The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 9 Chapter 27

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Chapter 27: I'd Like to Be Miss Bai Lian's Dog!

The journey home for Bai Lian was not smooth.

She originally planned to use the Teleportation Scroll to escape Heluo Country after leaving Canglong Garden.

But she met an old acquaintance soon after she left Canglong Garden.

The eldest princess!

That woman seemed to have regained her past confidence.

But after a closer encounter, Bai Lian immediately denied her previous views.


Her smile is only a facade for her protection.

The poor child, so young yet having a brother who could be considered a "trouble"!

Unfortunately, there was nothing Bai Lian could do to help the eldest princess.

Guide her?

She doesn't have that ability.

Her medical skills have improved a lot recently.

But she can't treat the eldest princess's heart disease…

Forget it.

Bai Lian was worried that her persuasion would create an internal demon for the eldest princess.

Bai Lian could only use her own body heat to comfort the eldest princess.

She gently put her hands on the eldest princess's shoulders, saying, "Did anyone give you any trouble when you came out?"

The eldest princess shook her head.

She came all the way here, just because she was worried about Bai Lian.

After confirming that Bai Lian was okay, she quietly breathed a sigh of relief.

Soon, an overwhelming wave of emotion surged forth.

Despite being in a greater crisis, the first thing Bai Lian said after meeting her was to show concern for her.

Bai Lian always does this.

If she had not grown up in the royal family of Heluo and learned cultivation methods at Xingluo Fortress, the eldest princess wished she could have immediately joined the Duxian sect.

She really doesn't want to put in any effort anymore!

However, since people live in this world, they have to be subject to various constraints. It is almost impossible to do everything according to one's own will.

The eldest princess forced a faint smile.

Farewell from a thousand miles away.

After saying her thanks, she took out the mirror which could predict the future.

"This thing is no longer useful to me, but it may still be of some use to you."

Bai Lian took the mirror.

She immediately saw a new task option in front of her.

[Task 1: Accept with enthusiasm (Reward: +13 Hard Skill)]

[Task 2: Strictly Refuse (Reward: +2 Soft Skill)]

[Task 3: Pick up the mirror and throw it to the ground with force, saying "Die for me!" (Reward: Secret Medicine - Thousand Grinding and Ten Thousand Knocks)]

The problem with this mirror is very big.

Bai Lian slightly frowned.

She only wants to go back to the Duxian Sect now, and doesn't want to cause any more new trouble.

Therefore, she decisively kept her eyes on Task 3.

This secret medicine is not of a high grade, about the same as a top-grade Magic Tool.


Now is not the time to be concerned with such matters.

Bai Lian fiercely glared at the mirror in her hand.

That's you playing with the feelings of young girls, huh?

She got angry from the bottom of her heart.

"Die for me!"




The solid mirror was shattered into pieces in Bai Lian's hands.

Although it is cracked, it doesn't affect the words displayed on the mirror.


The rest of the characters had not finished appearing yet when Bai Lian angrily added more attacks.

She lifted her foot and stomped down hard.



In a tinkling sound, the mirror suddenly shattered into hundreds of pieces.

After Bai Lian repeatedly stamped on the mirror several times, the words on the mirror finally became clear.

[Your mom is my mom, from now on, you are my big sister!]

The eldest princess was speechless.


She has seen every scene, but she has never seen this one.

It is not to say that the attitude of the mirror changed quickly, mainly because Bai Lian's performance brought a great shock to her.

She was seeing for the first time such a wild and carefree Bai Lian.

She should have felt uncomfortable about it.


The eldest princess suddenly remembered the process in which Bai Lian pulled her out of the Moon Fragrance Pavilion.

"I'm a rude person!"

The two words "rude person" flashed in her mind, and her heart started to beat rapidly, unable to contain itself.

Perhaps due to being suppressed for too long, the eldest princess suddenly noticed she was quite fond of this kind of rude person!

"Are you okay?"

Suddenly, Bai Lian asked.

After she smashed the mirror, the eldest princess suddenly blushed, breathing heavily, as if she had taken a secret medicine.

Bai Lian grumbled to herself in her heart.

She almost thought she had accidently pressed a strange switch.

The eldest princess was startled, so she quickly shook her head, "I'm fine, I'm just… a bit excited, yeah, excited."

She quickly left after speaking.

She couldn't of course tell Bai Lian what she was thinking, or it would make her look like a freak.

If Bai Lian knew she was a freak, she must be very disappointed!

In short, if she stayed here, Bai Lian would surely discover her problem.

The eldest princess made up her mind and pushed Bai Lian.

"The mirror has been sent to you. You can break it, stab it, or polish it; whatever you choose. I have something else to do, so I'll leave first. If you need to get in touch with me, use the jade slip."


Before Bai Lian could even finish speaking, the eldest princess had already flown away.

Her back profile looked somewhat embarrassed.


It can't be…


Bai Lian shrugged.

"Women are so troublesome!"

Her eyes fell back on the mirror half restored on the other side.

It seemed like the mirror was trying to please her, as the writing on the mirror had changed.

[Indeed, women are really troublesome!]

"How dare you!"

Bai Lian punched the mirror again.

What are you saying?

She is a woman too!

The mirror suddenly cracked again.

If it had a face, it would certainly be teary-eyed now.

[My mom is your mom.]

Bai Lian's fist has hardened!

She grabbed the frame of the mirror with her left hand and punched the mirror mercilessly with her right fist; with one punch, the mirror smashed into pieces.

(╬ ̄皿 ̄)=○▏


"Don't climb up the relations indiscriminately."

Bai Lian glared at the mirror.

She started to suspect that the mirror was a moron.

Bai Lian made the decision to destroy the mirror. Since it wouldn't tell her future anyway, it's better to destroy it to prevent it from being marked by the Taixuan Taoist Sect.

The mirror sensed Bai Lian's intention, and it immediately started pleading for mercy.

[Spare me, I'm useful, I'm very useful.]

"What's your use?"

Bai Lian took out a big hammer from her pocket effortlessly.

The mirror lying on the grass trembled involuntarily.

The closer the hammer got, the more pleading words it uttered.

But Bai Lian was not moved.

At the last moment, a short essay appeared in the mirror.

Bai Lian postponed her sentence and began to read the words on the mirror earnestly.

The mirror said that it cannot predict Bai Lian's future because it is not a complete mirror now!

As long as Bai Lian can find its other half--the Past Mirror, and press the two mirrors tightly together, its ability will be greatly enhanced, and it will be able to predict the future for Bai Lian.


These days, even mirrors have lovers?

Bai Lian silently read the last line of the short essay, the black font was very striking.

[As long as Miss Bai Lian doesn't ruin me, I am willing to be her dog!]

Bai Lian was hesitant.

If what the mirror says is true, she will have much more ease in doing things from now on.

Just then, a new task popped up.

[Task 1: Destroy the Future Mirror (Reward: +3 Focus)]

[Task 2: Temporarily let go of the Future Mirror (Reward: +3 Focus)]

The rewards for the tasks are all the same.

Bai Lian was suffering from decision fatigue.

Her Focus has reached 601 points, which is a pretty high value, but after all the task rewards only offer 3 points of Focus, so it poses no danger to her right now.

It was impossible for her to lose her life on a mission of this degree.

As for the Taixuan Taoist Sect, it is possible that they have a backdoor in this mirror…

When Bai Lian thought of the knowledgeable master at home, any last worries disappeared.

Let's give it a try.

Anyway, it won't hurt.

Bai Lian threatened, "Dogs who don't obey will be killed!"

In the Future mirror, a whole line of 「Woof woof woof」immediately appeared.

One day later, on Bai Lian's way back to the Duxian Sect, the pieces of the Sansheng Stele suddenly stirred.