The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 9 Chapter 23

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Chapter 23: Is This Also Part of Your Plan?

Marquis Wu'an's voice was not loud.

But due to the sudden horror on his face, it was hard for anyone standing near him not to notice.

"Conspiracy, it's all Bai Lian's conspiracy!"

Everyone nearby heard his words.

One passes on to ten, ten passes on to a hundred.

With the effort of these "amplifiers", in a short while, everyone in the place heard Marquis Wu'an's shouting.

They followed Marquis Wu'an's line of thinking and kept going forward from there.


Got it!

When the dull-witted are still deep in thought, the eyes of the "wise ones" lit up.

So that's how it is.

They remembered Bai Lian's reaction just now.

Back then, Bai Lian was too calm!

She stood quietly, as if she was standing on the roof to watch the scenery.

At first they thought Bai Lian didn't take Kite seriously.

You, a scoundrel who borrowed the power of the Immortal Emperor, are daring to defy a real Immortal Emperor?

But it looks like you're too shallow to think that way now!


That's right, White Emperor Bai Lian does possess a formidable strength that is fearsome.

But her true strength lies in the combination of her tremendous power and her extraordinary intelligence.

Tao Huai and Kite fell under the combination of punches.

As the saying goes, if Heaven is to destroy something, it must first drive it mad.

They thought they had a sure-fire victory over Bai Lian, not realizing they were standing on the edge of a cliff.

When they charged toward White Emperor Bai Lian with great excitement, they were horrified to find themselves missing a step, and falling into an abyss of thousands of feet deep.

Surprised or not surprised?

At this moment, countless gazes fell upon Bai Lian's back.

The girl stood proudly under the gaze of the crowd.

What a calm and composed figure it is!

What conspiracy? That should be called "great wisdom"!

No wonder you are White Emperor Bai Lian, I would like to call you the best in the world!

Marquis Wu'an's ideas were roughly the same as those of these people.

He, who was already well-acquainted with the movements of Bai Lian, thought even more.

When the intelligence agency discovered Bai Lian, he didn't understand what Bai Lian was trying to do, but now he has figured it out completely.

"She showed up intentionally to distract us so that she could do something around Canglong Garden."

It should be like this.

In a short period of time, Marquis Wu'an could not think of a more reasonable explanation.

He only felt afraid.

People say Bai Lian is a Saint, but is there really such a wise and cunning Saint?

Marquis Wu'an seriously suspected that Bai Lian was treating the entire East Divine Land as a chessboard and all creatures as her chess pieces!

Everything she is doing now is likely for some grand goal.

This woman is truly terrifying!

Marquis Wu'an began to suspect that Bai Lian had fallen from the Immortal World and that her appearance in the East Divine Land was also planned.

It is hard for him to imagine a cunning Immortal Emperor like Bai Lian would be killed by someone.

"Could it be that there is something at the East Divine Land that even Immortal Emperor is coveting?"

Marquis Wu'an fell into deep thought.

His condition didn't last very long.

He suddenly raised his head.

Since Bai Lian has planned so much, will she know that he still has most of the Blood of the Black Dragon?

Thinking of this, cold sweat beaded up on Marquis Wu'an's forehead.

He wasn't particularly scared of Bai Lian before because once the Gate of All Living Beings was refined, he and Xu Pan would have the power to kill immortals.

Bai Lian was very powerful, but now she is in the lower realm, no matter how strong she was, her power is limited at present.

If Bai Lian was aware of their plan and took away the blood of the black dragon, they would be screwed!

Oh no!

Marquis Wu'an felt like he had fallen into a dead end.

He could only silently pray that his actions had not been discovered by Bai Lian.

Now Bai Lian didn't have time to pay attention to what other people thought.

Change comes too fast like a tornado.

Just moments before she was standing proudly delivering her last words to Kite, then in the next moment, he was kicked to the ground by a stranger.


Bai Lian lowered her head.

Kite, who had transformed into a half-dragon person, was lying before her, making unintelligible noises in his mouth, while desperately trying to raise his right hand upwards.

He isn't dead yet.

But his condition didn't improve much.

His body split from the top of his head all the way down, splitting both his new tail in the back and his old "tail" in front into two halves.

How dreadful.

Are you still acting invincible? Now you got beaten up!

You should know that An Lan was also beaten up by someone so she had to hide in the East Divine Land and dared not to go back.

Bai Lian twitched her lips and ultimately gave up the idea of teasing Kite.

"Ha ha ha…"

After lifting his hands several times without being able to touch Bai Lian's feet, Kite propped his hands on the ground and suddenly burst into laughter.

His laughter no longer has the same confidence as before.

It was full of desolation now.

He understood at this moment.

He not only figured out that all this was Bai Lian's "plot", but he also figured out why he had become what he had just now.

It's the blood of the black dragon!

The Dragon's Resentment in the blood has not been completely eliminated, and after swallowing it, all the negative emotions in his heart were magnified.

Even when he realized something was off, he still let his emotions out.

Otherwise, he would never waste his time comparing himself with Bai Lian after he gained power.

"Haha…cough cough…"

Kite suddenly started coughing violently.

He's dying.

He saw Bai Lian slowly point the semi-transparent Dirt Free Sword at his chest.


Kite became extremely excited.

He hasn't become invincible yet and he hasn't become an Immortal Being yet!

Obviously he has already tried his best, if he hadn't met Bai Lian, he would definitely have achieved the grand wish in his heart.

Ah, hate.

Why did Bai Lian become Yu Ying's Martial Sister?

Why doesn't he have a Martial Sister like Bai Lian?

Why is his aptitude so poor from the start?

"The world is so unfair!"

Blood trailed down Kite's lips as he desperately opened his eyes, trying to keep Bai Lian's image forever imprinted in his mind.

"Perhaps, this is life."

Bai Lian suddenly remembered a famous quote from Trump in her mind.

Therefore, people made lofty aspirations such as "May everyone in the world be like dragons".

She raised the Dirt Free Sword.

No matter if she will be killed by that stranger woman next, she must first avenge the fourth Martial Sister by killing Kite.

Just as she was about to stab, the fourth Martial Sister, who was lying on her back, started to lightly caress her back.

Bai Lian suddenly understood the meaning of the Fourth Martial Sister.

She wanted to do it herself!

A new task appeared as Bai Lian thought.

[Task 1: Use the Dirt Free Sword to kill Kite (Reward: Iron Skull True Scripture)]

[Task 2: Use Yu Ying Sword to kill Kite (Reward: Your cultivation base can break through to the peak of the Soul Changing Stage after that)]


Can this be chosen too?

After seeing the rewards for Task 1, Bai Lian was even more confused.

She didn't think too long.

After a few seconds, she inserted the Dirt Free Sword into her chest and then held the fourth Martial Sister in her hands.

Come on.

This is your war!

Bai Lian widened her eyes and then stabbed downwards along Kite's heart.

The woman who suddenly emerged was interestedly looking at the scene below her feet.

"White Emperor Bai Lian?"

Not long ago, she heard many similar calls in her ear. In the place where she came from, only Immortal Emperor could be called emperor.

These people in this lower realm are really quite funny!

Just then her smile froze completely.

"That is…"

The woman gazed at Bai Lian in astonishment.

She saw the light!

Bai Lian has become light…

Wrong, it was the sword from Bai Lian that turned to light the moment it touched Kite's body.

The blinding light was like a surging tide, engulfing Bai Lian and Kite in an instant, and after a moment, the entire Canglong Garden was also enveloped.

A fear from ancient times seemed to emanate from within the Sansheng Stele.

The stranger girl had the highest cultivation base, and she felt the strongest pressure, making her unable to straighten her waist.

"The Original Dragon, this is the breath of the Original Dragon!"

Her face changed drastically, and she couldn't smile anymore.

The dragon's roar broke through the sky.

The world in front of Bai Lian had undergone a drastic change.

She arrived at a sepia, desolated world, filled with clouds. To her surprise, before her was the "Half-dragon Kite".

However, she quickly understood.

That is the Dragon's Resentment suppressed by the Sansheng Stele's fragment. It just temporarily appeared in the appearance of Kite.

Bai Lian also figured out why the wave of air that shot out from Kite dispersed when it was about to hit her - it was because the fourth Martial Sister received the blessing of the Original Dragon.

This is a test!

If the Fourth Martial Sister could defeat the Dragon's Resentment, she would obtain heritage within the Sansheng Stele.

What else is there to hesitate about?

Bai Lian carried the fourth Martial Sister and rushed towards the Dragon's Resentment.

This world is isolated from the outside, and although outsiders can see her, they cannot completely detect her true cultivation base, so she doesn't have to worry about anything.

For the fourth Martial Sister!


Outside world.

Kite who was lightly touched by Yu Ying Sword has not yet died.

He was almost losing consciousness, but when he saw Bai Lian fighting the Dragon's Resentment, he suddenly snapped back.

He got up, then sat back down on the ground again, almost as if he had gone mad, crying and laughing.

"Hey, I get it…hehe…"

"No wonder Bai Lian, you watched me swallow down the Blood of the Black Dragon without stopping me. It turns out it's not that you were using me. You were using me to consume the power of the Dragon's Resentment."

"Haha…Bai Lian, reincarnated Immortal Emperor, you really are ruthless, too ruthless…"

"I was wrong, I shouldn't have underestimated you…"

"I hate it, I should have never applied here in the first place!"

In a grief-stricken roar, Kite suddenly spewed out a mouthful of blood.

After a few seconds, he fell to the ground with a thud, dead without closing his eyes.

The stranger woman, "…"

When Marquis Wu'an saw this scene, he pressed his forehead hard.

Bai Lian actually made it to this step?

He never expected that he still underestimated Bai Lian!

He started to regret it.

Why would such a terrible person become the opponent of Heluo Country?