The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 9 Chapter 31 Part 1

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Chapter 31: The Martial Sisters Unite! (1)

"Did you say Elder Martial Sister?"

Yu Ying softly cooed at her round, plump belly a few times.

Xiao Jinse was like being frozen; no matter how Yu Ying called out to her, there was no response.

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Yu Ying originally wanted to go back to her room to digest the vast amount of Flying Swords that Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian had poured into her body in one gulp.

That amount was just too much.

But she was worried about Xiao Jinse.

Although the Second Elder Martial Sister didn't treat her that well, after all, she is her Second Elder Martial Sister!


Yu Ying's gaze became firm.

As long as there is no intense exercise, the Flying Swords that have been integrated into her body won't leak out.

She doesn't think those things are more important than the Second Elder Martial Sister.

The main reason is that they were gifts from Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian, and she doesn't want to waste a bit of them.

In the chill of early winter.

Yu Ying took two steps forward and stood in front of Xiao Jinse.

"The Second Elder Martial Sister?"

She extended her hand and waved it in front of Xiao Jinse's eyes.

Xiao Jinse didn't respond.

Then she put her index finger on Xiao Jinse's cheek and poked it.

Xiao Jinse still hadn't responded.

She had a dull expression on her face, and her body trembled lightly.


What is this?!

"Cheer up, the Second Elder Martial Sister!"

Yu Ying anxiously pressed down on Xiao Jinse's shoulder and then shook her with force.

She and Xiao Jinse were very close.

If they both move forward just slightly, the two people will be close together.


Yu Ying's stomach bumped into Xiao Jinse first.

Xiao Jinse was finally awakened by the thunderous energy that filled Yu Ying's stomach.

She quickly looked around.


Who am I?

Where am I?

What do I need to do?

"Second Elder Martial Sister!"

Yu Ying screamed again and only then did Xiao Jinse calm down.

But her appearance was quiet, her heart has already been hit by the waves over and over again, and can't stop!

Xiao Jinse gave a bitter smile.

Not long ago, she made a decision to put effort into cultivating and becoming a Martial Sister that Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian would be proud of.

With the fourth Martial Sister's words, all expectations were dashed.

It's gone.

There is no future left.

Xiao Jinse sadly raised her hand to wipe away the tears from her eyes.

She felt like tears were about to come out.

But she couldn't.

At least she couldn't do this in front of the fourth Martial Sister.

For a moment, Xiao Jinse thought about taking out the Blowing Snow Sword and smashing the fourth Martial Sister into meat paste.

Whenever she thought of the warmth when Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian accompanied her back to Castle Peak City, she immediately squashed all her bad thoughts.


She cannot do anything that would make Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian sad.

Xiao Jinse sniffed and asked, "How many months has it been?"


Yu Ying was speechless.

What's the deal with this question? How many months? What does this mean?

She lowered her head in thought for a moment, then suddenly realized that the Second Elder Martial Sister must have been asking her how long has she joined the Qiongming Peak.

She meekly replied, "Second Elder Martial Sister, it has been five months."


This lightning bolt hit Xiao Jinse's heart hard.

She stumbled and almost fell flat on her face.


Xiao Jinse breathed heavily, and with a sudden violent tremble, she suddenly felt lifeless.

Five months?

Doesn't it mean that they had done "that" before the fourth Martial Sister entered the Qiongming Peak?


Why is fate so merciless!

Xiao Jinse was too sad to even find the words to express it.

In five months the baby will be born, then the Qiongming Peak will become more lively.

But the hustle and bustle belong to Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian, the fourth Martial Sister, and the master, while she has nothing.

Be it so.

Xiao Jinse slowly closed her eyes.

She decided that she would go to bid farewell to Master An Lan later, and not return to the Qiongming Peak until the next major competition in the sect.

Why bother meeting?

It's just adding to the sorrow.

Oh, Xiao Jinse, your life is destined to be filled with misery and hardship!

At this point, even though Yu Ying was slow to catch on, she noticed that something was wrong with Xiao Jinse's mood.

She asked worriedly, "Second Elder Martial Sister, are you alright?"

Xiao Jinse shook her head.

It's OK.

She has to stand up for herself!

In addition to sadness, she was somewhat grateful that the Fourth Martial Sister had taken the initiative to reveal this.

Otherwise, if she had seen the fourth Martial Sister give birth to the child with her own eyes, she probably would have fallen into the Path of Evil directly.

She opened her arms and hugged tightly in surprise in Yu Ying's eyes.

It's as if they were merging into one.

"Fourth Martial Sister", Xiao Jinse said, "Take care of yourself. During this period of time, you have to rest more. Cultivation is not something that can be hurried. Leave the heavier tasks to other disciples. Also, the weather is getting colder, remember to wear more clothes and don't freeze yourself. And, even though you have already achieved the realm of controlling hunger, for your own health, you can eat some spiritual plants in moderation."

She spoke while lightly patting Yu Ying's back.

There's no need to make a big fuss. Let it be so.

This nagging advice let Yu Ying relax her tense body.

She seemed to have returned to the embrace of her mother.



Just like when she hugged Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian.

Suddenly Yu Ying's nose felt sour, and tears were almost streaming down her face.