The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 9 Chapter 36 Part 2

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Chapter 36: First Time for Me! (2)

With the master's personality, if she were to see such a scene, she would definitely teach her a lesson.

Bai Lian decided to seize the initiative.

She walked straight to the stone table and sat down, as if she hadn't seen An Lan's embarrassment.



An Lan made an inaudible sound from her mouth.

"A woman who claimed to be the disciple of Xianyuan Emperor just came to see me."

"I know."

"She invited me to join her in search of the Immortal Heavenly Lord."

"I know."

An Lan's voice didn't convey any emotion, like a mechanical robot who could only reply "I know."

Bai Lian acted as if nothing had been noticed.

"I thought about it for a long time, but I still agreed with her."

"I know."

"At first, I wanted to refuse her emphatically, because from what I heard from the Green Dragon's Skeleton, Xianyuan Emperor is not a bad person!"

Bai Lian decisively blamed all the blame on Yao Xia Bay's Green Dragon Skeleton.

Anyway, the pile of bones has already scattered, so even if An Lan wanted to get proof, there's nothing for her to find.

That was really well said!

An Lan, bound by the blanket, looked up with a solemn expression.

The Xianyuan Emperor?

He created a Heavenly Court and recruited the Witch Queen, among others, to invade Rainbow State and cause turmoil for over a decade. The death toll in the turmoil is immeasurable.

Her strength was not strong enough at that time, otherwise, Xianyuan Emperor would have already been crushed into pieces by her.

Bai Lian also said, "The Green Dragon Skeleton told me that even though the Immortal Heavenly Lord has a very bad temper…"

Who are you talking about?!

An Lan's eyes suddenly became sharp.

"Compared to Xianyuan Emperor and Green Moon Sword Venerable, she is as kind as a living Bodhisattva!"

An Lan's eyes softened again.

Well said!

In her life, she never flattered anyone. Xianyuan Emperor doesn't even have the qualification to lick her feet!

The "demonic leader" of the BiYue Sword Sect who practices the killing path is even worse; it's impossible for a normal person to view such a person who finds joy in murder as a positive character.

Green Dragon, right?

An Lan had her eyes narrowed.

Not bad.

It transmitted the right idea to Bai Lian!

An Lan wrote down the achievements of the green dragon in her own notebook.

Bai Lian sighed, "Master, you also know that I've always respected those who possess a sense of justice and chivalry. The Immortal Heavenly Lord is a hero of all time, and my respect for her is like an endless river of water…"

She picked only positive words to praise.

"If possible, I would really love to meet the Immortal Heavenly Lord in person and express my admiration for her!"

I'm right here lying in front of you!

Respect? That's enough if you are more filial to me in the future.

An Lan gave a faint smile, but as she was smiling she felt something was wrong.

Bai Lian didn't know that she was the Immortal Heavenly Lord.

In Bai Lian's eyes, the Immortal Heavenly Lord is "another woman".


Her disciple was trying desperately to flatter another woman right in front of her!

What the hell is this?

An Lan was too afraid to continue thinking any further.

You rascal, I was so happy just now!

She stared at Bai Lian with her eyes.

At first Bai Lian didn't notice anything unusual, until An Lan asked with a sinister voice, "How do you think I compare to the Immortal Heavenly Lord?"


This problem has completely stumped Bai Lian. What do you mean? Aren't you the same person?


Bai Lian immediately found the core of the problem - there was something wrong with the master's gaze!

The subsequent system options emerged to verify her guess.

[Task 1: "Master, what are you doing? Master, the Immortal Heavenly Lord is a Heavenly Lord, and you are just at the peak of the Transcendency Stage, why think of those things?" (Reward: True Text of Pestilence Postponement)]

[Task 2: Are you testing me? (Reward: Changchun Life Pill)]

[Task 3, "You are all people I admire!" (Reward: Light Skill +2)]

[Task 4, "My master is the most respected person in my life!" (Reward: Flower Arrangement +2)]

Bai Lian looked from top to bottom.

There is no option that is safe!


She understood.

Whether she chooses Task 1 or Task 2, getting beaten up is normal.

Choosing Task 3 is also risky, An Lan would think that she was playing on words.

Why is there still a risk with Task 4?

To sum up, after hesitating for a while, Bai Lian still chose Task 4.

"My master is the most respected person in my life!"

When these words were spoken, An Lan's expression softened.

But she was still dissatisfied.

Why were you just praising "Immortal Heaven Lord" in front of me?

Is it comfortable to do this kind of thing?

How dare you!

I remembered this grudge.

Bai Lian discreetly wiped away a bead of sweat.


She decided that she would never talk about Shifu again!

Want it?

Come to beg me!

In order not to let An Lan worry, her play must continue.

"I decided to cooperate with Yue Wuyang temporarily because I thought it would be a way to keep track of her whereabouts…"

Bai Lian roughly explained her ideas.

An Lan gave a slightly disappointed nod.

She doesn't care whether there is a plan or not.

She was hiding in this cave, and she didn't think that Yue Wuyang could find her.

Bai Lian's explanation didn't have no effect at all; at least now An Lan doesn't doubt Bai Lian anymore.


Actually when Bai Lian was explaining, she secretly gave her a basic check-up.

Because the action was very light and delicate, Bai Lian was completely unaware that something was wrong and it all ended.

Bai Lian's soul is very pure, without a hint of color, it is practically the standard for a good child.

If this Bai Lian was a reincarnated Immortal Emperor, then she would be the Heavenly Lord's reincarnation…


She is indeed a Heavenly Lord. Forget it.

An Lan stared at Bai Lian angrily, "What are you doing here talking to me late at night instead of resting?"

Oh, this…

Bai Lian felt speechless.

If she had the power of the Earth Immortal now, she would have to hold An Lan down and beat her hard!

It's a pity she doesn't have such power.

She could only continue to "bribe" An Lan.

"Master, this is from Yue Wuyang for me."

She pulled out two bags from her chest, one was the Immortal Spirit Stones and the other was the Immortal Spiritual Herbs.

She put the things faithfully at An Lan's bedside.

At a glance, An Lan knew that Bai Lian was not hiding anything.

She felt this filial piety in a real way!


She dismissed the idea of punishing Bai Lian after she fell asleep.

Although she accepted five disciples, the one that looks most pleasing is still Bai Lian after all.

Think about it.

Bai Lian is the most special one!

She put her hand out from under the quilt and, under the control of her Divine Sense, a few low-grade Immortal Spirit Stones circled in the air.

In a short while, those Immortal Spirit Stones were stringed into a necklace and gently rested in Bai Lian's palm.

"Take it to the peak of the mountain, this can speed up your and your Martial Sister's cultivation progress."

"Thank you, master."

"I will keep the other things for you, if you want them, just come and find me."


Bai Lian's ideas were very simple.

Her alchemy skill is mediocre and the Immortal Spiritual Herbs she has are of no use to her.

As for the Immortal Spirit Stones, she can absorb them, but the Martial Sisters' strength is too low, so if they got them, not only would they be useless, they would even be harmful.

Let's wait until they breakthrough into the Soul Changing Stage.

After Bai Lian finished pacifying An Lan, she left An Lan's cave after bidding farewell.

Once she left, An Lan immediately jumped out of the quilt.

She first collected the Spirit Stones and Spiritual Herbs, then outside the bamboo forest, she added a small magic array to detect Bai Lian's whereabouts.


A fierce wind blew in from the wastelands behind the Qiongming Peak.

Under the moonlight, the shadows of the bamboo leaves sway like countless claws in the mud.

An Lan slowly raised her head in the center of the open space.

Actually, she doesn't really like looking at the moon.

It's not that she hates the moon, it's just an unexpressible feeling in her heart.

But looking at the moon today, she suddenly felt completely clear-headed.

She held out her hand.

A faint pink glow flew out from her palm like a ribbon.

The ribbon brushed through the bamboo grove, and the originally lifeless bamboo leaves stood upright as if they had just experienced a baptism of spring rain.

The ribbon flew further and further away.

The withered trees stood green again, while the withered flowers rose anew.

The summit of the Qiongming Peak.

Su Youwei, who was cultivating her sword in front of the window, suddenly stopped her movements. She ran to the window and stared in astonishment at the withered bare-necked tree, where tender buds were growing and turning into branches.

The peak of Yunluo Peak.

After Jue Yunzi had just finished organizing the sect's expenditures for last month, he walked to the backyard lawn for a stroll. At this moment, the formerly withered wild grasses all stood up one by one, and many white and blue flower buds blossomed in the blink of an eye, filling the air with a fragrance of flowers.

The Zhuyan Peak, beside the meditation tree.

The Blood Tree Patriarch suddenly lifted his head as he gently fanned the sleeping Yan Yue. He sensed the dreadful power full of vitality.

Under the mobilization of this force, his body kept splitting and reassembling, those old wounds were thus magically cured and he also foresaw the coming of his own Guafeng Disaster.


Still in the bamboo grove.

Rising in An Lan's heart were some feelings of emotion.

The moonlight that night was just as brilliant as today.

She originally only came out for a walk, but was suddenly inspired by the moonlight and wanted to go out for a stroll.

This idea once hatched, it became unstoppable.

After a moment of hesitation, she rose up and flew out of the Duxian sect.

She had no destination.

She picked a direction at random.

She went through the night, through dawn, and eventually arrived at a small town bathed in morning light.

She walked slowly down the street and after a long time, she stopped at a fruit stand.

At that moment, she felt as if she had traveled through four hundred years of time and even endured thousands of years of wind and rain.

Her anxious heart suddenly calmed down.

She restored her former elegance wearing a white cloud-patterned long robe.

The cacophony of voices faded away like a galloping carriage.

The pedestrians also scattered and became a gray-white backdrop.

Finally, all that remained in her eyes was the fifteen-year-old girl standing helplessly in front of the fruit stand.

The girl's body was covered in words of death, piled together like a black lingerie bodysuit.

They were looking at each other.

They walked together.

"Would you be my disciple and follow me to learn the technique of eternal life?"

Their fate was sealed!

An Lan will always remember.

That was her first time with Bai Lian.

It's a coincidence that feels too good to be true.