The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 9 Chapter 33 Part 2

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Chapter 33: Yet, Bai Lian Had Already Seen Through It All (2)

An Lan furrowed her brows, "It's only been a year since she last broke through, what's the rush?"

She said that, but she still let go of her Divine Sense and checked the jade rabbit's body.

Bai Lian held her breath and didn't say a word.

She noticed her master's face looked a bit grim.

Is there really a serious problem? Her cultivation base isn't low and yet she couldn't detect anything out of the ordinary.

Bai Lian asked quietly, "Master, can it be cured?"

An Lan didn't answer right away, she seemed to be searching for an answer.

Moments later, she suddenly stood up, angrily, "No wonder that she has gained so much weight recently. It turns out that she has almost eaten all the Spiritual Herbs from the medicine garden!"



In the end, it's just a fool controlled by desire!

Bai Lian, "… "

She ended up being a step too slow.

A few seconds later, An Lan got the jade rabbit back from outside.

"Haw haw (I was wrong!)"

"Haw haw (I don't dare to do it again!)"

Two rulers floating in the air took turns whacking the jade rabbit's bottom.

The jade rabbit, who had already experienced An Lan's "ferocity", immediately raised its hands and ears to surrender.

Even so, An Lan still beat her within a quarter of an hour.

The jade rabbit sadly crouched on the ground.

"Alright, you can get out now. There's nothing wrong with you."


After a brief pause, the jade rabbit joyously ran away.

This beatdown was well deserved!

After bidding farewell, Bai Lian also left.

In the cave.

An Lan had a grudge in her heart.

Even the jade rabbit joined the dinner, why didn't Bai Lian call her when they were eating?

Thinking this way, she crushed the corn stalks in her hands and then, her Divine Sense flew out and followed Bai Lian into her room.

Stare intently.

She saw Bai Lian sitting at the table, taking out a piece of paper to start writing and drawing.

It seems like she is planning the training plans for several other disciples?

At one moment, An Lan's ears suddenly quivered lightly.

Something was squeezing in!

And that thing was unexpectedly powerful.

That thing penetrated through three magic circles one after another, and eventually pushed its way deep into the Qiongming Peak.

"Hmph, how dare you do such a shameful thing in front of me!"

An Lan let out a cold grunt.


In the dark night.

Yue Wuyang quickly traversed between the ridges of the Qiongming Peak.

She had a grave expression, burdened with worry.

She had already anticipated that the task her master had given her would be difficult to complete, but she never expected that upon arriving she would encounter a problem right away.

She encountered her old enemy on her quest for the target!

Yue Wuyang never would have imagined that the "killer" would also be reincarnated into the East Divine Land.

Since coming to this lower realm, her strength has been reduced by half and has been continuously suppressed by the law of this world.

Now, her strength is stronger than the Mahayana Stage, but lower than the Transmigration Stage.

It is no less than a madman's dream to deal with that enemy with this level of strength.

Yue Wuyang had to turn around and leave.

She certainly would not give up so easily. She thought of Bai Lian.

Bai Lian used to be an Immortal Emperor and has been living in this world for many years. Working with Bai Lian could be a very lucrative idea.

She has to first gauge Bai Lian's attitude.

After gathering information on the Duxian sect and Bai Lian, Yue Wuyang hurriedly sneaked in.

"I'm almost there."

Once again bypassing a forbidden magic array, Yue Wuyang landed on an odd stone.

She could already see Bai Lian's room from here.

The magic arrays were dense there, but mostly they were some kind of rudimentary shielding magic arrays.

Yue Wuyang's attainments in magic arrays are quite ordinary, but her actual cultivation base is high, so these magic arrays cannot possibly stop her.

She's going in!

At that very moment, she suddenly noticed a strange ripple in her surroundings.


Power surged like a fountain and splashed her face.

"Oh no."

Yue Wuyang's face changed drastically.

She discovered that her body was dissolving, and she desperately drove her spirit Qi to resist, only to find out that her spirit Qi had been completely dissolved.

If she keeps going like this, there is no doubt she will die.

Yes, it's Bai Lian!

Only Bai Lian, who was once an Immortal Emperor, has this ability!

Yue Wuwang was scared, and her heart was filled with dread; had she known this beforehand, she wouldn't have sneaked in here.

In order to stay alive, she had to beg for mercy.

"White Emperor Bai Lian, I am Yue Wuyang, I have no malice, please show mercy and spare my life!"

Is it a person who knows Bai Lian?

After hesitating for a while, An Lan still withdrew her power.

Let's see why she came to look for Bai Lian.


Yue Wuyang sighed in relief after getting out of the predicament.

That was close.

She flew towards Bai Lian's room with a gloomy look on her face.

The recovery of Bai Lian's strength far exceeded her expectations. She now just hopes that Bai Lian takes it easy.