The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 9 Chapter 22 Part 2

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Chapter 22: Visitor From Heaven (2)

With the support of the black dragon's blood, his presence alone can suppress everyone on the spot.

Who is Marquis Wu'an?

Even ten Marquis Wu'an together is no match for me!

Hey hey.

Kite stared down at Bai Lian standing on the ground.

He had a strange feeling in his chest; he now only wanted to mercilessly slaughter everyone in his sight.

Kite let out a loud laugh, "Bai Lian, now I will show you what it means to be invincible! Even a Heavenly Lord doesn't dare to be arrogant in front of the black dragon!"

Just keep talking.

If Master An Lan heard what you were saying, your head would have been twisted off.

However, upon reflection, Bai Lian could not think of a way now.

She can't run away, she can't fight either. What can she do?

She remained silent, but the Swordmaker stepped forward.

He pointed at Kite and shouted, "You foolishly arrogant one, the power you borrowed is only borrowed; do you really think you are unmatched in the world?"


Kite twisted his head around.


Bai Lian was suddenly filled with joy.

She didn't expect someone to step forward and draw fire at the critical moment, giving her the chance to escape using the Teleportation Scroll.

The Swordmaker fearlessly faced Kite and burst out in rage, "Can you even fathom the seat of the Immortal Emperor? Compared to White Emperor Bai Lian, you are nothing but an ant!"

In the end, the Swordmaker didn't forget to give a sneer.

Oh, uh…

Bai Lian was dumbfounded on the spot.

Wait, why did you mention my name?

The Swordmaker must have a grudge against her; otherwise, why would he always mention her?

Bai Lian cursed viciously in her heart.

She turned stiffly to Kite, who was giving her an extremely terrifying look at that moment.

Come on, don't go!

Kite was so angry that his body was almost burning.

He knew his mood was not right now, he was different from usual, he had been affected by the blood of the black dragon, but it was all right, now he had the power of invincibility, he no longer had to suppress himself!

He wanted to destroy these people's bodies, as well as their wills, so that they understood who was the real ruler of this world!

It's him, it's him, it's definitely him!

Let's start with Bai Lian.

"Bai Lian," Kite laughed, "To be honest with you, the reason why your Fourth Martial Sister suffered so much was all because of me, it was me…"

He chattered on and repeated how he had colluded with Xu Pan to destory Canglong Garden.

Come on, anger, hate, burn!

He laughed as he spoke.

The golden light on the pieces of Sansheng Stele behind him was getting stronger and stronger, and the Yu Ying Sword Bai Lian grasped also trembled more severely.


That's right, that's it.


He burst out laughing wildly.

At one moment, he extended his black talons and pointed at Bai Lian's nose with his index finger, sneeringly saying, "What can you do to me?"

Natural Saint?

Natural Saint is useless!

Good people without strength will be killed by bad people.

Bad people without strength will also be punished.

Only strong power is fundamental.

Bai Lian was not speaking, she was contemplating her last words.

Then, Kite looked around and said, "Everyone here, you are all trash!"

People looked at him angrily, but no one spoke.

Marquis Wu'an furrowed his brows, but he also didn't do anything. He only felt something was wrong. Why did Bai Lian seem so composed?

It seemed as if everything was under her control!

Marquis Wu'an suddenly had a bad feeling in his heart.

There's a saying——

All those who underestimated Bai Lian have died.

Since she was bold enough to come to Canglong Garden, there must have been some plan. She is not the kind of recklessly rash person.

The strongest evidence is what she did in Nanwang Country.

This time…

Marquis Wu'an stared at Bai Lian, afraid to miss any details.

He saw Bai Lian take a step forward and spoke to Kite, "Unmatched in the world? How shameless you are!"

Kite laughed coldly, "You can come and try!"

I won't try.

Damn. Even if I die today, my master will avenge me!

Bai Lian continued, "You will soon realize how small you are!"

Kite chuckled, "As long as I'm bigger than you, that's enough!"

His voice was like waves spreading to all four corners of the world, and his momentum was finally at its peak.

But just as he was about to suppress Bai Lian with his supreme divine might, the golden light radiating from the broken pieces of the Sansheng Stele suddenly ceased its trembling.

"That is…"

Marquis Wu'an widened his eyes.

One foot!

Except for Kite with his back to Sansheng Stele, everyone was shocked to find a foot sticking out of the golden light.

That was a foot as smooth and tempting as white jade.

It came out slowly.

But the slow speed made it impossible for Kite to dodge.

There's a problem!

Kite was roaring angrily in his heart.

No matter how he struggled, the foot still softly landed on his head with a thunderous momentum.


Shimmering with golden light.

Time seemed to have stopped here.

Many years later, people will not forget what they saw today.

He cracked.

The half-dragon cracked!

Afterward, a fairy-like woman stepped out completely from the golden light. She muttered, "Is this the Lower Realm?"


Marquis Wu'an's mind was filled with awe and wonder.

He suddenly figured it out!

"Conspiracy, it's all Bai Lian's conspiracy!"