The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 9 Chapter 34 Part 1

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Chapter 34: The Great Yin-Yang Master White Emperor Bai Lian (1)

This night, Bai Lian was in a good mood.

She held a charcoal pencil in her hand, aimlessly scribbling on the white paper.

Sometimes it's a ▎, sometimes it's a ❀.

Such joy should last all night, but at that moment, a pungent smell of blood surged in from the endless black night outside the window.

That was so sudden!


Bai Lian paused, her head rising half in surprise and half in caution.

Could it be that one of the Martial Sisters is injured?

She was about to release her Divine Sense when she saw a silhouette shrouded in the night coming towards her against the light from behind the crooked neck tree.

There is a problem!

Bai Lian was astonished.

From her figure curves, she was certain that it was a woman.

Bai Lian immediately held her chest, ready to pull out her weapon.

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This is certainly not due to her being too nervous.

Even without using her Divine Sense to check, she was now sure that the person was not from the Duxian sect.

There is only one reason.

Her memory is very good.

[No one knows the female disciples of The Duxian sect better than me!]

Since her brain was "opened" and she gained an unprecedented memory, Bai Lian remembered the names, appearances and figures of all the female disciples of Duxian sect above the Foundation Establishment Stage.

To put it simply, even Tong Yao is inferior to her.

Bai Lian was certain that there was no such a woman within the Duxian Sect!

Her eyes flickered with a light tremor.

Under the shadow of the dense trees, the person finally walked into the light.

Yes, it's Yue Wuyang!

Yue Wuyang looks quite embarrassed at this moment.

When they first met, Yue Wuyang stood barefoot in the air with a hint of arrogance disguised in her teasing.

Now she lowered her head slightly, clenched her teeth, and her eyes glistened like clear waves, looking pitiful.

It's even more pitiful for her clothes.

Her clothes are full of holes with scorch marks curled up in the corners.

The skin exposed in those holes was half black and half purple. On closer inspection, it was covered in fine, dreadful cracks that seem to have endured exceedingly cruel torture!

Bai Lian involuntarily felt compassion rising in her heart.

The accompanying question is, how did Yue Wuyang get here?

It's not that Yue Wuyang can't come, but how can Yue Wuyang avoid the perception of Master An Lan.

Bai Lian slowly let her hand down.

Yue Wuyang doesn't seem to be here to cause her trouble, so let's just offer her some words of comfort first.

Just as she was about to speak, a system task popped up.

[Task 1: Ask with a look of confusion, "Who did this?" (Reward: Lingxiao Xianzong)]

[Task 2: Grab Yue Wuyang's hand with a concerned look and say, "What happened to you?" (Reward: +3 Soft Skill)]

[With a cold expression, say these caring words, "Oh, your wound seems pretty severe. Shall I help treat it for you?" (Reward: a high-grade Magic Tool - Seven Ultimate Bow)]


Bai Lian's little head was full of big questions.

Although the risks of these tasks pose little threat to Bai Lian at present.

That's too weird.

The risk of being overly polite is bigger than pretending to be cold. Why?

Bai Lian thought of Xia Qingqing, thought of the Future Mirror, and then thought of Yue Wuyang.

It's okay… I'm just scared.

Is this the charm of an r18 world?

After careful consideration, Bai Lian chose the more secure Task 3.

She doesn't want to have conflict with Yue Wuyang at the Qiongming Peak.

She was not afraid of being killed, but if a fight broke out, it might injure the flowers and plants.

The Qiongming Peak is already poor enough, if it gets any poorer then she won't be able to afford to take care of her Martial Sisters.

Come on, Bai Lian!

Bai Lian stood up, her face expressionless and cold as if it were a sculpture.


But she showed neither a sigh nor a hint of surprise.

"Oh, your wound seems pretty severe…"

After Bai Lian finished speaking in one breath, Yue Wuyang, who was going to apologize and ask for Bai Lian's forgiveness, was dumbstruck.

It's a caring word.

But the tone of Bai Lian's voice…

Even an amateur actor would not be so "flat" when delivering her lines!

And this injury is just what you made.

Are you mocking me?

"Got it!" Yue Wuyang understood.

Bai Lian was deliberately suppressing her and telling her at the same time——

[I am very unhappy with you!]