The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 9 Chapter 26 Part 1

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Chapter 26: Strategizing of White Emperor Bai Lian (1)

When Yue Wuyang left, she left a stream of fire in the night sky.

Just like a swordsman slashing out a dazzling blade of light toward the sky.

Under the impact of this radiance, the sky that had been pouring rain all night finally settled down.

The facts prove that even the sky has its limits and is not capable of limitless spraying.

Tick tock…

At this moment, only the potholes still contained the remaining water.

After the rain, Canglong Garden was a mess. The surrounding green fields for miles were turned into a swamp after the heavy rain, muddy and impassable.

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Fortunately, there are few people here, otherwise, it is unknown how many disasters would be caused.

No one cares about it now, anyways.

Besides the anxious Marquis Wu'an, the one whose heart shook the most was the old priest of the Taixuan Taoist Sect who had to face him.

He will never forget the scene when he saw Yue Wuyang.

When his eyes fell on the woman walking out of the golden light for the first time, only two words remained in his mind--stunningly beautiful.

So Terrifying!

With one kick, the wicked Kite was crushed. Is she a god?

Right after that.

The old priest's worries, fears and other emotions were all dispersed.

He stared blankly at Yue Wuyang's feet.

The old priest felt he could watch it for a year without getting tired of it.


At one moment, he suddenly shook his head vigorously.

There is a problem.

Although he cannot always keep his heart still, after cultivating his heart for a thousand years, he is definitely not a pervert who is indulging in woman's feet!

"This momentum…"

Very big and very scary!

The old priest dared not look directly at Yue Wuyang anymore, but it was in this way that he discovered an even more astonishing fact.

Just the moment before, he was "immersed" in Yue Wuyang's beauty, but now he has completely forgotten Yue Wuyang's appearance.

The boring adjectives left in his mind are only "barefoot", "bewitching", and "celestial beauty".

The old priest hastily looked up and then went to look at Yue Wuyang.

No matter how hard he tried to remember Yue Wuyang's appearance, he would immediately forget that face as soon as he moved his eyes away.

It's like the memory has been forcibly deleted by something.

He tried several times and eventually determined that this was the influence of the law of force.

His face became very solemn.

Bai Lian outwitted Xu Pan and Marquis Wu'an's plans with her utmost wisdom, which was originally good news.

But Yue Wuyang's arrival drained him of all energy.

The coming of the Immortal is certainly not good news for the Taixuan Taoist Sect.

"The message must be sent back immediately."

After finding that Bai Lian's attention was completely focused on the fragments of the Sansheng Stele, he immediately called on his fellow disciples to withdraw.

With him leading the way, the rest of the people followed suit and left.

In the end, only a few people, unfortunate ones too injured to move, and Marquis Wu'an sweating profusely remained.

Marquis Wu'an was too afraid to go.

Bai Lian didn't look at him, but if he wanted to run away, he didn't know what would happen.

Bai Lian was actually thinking about a question.

How can she safely get rid of Marquis Wu''an?

Although her strength has increased a lot, it is still impossible for her to kill Marquis Wu'an on the spot.

If Marquis Wu'an were forced into a dead-end, she and the fourth Martial Sister would be in big trouble.

Bai Lian quickly came up with an idea.

If you're going to show off, go all the way!

She turned her back to Marquis Wu'an and spoke in a cold voice, just as An Lan did.

"Just like I said to the people of Sword Washing Pavilion, I won't kill you. This grudge will be settled by my Martial Sister personally!"

Staying with An Lan for a long time, Bai Lian also reaped some benefits.

She successfully learned 1% of An Lan's abilities to talk at least!

This was enough to make Marquis Wu'an's heart "shaken" and uneasy.


This remark quickly cooled down Marquis Wu'an.

How could he not have heard of what Bai Lian did for Xiao Jinse in Henning City?

Let Yu Ying kill him in the future?


Marquis Wu'an growled in his heart.


Even though Yu Ying's talent was originally very poor, she is now White Emperor Bai Lian's Martial Sister, so it is not difficult for her to improve her cultivation base at a fast speed.

He guessed it would take Yu Ying about a hundred years to catch up with him.


How could he have been standing in the same spot for so long?

With Bai Lian's intelligence, it is certain that she knew this, and the reason she still said so is that she is very confident.

Confident? That's good.

If Bai Lian wasn't so confident, he could not have left here alive today.

As long as he is still alive, there is hope for a breakthrough.

Marquis Wu'an acknowledged that Bai Lian was the most formidable opponent he had encountered.

He won't give up because of this.

He encountered many difficulties, but eventually, he managed to make it through step by step.

Although powerful, the Immortal Emperor cannot control everything.

"Your confidence will one day kill you!"

Marquis Wu'an was eager to return to Tianyi City to build the Gate of All Living Beings.

However, he knows that he cannot rush now. He must find a way to make Bai Lian relax her vigilance towards him.

Then, after a short hesitation, he began to perform.


The voice of Marquis Wu'an was husky.


He trembled in his body, with fire blazing in his eyes. He wanted to go forward, but he couldn't move his right foot any further.

Damn it!

Bai Lian was panic-stricken.

No way, right?

Nobody is actually going to fight with her because of that sentence, right?

Think fast, what did Master An Lan do when she encountered the same situation?


I got it!

Bai Lian's eyes lit up.