The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 9 Chapter 24 Part 2

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Chapter 24: Women Only Make Me Draw My Sword Faster! (2)

The stranger girl's scalp was tingling and she was in a hurry.

She came to this lower realm under the orders of her master and the Witch Queen. She thought that her trip would be easy and enjoyable, but…

Oh dear.

That's really a smack on the head.


The strange woman took a deep breath, then she raised her head to watch the battle between Bai Lian and the Dragon's Resentment.

At this time, Bai Lian has gained the upper hand. She steps on the head of the Dragon's Resentment and beat it hard.



The dragon emitted a continuous, agonizing howl from its throat.

Although it felt pain, its tail was amazingly hard. Bai Lian still couldn't cut off its tail after half a day.

"That's the only way!"

Most of the magic that Bai Lian mastered is useless to deal with the Dragon's Resentment.

However, times have changed now!

Before entering the Canglong Garden, she gained a new spell depending on the task——

Moon Sword Formula!

This sword formula is not ordinary.

According to the system description, it is the first part of the entire set of "White Life Sword Chant" created by Yaoguang Star Lord, followed by the "Sun Slayer Sword Chant" and "Yin Xing Sword Chant" that can kill immortals.

After Bai Lian has learned all three sets of sword techniques, she can proudly shout out "Grasping the sun and moon and plucking stars, there is no one in the world stronger than me!"

The reason why she didn't use Moon Sword Formula at the beginning is that she has just learned this spell and is not very fluent in using it.

Now the Dragon's Resentment has been beaten out of breath by her. It's time to use Moon Sword Formula.

"Here comes the sword!"

Power surged.

A layer of light gold streamer covered Yu Ying Sword's body surface.

In a flash, the sea water in the "Underwater World" split into two halves under the shock of the law.

The sword was still sheathed, but the sea had already opened.

In a flash, the sky of the trial space thundered, and in the thick night, a huge round moon slowly appeared, occupying half the sky.

The people who had come to watch the show outside raised their heads.

That moon was not beautiful.

At least it isn't as dazzling as the white jade plate described in the poem.

It was covered with various dark shadows, and it was these dark shadows that made the "moon" summoned by the sword extremely oppressive and terrifying!


The dragon's body trembled involuntarily.

It wanted to shift its gaze away, but the pressure of the moon kept it immobile and plunged it into a terrifying nightmare filled with destruction.

Now, Bai Lian, who held the fourth Martial Sister, could do whatever she wanted with the Dragon's Resentment.

She cut down with one sword.


This is your grandma Bai Lian's resentment!

Eat my big sword!

The moon was falling, the waves were surging, and even the night was ablaze.

This is a picture of the end!

Bai Lian was immensely satisfied.

She now understands that Yaoguang Star Lord and she are the same people!

No matter what technique is used, the first thing to do is to create eye-catching Special Effects.

Finally, the full moon fiercely pounded on the "Underwater World".


Grind hard!


After a crisp sound, the strongest tail of the Dragon's Resentment was finally cut off by the sword Qi formed by the full moon. It was also covered with deep and shallow wounds, with a thud, it fell to the ground.

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The tide has turned!

Bai Lian gently fell to the ground, her eyes closed.

Draw the sword and kill the enemy in one go, just like an extremely skilled swordsman!

She reversed her grip on Yu Ying Sword and slowly pushed it towards her chest.

In the half way, she suddenly opened her eyes.


Bai Lian was startled.

She was now holding the fourth Martial Sister. She had tried many times, but the fourth Martial Sister couldn't be put into the storage space in her chest.

Bai Lian quickly stopped what she was doing, and she stepped forward, putting her foot on the Dragon's Resentment's head.

Goodbye, you son of bitch!

She stomped hard on her feet, starting from the head, crushing the Dragon's Resentment that had already been split to pieces.


Anomaly has arisen.

Under the gusting wind, the trial space suddenly collapsed and the Sansheng Stele emitted a more dazzling golden light.

Suddenly, Yu Ying Sword shot out from Bai Lian's hand like an arrow, then it made a ringing sound as it embedded itself into the Sansheng Stele.

Bai Lian realized that the world she saw had changed.

She saw a river.

A river that doesn't know where it is going.

She floated on the river, feeling only the rustic, heavy, and time-worn atmosphere around her.

At that moment, she seemed to wash away her worldly troubles, and her heart was unexpectedly calm. She didn't feel like doing bad things nor good things.

It is a system prompt to wake her up in time.

[Focus +30]


Bai Lian opened the panel.

Her Focus attribute arrived at 601 points, officially reaching the level of the Transcendency Stage.

Of course, the biggest surprise comes from the fourth Martial Sister.

The inheritance fragments from the Sansheng Stele can cause a surge in the fourth Martial Sister's cultivation base, helping her further progress on the path of 'Sword Woman' and become tougher, longer, and sharper!

This is a path that was never imagined in the game.

"Women can only affect my speed of pulling out swords, but the Fourth Martial Sister won't, because she IS the sword!"

Bai Lian exclaimed in her heart.

She walked with a steady pace to the fragments of the Sansheng Stele.

Before she could take further action, the strange woman suddenly dropped in front of her.

The woman had a serious expression, and asked right away, "What's your relationship with Yaoguang Star Lord?"