The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 9 Chapter 31 Part 2

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Chapter 31: The Martial Sisters Unite! (2)

She got it!

The Second Elder Martial Sister must have heard of her experience in Canglong Garden, and that's why she said those words.

As the lady of the Canglong Garden, she should have lived a carefree life.

Kite's appearance caused all that she once had to be destroyed in the flames of war. If it were not for Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian coming to her rescue and taking her out of the demonic cave, her future would have been uncertainly bleak.

Yu Ying rubbed her eyes.

She hugged Xiao Jinse back.

"The Second Elder Martial Sister."

She called out softly and then began to apologize.

"I'm sorry."

Before, she thought that only Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian was being nice to her on the Qiongming Peak, but today she realized that she was wrong.

Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian is very good, the Second Elder Martial Sister is also very good, and everyone is very good!

Xiao Jinse laughed even more bitterly.

She let go of Yu Ying and reached out to wipe away the tear stains from the corner of her eyes.

"Don't cry, you don't have to apologize to me."

She figured it out. It's fair competition, and if you lose, you lose.

Yu Ying shook her head, as if to say "No!"

She allowed Xiao Jinse to gently play with her, her eyes were incredibly serious.

"Second Elder Martial Sister, if anyone dares to bully you in the future, I will definitely stand up for you."

I don't want any of these; I just want Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian!



Xiao Jinse sighed softly.

"It's okay, I will take them down myself!"

We can't go on any longer. If she stays here a while, she'll definitely not be able to control her tears and start crying.

She can accept failure, but she cannot accept her opponent's pity.

So, Xiao Jinse immediately changed the subject.

"Fourth Martial Sister, I remembered that I have something important to do, so you can go back inside and rest first."


Yu Ying nodded.

Her heart was so warm. Even though the Second Elder Martial Sister had something urgent to do, she still took the time to stay here and comfort her. She is really a great person!

It makes sense to think about it; how could someone who has been approved by Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian be a bad person?

"Come on, Second Elder Martial Sister!"

Yu Ying raised her fist and shouted.

Xiao Jinse didn't look back; she walked quickly out of the house, faster and faster until she became a streak of phantoms.

She lost.

Defeated with no hope of a comeback.

The flame of hope extinguished, even the embers overturned, no fuel wood left, only a pile of cold ashes remained.

Xiao Jinse tightly bit her lips.

Cannot cry.

She can't cry.

She passed by Bai Lian as if she were a gust of wind.


What happened?

Bai Lian froze.

She hurriedly turned around to ask the fourth Martial Sister, who stood in the yard and was smiling foolishly.

Yu Ying answered, "Second Elder Martial Sister said she had something urgent to do."

She also remembered to mention that Second Elder Martial Sister had been concerned about her, and Bai Lian was suddenly amused.

That's great!

She was worried that the Martial Sisters would "fight" each other, but she didn't expect them to be so close, which really made her heartwarming.

"Go rest first, I'm going to ask the jade rabbit a few questions."

After sending the fourth Martial Sister into the house, Bai Lian headed towards the medicine garden.

On the other side.

Xiao Jinse, who was almost in a daze, walked aimlessly for half a day before arriving at the foot of the Qiongming Peak.

In front of her was a cliff that was about thirty meters high.

The evening breeze blew on her cheeks, and tears flew out like strands of silk.

Fly and fly!

In the end, An Lan, who was just about to go and tell Jue Yunzi that she had recovered, passed by here.


An Lan retracted her right foot which she had lifted up.

After all, Xiao Jinse is her disciple too.

"What's the matter?"

She appeared out of nowhere in front of Xiao Jinse like a ghost.

Xiao Jinse lifted her head, her eyes blurry with tears, but she still recognized An Lan.


She was so emotional that she flew towards An Lan and hugged her.

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Da Da.

An Lan was forced to retreat several steps.

Xiao Jinse was much bigger than her, so when she was hugged unexpectedly, she was very uncomfortable and somewhat confused.

What are you doing?

But Xiao Jinse's words made her quiet down afterward.

"Master, I am about to leave the Qiongming Peak. I am going to look for methods to improve my Spiritual Root. It will take a long time before I can come back."

"Sobbing, Shifu, Sobbing…"

The crying softened An Lan's heart a bit.

Well, really.

She didn't expect it at all.

Since Xiao Jinse officially joined, she has never instructed her on how to cultivate, but Xiao Jinse has never let go of her respect for her.

You see.

She's just going on a long trip and probably won't see each other for just a few months, yet she's so upset.

An Lan was moved.

You are my disciple!

Comes with it is loss, Bai Lian is very good, the second disciple is also very good, and everybody is very good.

Just as Yan Yue has always said, she is a worthless master!

"These are all for you."

An Lan suddenly took out a pile of talismans, Formation Flags, and Medicinal Pills and gave them to Xiao Jinse.

She couldn't think of a way to take care of Xiao Jinse at first, so she could only give these things to her second disciple.


Xiao Jinse looked at An Lan with teary eyes.

An Lan said, "Don't worry, everything will get better."

She said this to Xiao Jinse, but even more so to herself.

Will it really get better?

Xiao Jinse was unclear.

After a while, she watched An Lan go away, and walked down the Qiongming Peak.

She didn't notice that Su Youwei had noticed her odd behavior.

"What's the matter?"

After hesitating for a moment, Su Youwei, who had just finished fencing with Hong Yi, caught up.