The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 9 Chapter 24 Part 1

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Chapter 24: Women Only Make Me Draw My Sword Faster! (1)


The strange woman shook her head gently.

Her round toes exposed to the air nervously drew together, bending and clenching downward.

What the hell!

At first, she didn't pay attention to these people.

These people are just some ants at the Soul Changing Stage.

When she was still in the Immortal World, she could kill thousands with one toe.

However, as these people talked, she heard a huge amount of information.


Instant burst.

The strange woman's mind was blank and her breathing was nearly stopped.

She felt like she was about to pass out.


What "White Emperor", "reincarnated Immortal Emperor", "Natural Saint"…

These pieces of information totally befuddled her!

She must stop and figure it out.

First, it can be confirmed that the person being discussed by those people is the young girl who is currently being enveloped by the Original Dragon's breath.

The stranger woman's gaze fell upon Bai Lian, who was facing the Dragon's Resentment.

She found that she couldn't see through Bai Lian at all, only feeling that Bai Lian was as calm as a clear lake.

A moment later, Bai Lian rushed toward the half-dragon monster with a delicate sword.

The battle flared up.

The strange woman gave a slight nod.


She could take the opportunity to probe into Bai Lian's background and see if Bai Lian really came from the Immortal World just like her.

October, early winter.

After a brief silence, rain started to fall again in Canglong Garden.

A few seconds ago.

When Bai Lian first entered the Trial Space constructed by the Original Dragon's will, her fighting spirit was high. However, after hearing Kite's dying monologue, she now felt like a hedgehog that could explode at any time.


Bai Lian asked.

Although she couldn't see or touch the thin film that separated them, she still felt the coldness of the rainwater.

She may not be a real Natural Saint or an upstanding person, but she hasn't done anything bad either.

Why is she always persecuted!

Are you going to be punished for just thinking about it in your heart?

If it must be so, none of the people in the discussion groups she used to use when she was still on Earth were innocent. They all deserve to be shot!

There are fewer people like her, so harmless and gentle, in recent years.

How can you guys stand to do this to a 19-year-old innocent young girl without feeling your conscience pricking you?

Moral depravity, declining morality!

The world, fu*k you!

Angry Bai Lian clenched Yu Ying Sword tightly in her hand.

Very tight.

The fourth Martial Sister could not help saying in her mind, "Elder Martial Sister, you hurt me."

"Ah, sorry."

Bai Lian quickly lightened her hand.

She glared ferociously at the Dragon's Resentment.

This thing now looks just like Kite after he transformed into a half-dragon.

Bai Lian transferred all her anger to the Dragon's Resentment.

Very good.

Just now, she has successfully broken through to the peak of the Soul Changing Stage. It is not too difficult to deal with this seemingly weak Dragon's Resentment.

Bai Lian angrily dragged the Fourth Martial Sister and rushed out.


"Gosh, they're actually persecuting such an innocent girl like me!"

"You son of a bitch!"

Bai Lian used all her strength under the impulse of anger.

I will kill you!

First, Special Effects.

She ran the cultivation method and first added a layer of Water-spirit Special Effect buff to herself.

Under the surging waves, this patch of earthy yellow space was forcibly dyed into water blue.

From the outside, it looked like a yellow sand hill suddenly turned into an ocean park, and the "Mermaid Warrior" Bai Lian on the stage was trying to tame the "Black Lobster" Dragon's Resentment!

Her basic skills are so solid that no flaws can be found, and she has mastered an impressive [Field].

This was the first impression of the stranger to Bai Lian.

Soon new changes will come.

Suddenly there was a deafening wave of sound on stage, one wave higher than the other.

That is…

At a certain moment, when a white deer with four horns was flying on the wave, the strange woman shouted loudly.

"Fu Zhu!"

She breathed heavily, her body suddenly tensed up, as if she had been touched on a sensitive spot.

In fact, that's exactly the case!

Fu Zhu is also a divine animal. Although not as good as the dragon, there was also a powerful Fu Zhu Immortal Emperor that was favored by heaven and earth.

In that great battle that shook the universe, Fu Zhu Immortal Emperor drowned an entire domain with Primordial Water and killed all of his opponents!

Just thinking about it is frightening.

The strange woman raised her hand and pressed her left chest.

Give it a good squeeze.


Her heart was beating too fast, she needed to slow down.

The successive shocks made her dizzy and powerless in her limbs.

She had just arrived in this lower realm and taken her first step, when she encountered the Original Dragon and Fu Zhu one after the other.

What the heck? Which side is the real Immortal World?