The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 9 Chapter 36 Part 1

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Chapter 36: First Time for Me! (1)

Yue Wuyang stayed in the clouds.

She looked down upon the Duxian sect, which was built upon the craggy mountains.

The evening breeze brushed against her face, yet it could not blow away the sorrow on her face.

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Yue Wuyang knows that it is an extremely difficult task to find the Immortal Heavenly Lord.

She needs to climb the mountain peak, traverse the wilderness, and struggle through the valleys.

If her luck is not good, she will exhaust her strength on the way.

Even with the best luck, she still has to endure countless hardships before crossing the winding, pitch-black night road. At dawn, she feels the scorching heat from the sun's rays come upon her.

To be honest, Yue Wuyang isn't afraid of death.

She was happy to serve her master, even if it meant sacrificing her own life.

She was only afraid that she wouldn't be able to complete the task successfully.

Even if she were alive, it would mean nothing if she couldn't complete the task.

After being saved by her master, she continued to cultivate in the Heavenly Court.

She only asked for what she has now, which was given by her master. Having this rare chance to repay her master, she must do her best!

"Let's go to the Sand Region to take a look."

Before coming to the Duxian sect, Yue Wuyang spent some time investigating some of the tales that even ordinary people know about.

The Immortal who died in the Sand Region appeared three thousand years ago.

The Heavenly Lord died sixty years ago.

There was nearly a three thousand year difference between the two, so it's impossible for them to have had any connection.

But Yue Wuyang also has her considerations.

If the Immortal Heavenly Lord had not died, in order to regain her strength, she would likely have gone to the Sand Region to search for an opportunity.

Yue Wuyang flipped through the book that Bai Lian gave her.

"Well, to start off…"

She suddenly lowered her head.

At first, she didn't pay much attention to it.

Now upon careful inspection, the Duxian sect's peaks and valleys are meticulously arranged; not a single place is superfluous. It turns out to be an extremely clever magic array!

Ordinary people would obviously not be able to set up this magic array; only Bai Lian is capable of doing so.

Yue Wuyang's heart trembled.

Bai Lian's strength had already counted among the world's prodigies, and her expertise in the magic array was also shockingly profound. Who knows what else she understands?

In Bai Lian's eyes, Yue Wuyang is probably just a foolish monkey.

She still thinks she's very capable.

When she touched the Duxian sect's magic array, Bai Lian had definitely already noticed her.

"This woman…"

Yue Wuyang thought.

Foreigners all say Bai Lian is a great Saint who is kind to others.



Everything is faked!

People like Bai Lian, who are so wily and profound, can only be described as a strategist!

"You can't become an Immortal Emperor solely by luck."

After saying this, Yue Wuyang's solemn face suddenly lit up with a brilliant smile.

She gingerly caressed the corroded wound on her hand, as if she were caring for a newborn baby with tenderness and sincerity.

Half a quarter of an hour later.

The Qiongming Peak.

An Lan brought back her Divine Sense.

Yue Wuyang smiled inexplicably for a while, then left.

This should have been the end of it, but An Lan lay in bed unable to sleep.

She was now full of thoughts about Bai Lian and Yue Wuyang reaching cooperation of coming to catch her.

How dare they?!

An Lan was incredibly frustrated.

She knows it's not entirely Bai Lian's fault.

After all, Bai Lian didn't know she was the renowned immortal Heavenly Lord!

If one were to be more of an optimist, this might make sense.

But An Lan cannot go.

Once she had nothing to do, either she would empty her mind or start daydreaming.

Atfirst glance, it seemed okay, but as An Lan delved deeper into it, she started to feel uncomfortable.

She twisted her hips uneasily, as if she wanted to throw something out.

If Bai Lian knew she was the Heavenly Lord, and asked her to give her the method to cross the Other Shore…

She will be very disappointed, extremely disappointed, and unbelievably disappointed!

Then she will give Bai Lian a punch…

Wait a moment.


Wait before I punch.

It's not easy to say about this kind of thing.

At least, Bai Lian doesn't seem to be that kind of person.


Without addressing the previous question, An Lan, after turning over, had new suspicions arise.

Maybe you won't believe it, but in reality, she is very steady!

The entire Duxian sect can't find many people more steady than her.

Although the idea came suddenly, after An Lan made up her mind, she still prepared sufficiently.

She first gave Bai Lian a thorough checkup at an extremely fast speed.

Once confirming that there were no strange things such as demonic eggs or demon seals on Bai Lian, she penetrated deeply into Bai Lian's soul.

It took her only three seconds.

Very quickly.

But also very accurate.

An Lan was absolutely sure that Bai Lian was a "ordinary person".

Her soul and body are both clean and untouched by any person.

This is why An Lan was so confident and bold in taking Bai Lian as a disciple.

Whenever she heard people talking about Bai Lian being a reincarnated Immortal Emperor, she always smiled secretly.

Now the problem has arisen.

An Lan eavesdropped on Bai Lian and Yue Wuyang's conversation.

During the process, Bai Lian had a lot of confidence, as if she really knew the Immortal World like the back of her hand.


Attitude can be put on.

But the fact that Bai Lian knew that the Immortal Heavenly Lord had beaten Xianyuan Emperor made An Lan completely unable to sit still.

"Is it true that Bai Lian is really a reincarnated Immortal Emperor?"

An Lan tightened her little face.

Her eyes gradually grew cold.

She can put up with other things, but she absolutely cannot tolerate Bai Lian deceiving and manipulating her!

"If Bai Lian is deliberately approaching me, wanting to get something from me…"


That's not as simple as a punch anymore.

She would torture Bai Lian with the worst means possible, leaving her no way to live, and no way to die!

Since Bai Lian is so knowledgeable about the Immortal World, she must know how terrifying the Immortal Heavenly Lord was back in the day.

Thinking this way, An Lan flipped over again.

She was waiting.

After Bai Lian fell asleep, she wanted to secretly check her body again!

Things have obviously developed in a way that was unexpected to her.

When she curled herself up in the quilt and rolled around frantically in bed, Bai Lian suddenly walked in from outside the cave.


An Lan's body froze halfway through rolling.

Her gaze unconsciously met Bai Lian's.

A strange atmosphere began to spread out in all directions from the cave as its center.

Like a sudden surge of tidal waves, flooding over An Lan's head and leaving her feeling helpless.


I've been seen!

An Lan was flustered.

She wished she could punch herself in the midst of the chaos.

What's going on? Why did she only discover it when Bai Lian entered her cave?

She was too careless!

With her strength, how could she make such a mistake? If Bai Lian had been determined to kill her, she would have definitely been severely injured just like in her past life.

She can't make this mistake again.

An Lan decided to add a check-in function at the entrance of the cave after Bai Lian left. As soon as Bai Lian stepped into the bamboo forest, she immediately received an alarm.

This is good.

On the other side.

Bai Lian's ideas were completely opposite to An Lan's.


I saw it!

She never expected things to turn out like this.

She had already prepared to paint this night, but the sudden changes completely disrupted her plans.

After Yue Wuyang left, Bai Lian's thoughts were very simple.

Take a nap when you encounter difficulty!

But just as she lay down, the system started to "act up" again.

[Task 1: Take a nap when you encounter difficulties! (Reward: a Mid-Grade Spirit Tool - Clearing Axe)]

[Task 2: Be honest and forgiving, proactively explain to the Master what happened tonight (Reward: +2 Soft Skill).]

Bai Lian woke up immediately.

Choose Task 2, does she need to think about that?

She jumped out of bed and sprinted to her master's cave.


Oh no!

It was ultimately too fast and too intense.