The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 9 Chapter 29 Part 2

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Chapter 29: Qiongming's Daughters (2)

This mirror and Xia Qingqing are the same kinds of people. You must give them a good spanking from time to time to make them realize their situation.

The Future Mirror immediately stopped talking.


After flying for more than a day, Bai Lian finally crossed the mountains and ridges of the Great Northwest and returned to the Duxian Sect near the Central Plains.

She quietly left and returned without drawing anyone else's attention.

Even though she wasn't present, it doesn't mean that no one would talk about her.

Thanks to the convenience of the jade slip for message transmission, now everyone in the Duxian sect knows what she did in Canglong Garden.

As the saying goes,

[The White Emperor is unparalleled!]

"When Elder Martial Sister first arrived in Heluo Country…"

"The woman had delicate hands and a beautiful face. She stepped lightly with her bare feet, and with a crisp crack, the villain's body was cracked…"

"Ahhh, I want to be stepped on by her barefoot too!"

"Okay, then come to my room tonight, and I'll give you…"

"Get out! I don't want a man's barefoot!"

Because the rumors so far have focused on her "strategic infallibility", Bai Lian has shown restraint.

But An Lan, who hid in the cave to eavesdrop, was different.

Her two ears were standing upright.

Keyword captured.

[Women], [barefoot women], [coming from the Immortal World]…

Forget about it.

Those things behind don't matter.

An Lan uncovered the quilt and sat up.

She was walking around the spotlessly clean cave wearing only white socks.

She was worried.

"Having a daughter grow up is not necessarily a good thing!"

Bai Lian had not been out for even seven days, yet she was already entangled with another woman.

If she was also in Canglong Dragon, she would have had to forcibly stuff that woman's barefoot into a pair of shoes.


An Lan started to sulk.

If she had known this beforehand, she would have used magic to limit Bai Lian's growth, so that she could remain in her fifteen-year-old appearance; short and small; this way, no one would pay attention to her.

What angered An Lan even more was that Bai Lian didn't even ask her for help when faced with trouble.

Last time, when Bai Lian was in Hening City, Bai Lian called her for help!

So, will respect for the master disappear, right?

This can't go on anymore.

An Lan stopped wandering.

She rushed back to the bedside and changed into a light blue dress. Then she tied her long, disheveled hair in a sky blue hair tie.

After confirming that she looked very dignified now, she got up and headed toward the top of the Qingming Peak.

She wanted to announce that her wound had healed!

When An Lan reached the entrance of the bamboo forest, she stopped.

Someone was ahead.

And it was the person she was about to give a harsh lesson to.

Bai Lian!

When the first winter wind blew, the evergreen bamboo forest shrouded in Spirit Qi immediately gave out a rustling sound.

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As the wind stirred, the world became increasingly peaceful.

An Lan had forgotten everything.

She saw a world with only her and Bai Lian left.

[Will I be the first person you see when you come back?]

A few green leaves fell from the branch, swirling with the wind and finally slowly landing on An Lan's forehead.

Because it all came so suddenly, she completely forgot to reach out to block the bamboo leaves.


When An Lan was about to say something, she saw Bai Lian quickly walking towards her.


Bai Lian called out softly.

Her face bore a faint smile, containing a kind of blooming beauty.

An Lan stared blankly.

She saw Bai Lian reach out to her.

She suddenly realized what Bai Lian wanted to do.

But miraculously she didn't dodge at this moment, letting Bai Lian extend her hand towards her forehead.

The jade-like thumb and index finger gently held the bamboo leaf, and when it was moved away, the trimmed nails also lightly scratched her brow.

This shouldn't be intentional, right?

The wind in the afternoon became increasingly captivating.

An Lan discreetly wiped her nose.

She seemed to have remembered something.

That's the feeling of being cared for…

Actually, it's really nice when your daughter grows up.