved.

Bai Lian waved as well.

Her Martial Sisters are about to go a long journey and she is really anxious about it.

Even though she knew her Martial Sisters had great luck, she was still uneasy.

Just like in her previous life, when she went to college in another province by herself, her mother always nagged incessantly.

It's quite noisy.

It's in this noisy commotion that emotions flows.

She gave two Martial Sisters a whole night of warnings last night.

Bai Lian reminded, "If you run into trouble, be sure to inform me promptly."

"Got it, Elder Martial Sister."

We part ways after sending each other off a thousand miles.

Outside the Duxian sect.

Xiao Jinse and Su Youwei set off on a journey of self-improvement.

It was under the stimulation of Xiao Jinse that Su Youwei had the idea to go out for training, so this time she followed closely behind Xiao Jinse's butt.

"Why are you following me?"


"Experience is experience, what are you following me for?"



After wrangling for a while, Xiao Jinse still acquiesced to Su Youwei's action.

At this time, more serious issues lay before her.

We can have a learning experience together.

At least in terms of strength, she acknowledges the third Martial Sister.

But when it comes down to it, what has been accomplished must be accounted for, not to mention the bad blood between her and the Third Martial Sister.

Su Youwei suggested, "Let's split it seventy-three ways."

"Only 70% for me?"

"No, 70% is mine, 30% is yours."

Xiao Jinse angrily asked, "Why?"

Su Youwei tried to explain, "There are two of us here!"

Xiao Jinse puckered her lips and said, "Aren't you two just the same person split in two?"

"After all, it's two people!"

Xiao Jinse strongly disagreed, "That's not fair at all, let's calculate it by weight!"


Su Youwei opened her mouth.

Adding two of her together still isn't as heavy as Xiao Jinse!

Because Hong Yi's essence is just a pearl. How heavy can a pearl be?

"Humph. You deserve to be the Second Elder Martial Sister. Your formidable weight is remarkable!"

The two fought for half a day and almost got into a massive fight, but eventually, they stepped back and chose the classic fifty-fifty split.

Bai Lian had been standing at the intersection for a long time.

Only when the two Martial Sisters' figures completely disappeared from the plains outside of the Duxian sect did she lead the fourth Martial Sister back to the Qiongming Peak.

This night.

The fourth Martial Sister returned to the room and continued her Original Dragon's trial.

The fifth Martial Sister stubbornly held onto the jade rabbit, insisting that she wanted to ride it, but in the end, the jade rabbit fought back and sent her flying on her back.

An Lan wasn't idle either. She was called away by the sect leader.

The Qiongming Peak was very quiet.

The Qiongming Peak was also very empty.

Bai Lian caressed the revitalized crooked neck tree.

This should have been a time for happiness, yet she was inexplicably feeling sad inside.

The past peace cannot be regained.

As the Martial Sisters grow, it seems that the days when they all took classes together will become fewer and fewer.

Bai Lian carefully helped the second and third Martial Sisters tidy their rooms, before returning to her own room.

Her path of cultivation has now encountered the greatest obstacle.

She is only separated from the Transcendency Stage by an invisible thin membrane.

If she can break through this barrier, her strength will soon skyrocket, and she will stand at the top of the East Divine Land!


Bai Lian was lost and confused!

Only through the insight of one's own law can the gap between the Soul Changing Stage and the Transcendency Stage be broken.

But her cultivation base came differently than usual people.

She came all the way without any insight into any laws of the world, only knowing how to act better to fool people.

Now she can't even find the intersection, let alone break the thin film that prevents her from getting stronger.

Oh no.

"Is it only possible to become stronger by gaining more skill points?"