The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 9 Chapter 35 Part 1

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Chapter 35: An Lan's Secret (1)

This was an sleepless night.

An Lan, who was a little sleepy, suddenly woke up.

The three words, "Immortal Heavenly Lord," acted like a stick shielding her and her body involuntarily stiffened.

Even her originally flat chest had obvious ups and downs after several efforts.

"This woman…"

An Lan firmly locked Yue Wuyang, who was full of anticipation for the answer at this moment.

Who is Yue Wuyang?

This is a name she has never heard of.

But she was sure that Yue Wuyang came from the Immortal World.

The Immortal World.

She even mentioned her name right away, which reminded her of her foe.

That bitch whose strength is not inferior to hers!

In fact, in the East Divine Land, An Lan has never had a single day of true peace in the past few hundred years.

That woman is naturally cautious; it took her thousands of years to prepare to kill her.

Given the woman's cultivation method, which can let her see through the river of time, An Lan has enough reason to believe that the woman already knows she is not dead yet.

Since that's the case, the woman will certainly find ways to search for her.

Because of this, An Lan was not daring to have close relations with anyone from the East Divine Land.

Emotions will only affect her speed of drawing her lance!

She was alone, so she could face her deadly enemy calmly whenever they may appear.

An Lan's ideas are good.


This world always seems to be against her!

Before her reincarnation, she had good luck, and no difficulty could defeat her.

After she was reincarnated, even drinking cold water would cause her to get a toothache.

She remembered what had happened in the second month since her arrival at the East Divine Land.

The same was at the fruit stand.

She, still not recovered from her injury, put on a dirty rag robe and picked up a rotten apple that had just been discarded.

At this moment, a middle-aged man with white clothes and a goatee walked over from the end of the street.

That was the former Sect Leader of the Duxian Sect, Yan Xiyi.

"You don't have to worry about me, I don't need to eat food after two days."

An Lan looked at Yan Xiyi with a stern face and said she didn't want to go to the restaurant for dinner with him.

After hearing this, Yan Xiyi became even more anxious.

No need to eat?

That's just saying that she'll be starving to death in two days!


Thinking like this, Yan Xiyi became anxious.

No matter what An Lan said next, even if she said she was a Heavenly Lord, she was still caught by Yan Xiyi and brought back to the Duxian Sect.

"Help me!"


At that moment, An Lan couldn't remember who to call for help.

She tried to run away, but at that time, she was too weak.

She often could not even get to the gate of the Duxian sect before she was caught and taken back.

Underneath her helplessness, she could only put out the flame of her desire to run away.

Yan Xiyi saw the situation and was relieved.

An Lan was not at ease.

The old man has gone, and the daughter has come!

Yan Yue, who was only six years old, had made her official debut.

The little girl who was just tall enough to reach her waist didn't do anything, just following behind her every day.

While running, she called out in a coaxing voice, "Wait for me!"

"Sister An!"

"Let's play the game 'Ride the Horse'!"

"Let's play the game 'Hold You Up High'!"


It was hard for An Lan not to get angry.

She is an Immortal Heavenly Lord! She won't waste her time taking care of a kid!


Absolutely not.

"You want to ride me, and I want to ride you too!"

For Yan Xiyi's sake, An Lan didn't beat Yan Yue.

When she was so irritated that she was ready to pull her own hair out, she had hanged Yan Yue up several times.

Later she found out that Yan Yue was secretly crying.

After all, she's the daughter of the person who asked her out to dinner.

Okay then.

Having regained some of her strength, An Lan decided to find a playmate for Yan Yue, so that Yan Yue would not cling to her anymore.

At first, she wanted to catch a cute-looking demonic beast such as a rabbit or white fox for Yan Yue.

But while strolling across the wilderness, she encountered the Blood Tree Patriarch being attacked by other ferocious beasts.

"A moving tree should be more interesting…"


Can cuteness be eaten as a meal?

An Lan changed her mind immediately.

She took down those demonic beasts, and with the Blood Tree Patriarch's gaped "wtf"s, An Lan directly overturned the giant tree.

"What are you shouting about? Is it not good to not work hard from now anymore?"

That seems to make sense.

The Blood Tree Patriarch immediately refrained from cursing and gladly accepted his fate to join the Duxian sect.

It's too bad that An Lan still didn't expect one thing.

Yan Yue was unexpectedly greedy.

Even though the Blood Tree Patriarch was with her every day to play, when she was free she still clung to An Lan and wouldn't let her go.

This lasted a few decades.

Only after they had a fight did An Lan finally get the peace she wanted.

Unfortunately, this peace will come to an end one day.

An Lan waited for a while and finally Bai Lian spoke.

"I don't know much, but the deepest impression is still the deed of the Heavenly Lord defeating Xianyuan Emperor."

Bai Lian didn't lie.

She can't always take what happens in the game at face value.