The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 9 Chapter 20 Part 1

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Chapter 20: With Bai Lian Here, We're Safe Now! (1)

No more rain!

Now all that remained was the deep cold.

After all.

Now holding a sword, standing in front of the crowd with no expression is "that" woman!

In the ice field shrouded in stars, the Shadow Guard standing at the front involuntarily clenched his fists. The frost whitened his eyebrows, and his body trembled slightly.

If this is a game, the world he sees will become dazzling red with a big "WARNING" in the center of the screen.

Extremely dangerous!

The intelligence that he intentionally recited some time ago emerged in his mind.

Bai Lian.

At the age of 19.

She is the Eldest Martial Sister of the Qiongming peak of the Duxian sect.

She is the strongest disciple of the Duxian sect.

She is the strongest genius of the Duxian sect in the past five thousand years.

She is the woman of fate and luck.

She is the Natural Saint in the eyes of the world!

The first time she appeared in the world was when she met Master An Lan in front of a fruit stall in Tianfang Town.

That year.

She was only fifteen years old. She had no cultivation base at all.

Her experience before the age of 15 was a blank.

In her own words——

[Her parents have died, no sister nor brother, no house, wandering around]

The East Divine Land is so big. How difficult is it to find out the past experience of a vagrant?

If she is an ordinary person, there are various supernatural powers that can infer her fate path.

However, that woman was born extraordinary. No spell nor Magic Tool could speculate about her past and future.

At first, people didn't pay too much attention to it.

Until she went to Nanwang Country in the Sand Region, all the unreasonableness became reasonable——

She is a reincarnated Immortal!

It is easy to understand that her experience before the age of 15 was blank. At that time, she was still "buried" in the soil. How could she have any life experience?

In this way, many things that were once regarded as rumors are likely to be true.

She could drive away tigers and kill wolves when she was still at the Qi Refining Stage.


She could kill the ghost king and stop the riot of hundreds of ghosts when she was still at the Foundation Establishment Stage.


She could kill the snake demon and dragon demon when she was at the Golden Core Stage.

Really reasonable!

When she reached the Nascent Soul Stage…

Her deeds are already beyond count.

Bai Lian's achievements were so brilliant that storytellers could write several books to advocate for her.

Whenever you think you have seen through her, she can always come up with some new achievements.

Look down on her?

People who look down on her are dead.

"Can you understand me?"

It's really beyond your ability!

The Shadow Guard's forehead was sweating.

How could he have met such a monster!

He preferred to face the deacons, the Elders, and the Swordmakers of Taixuan Taoist Sect together, rather than to face Bai Lian now.

What should I do?

The Shadow Guard started a storm in his heart.

Bai Lian's sentence "Who dares to stop me?!" is as loud as a thunder, which made him almost unable to stand on his legs.

It is not that he is timid.

He really can't withstand it!

In the past, he would rush to Bai Lian without hesitation, because it was fighting for the interests of Heluo.

But now…

The Shadow Guard sighed.

A few months ago, when he was on a mission, he accidentally found that he still had a younger brother alive.

He must not die here for his younger brother!

He must go back alive.

He wants to watch his brother grow up.

He wants to see his family continue on this respectable and lovely land.

"I can't die, I can't die…"

As the Shadow Guard gradually fell into the abyss of chaos, Kite's heart was not calm.




Maybe everything is a little bit.

If Bai Lian had come a quarter of an hour earlier, everything might have changed. It's a pity that she was a little late after all!

After breaking the ancient array, Marquis Wu'an collected the blood of the black dragon into his bag as fast as possible.

The part of the black dragon's blood left under the fragments of Sansheng Stele is only the bait deliberately left by Marquis Wu'an.

When others focus on it, they already lose.


"The premise is that I can survive!"

Kite took a deep breath.

This is Xu Pan's deal with him and his final test. As long as he can walk out of Canglong Garden alive, his life will be completely reversed.

In the past, he was just a carp wandering in the shallow water.

After this day, he will jump over the Dragon's Gate and become a real dragon flying in the sky.

That's the Migration Stage!

In this state, he can reshape his body and soul.

After that, he would be no longer a human being, and everything in the world would have nothing to do with him.

But it doesn't matter.

Go ahead.

Kite's eyes became very firm.

He longs, he pursues, he gains.

He waved his hand gently and said to the Shadow Guards beside him, "Stop her before I take out the blood of the black dragon!"


This sentence made Bai Lian and the Shadow Guard standing at the front tremble at the same time.

There are hundreds of people here.

If there are only ten, Bai Lian is confident to defeat them all.

After all, she is strong and has excellent endurance.