The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 9 Chapter 21 Part 2

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Chapter 21: Invincible in the World (2)

"White Emperor Bai Lian is too strong!"

The people of the Taixuan Taoist Sect were filled with sentiment.

In their eyes, Bai Lian was like an overwhelming wave. Under the pounding of this wave, even if the Shadow Guards were as solid as rocks, eventually they would be crushed into pieces.


She's too strong!

Compared to that, Kite was completely flustered.

How is that possible?

He has tried his best to overrate Bai Lian's strength.

But in the end, he found that he underestimated Bai Lian!

What should I do?

Kite couldn't help but take a step back. He clung to the fragments of Sansheng Stele and felt cold all over his body.

He saw that no one was a match for Bai Lian.

Shadow Guards fell down one after another.

There was fifty left.




Finally, after the last three Shadow Guards found that all their companions had fallen, they could only sigh in resignation.

Forget it.


Their blood interlaced in the sky, like blooming flowers.

The scene was enchanting and thrilling.

Bai Lian held the Dirt Free Sword horizontally and walked through the blood forest to Kite like a white butterfly.

Isn't it too outrageous?

This was what she was thinking in her heart.

It turns out that all the Shadow Guards of the Heluo Country are so weak. She had worried for half a day for nothing!


Bai Lian regretted now.

If she had known this earlier, she would have chosen Task 1 to show off!

She was so annoyed.

Oh, forget it.

Now is not the time to consider this, she has to kill Kite and avenge the fourth Martial Sister!

Bai Lian raised her sword and pointed at Kite.

Her voice was full of cold.

"It's your turn!"


A fierce explosion erupted in Kite's mind.

It's his turn.

Bai Lian could easily kill hundreds of Shadow Guards, of course, she could easily kill him.

Accept the reality?

Kite gritted his teeth.

He glanced around. Bai Lian's eyes were cold, while those of the Taixuan Taoist Sect was full of mockery.

They seem to be saying, "Just you?"


The orphan became alone again.

Kite saw his reflection on the blade of the Dirt Free Sword, and he also saw his past self.

Two hundred years ago, he was born in a poor family.

Normally speaking, he will spend his life in the field and be bullied by the landlord every day.

But he was born unwilling to be ordinary.

Why should he live such a life, and why should those people ride on his head without any effort?

He was unconvinced.

"This is not reasonable!"

He wanted to climb up.

No matter what it takes, he will become a person respected and admired by all.

With such an idea, Kite left home without leaving any information.

He joined a gang first.

There, he quickly ascended the throne with reckless strength.

After that, he secretly killed the boss who supported him, and completely controlled the gang in his own hands.

That's when he really came into contact with the first cultivator he knew.

If you can't become an Immortal, you are nothing!

Kite tried to cultivate, but due to his poor aptitude, he could only reach the Foundation Establishment Stage at most.

But there is always a way out.

That person promised he will give him a lot of Medicinal Pills after being saved.

But will Kite be satisfied with this?

He killed the man directly, and then disguised himself as the man and joined Canglong Garden.

His life has changed since then.

In Canglong Garden, he saw a wider world.

Ascend to Immortal World!

He wants to trample on all those who once looked down upon him.

He doesn't mind using any conspiracy as long as it is useful.

In this way, Kite gradually became an elder of Canglong Garden step by step.

At this time, a new problem came to him.

His road was broken. He couldn't improve his cultivation base anymore.

Canglong Garden has treasures that can enhance one's qualification, but those treasures will never be used on him.

In order to make further progress, he had to abandon Canglong Garden and get Xu Pan's support by using the secret of Canglong Garden.


He was only a step away from success.

He once could only cultivate to the Foundation Establishment Stage, and now he has a Transcendency Stage cultivation base.

Great, right?

Those Shadow Guards looked down on him, but they never dared to put on airs in front of him.

Those rich people all wanted to lick his toes.

As long as the Gate of All Living Beings is refined, he can use the power of the Gate of All Living Beings to overcome his Guafeng Disaster and reach the Migration Stage.

After that, he doesn't have to work hard anymore.

This future is just one step away.

If it wasn't for Bai Lian, this step would only require a light shift of the foot.



Kite stared at Bai Lian.

He was unwilling.

He is always unwilling.

That is why he has come to this day.

He has gained a lot of things, and he will never watch them slip from his palm!

At this time, the nearly crazy Kite caught the blood of the black dragon exposed in the crack of Sansheng Stele.


Yes, Bai Lian, I'm really not your opponent now.

After all, you are an Immortal Emperor.

But so what?

Even the Immortal Emperor will die!

Die die die…

Huge resentment gushed out from the depths of Kite's heart and completely submerged him in the blink of an eye.

He opened his mouth and swallowed the black dragon's blood.

Because he swallowed it too quickly, his mouth was full of terrible bloodstains.

Ha ha ha.

Suddenly, Kite laughed.

He pointed to Bai Lian in crazy.

"You have no idea how much I paid!"

"No one can take my things!"

Bai Lian frowned.

It's not right.

The change came too fast. At the moment of swallowing the blood of the black dragon, a mighty breath rushed out of Kite's body.

Under the lift of that force, Kite flew directly into the sky.

His body has changed. In the process of expansion and distortion, he has become a half dragon with black armor.

He just stopped being a man.

"Power, ha ha, this is the power that surpasses ordinary people!"

Kite laughed wildly.

The black dragon is also an Immortal Emperor!

His body is now flowing with an Immortal Emperor's blood. Why should he be afraid of Bai Lian?

Kite was more confident than ever before.

At this time, even if Marquis Wu'an and Xu Pan appeared in front of him at the same time, he could confidently shout at them.

"I, Kite, am invincible!"