The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 9 Chapter 29 Part 1

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Chapter 29: Qiongming's Daughters (1)

The process of signing the contract was very harmonious.

In short, the process lasted about a quarter of an hour.

Under the dense and pure white light, the only thing that Bai Lian and Yu Ying could feel is — peace.

[Warmth], [Fulfillment], [You in me and I in you], [Tender like water], [A beautiful dream].


The prompt from the system pulled Bai Lian back to reality.

She has successfully signed an equal contract with the fourth Martial Sister.

Under the effect of the contract, an invisible "bridge" appeared between her and the fourth Martial Sister.

This bridge links her to the fourth Martial Sister.

The most direct benefit is to improve the strength of both parties.

The fourth Martial Sister became tougher, faster, and stronger.

Bai Lian's physical body was also strengthened.

Almost all of her basic skills are reinforced.

[Hard Skill +10, Soft Skill +10, Lightness Skill +10, Focus +5]

Although the current increase is not great, considering that this bonus will increase with the improvement in the strength of the Fourth Martial Sister, it can be called [have a bright future].

So, after some operations, Bai Lian's basic skills are as follows--

[ Hard skill: 542]

[Soft Skill: 563]

[Light Skill: 534]

[Focus: 609]

Besides the basic skill bonus, Bai Lian can now more smoothly use the fourth Martial Sister, as if it were her own hands.

Even though they are separated by ten thousand miles, as long as she can still sense the location of the fourth Martial Sister, she can summon the fourth Martial Sister over.

"Come here!"

So simple.

So convenient.

Once the fourth Martial Sister reaches the Soul Changing Stage, Bai Lian will be able to unlock more new "gameplays," such as incarnation of thousands, three thousand swords domain, instant without a trace…

This greatly compensates for her lack of spells.

"Lying down and handing everything over to Martial Sister occasionally isn't so bad."

Bai Lian had a secret thought.

Actually, after knowing that she couldn't escape from the Qiongming Peak, this thought was born in her heart.

At that time, her goal was to quickly lead the Martial Sisters out of the shadows, and then all she had to do was lie in the Qingming Peak and wait for the Martial Sisters to level up by fighting monsters.

Dare to provoke me?

Martial Sisters, beat him up!

Only afterwards did the master unexpectedly enter her declining period, which made her suddenly flustered and had to disrupt her original plans.


The Master is nearly back to normal now, and the Martial Sisters have come out of their psychological shadows. According to the game plot, the next crisis in the Duxian Sect will be a few years later.

Bai Lian suddenly felt relaxed.

After returning to the Duxian Sect, she no longer had to do anything else. She only needed to take care of the Martial Sisters and Master's lives in peace. When she had some free time, she could take a walk around to earn skill points.

What a nice life it is!

She doesn't want to be a Natural Saint.

"A bunch of fools, only know to blow me all day long!"

If it wasn't for the system prompt, she would have been killed long ago.

Whoever loves to be a Saint can be it. She doesn't want to be it!

After making up her mind, Bai Lian raised her head.

When Yu Ying, who had already regained her human form, saw that she was looking at her, she immediately blushed and turned away. Her little face was as attractive as a freshly washed red apple.

She couldn't help but be nervous.

When Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian signed the contract, their souls entwined together.

"Does this count as me and Elder Martial Sister having done… that?"


At the thought of this, Yu Ying felt a little guilty.

If the Second Elder Martial Sister, the Third Elder Martial Sister, and the Jade Rabbit knew of this, would they join forces to bully her?


Absolutely don't tell this to anyone!


Yu Ying was somewhat puzzled.

She heard about this from some cultivators on her journey to find a swordmaster for the broken sword.

She heard that when doing such bad things, one's mind would go blank and even forget to breathe.

Although she felt uncomfortable just now, it was not to that exaggerated degree.

What's wrong?

It's really confusing.

Yu Ying looked off into the distance, "Elder Martial Sister, we are almost at the Duxian sect."

Still a thousand miles apart.

For the present Bai Lian, a thousand miles is nothing.

When she landed in the Cloud Chasing Boat again, she saw the Future Mirror on the table showing new words.

[Bai Lian ascends to immortality, with endless magical powers!]

[The power of Bai Lian is great, and the law drives…]


Bai Lian shattered the Future Mirror with just one punch.