The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 9 Chapter 2

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Chapter 2: I Like You and Everyone!

To be honest, it is not very difficult to clear up messy situations for Bai Lian.

After all, although An Lan's lance is not as strong as it used to be, it is still a terrible weapon in the East Divine Land.

Even Taixuan Taoist Sect and Taiqing Taoist Sect could not withstand her lance, so they could only watch her enter and leave their forbidden areas with ease.

Let alone Thousand Sword City.

Can Thousand Sword City be as good at swords?

If you think they can stop An Lan with their swords, you think too much.

An Lan can break their swords with one shot, and then press them to the ground and beat them hard!

She was just not happy now.

On the one hand, she was reading a novel in bed half a quarter of an hour ago.

Seeing that the protagonist of the novel was about to be sold to mine, An Lan was interested in what would happen next, but suddenly she heard that Bai Lian had caused a big disaster, and the other party would come to her to hold her accountable.

She had to close the book temporarily.


On the other hand, after lying in bed for a long time, An Lan became lazy.


Climb out of bed to help Bai Lian clean up her mess?

Can't Bai Lian handle these things herself?

She wanted to send Bai Lian a message and asked her to come back to get the punishment.

But soon An Lan gave up the idea.

No, don't let Bai Lian know that she is pretending to be injured, otherwise she will lose her dignity as Bai Lian's master!

She had to get up and sneak around. She can't just watch Bai Lian being beaten by those people from Thousand Sword City.

Only she can bully Bai Lian wantonly!

In this way, An Lan was even more angry.

It seemed that she needed to recover from the injury as soon as possible.

After careful calculation, she pretended to be ill for two months. She decided to wait half a month, and then tell everyone that she had recovered!

All the people in the Duxian sect look silly. No one should see through her tricks.

The wilderness outside the Thousand Sword City.

A blue smoke rose, and An Lan's petite figure suddenly turned into a muscle man.

She was dressed like an old man wearing desert-style clothes. She also carried a big machete on her back.

Half of her face was blocked by her desert-style clothes, showing only a pair of sharp eyes.


An Lan looked at her new image with satisfaction.

She rushed straight into the Thousand Swords City and galloped around.

An Lan didn't hurt anyone. She just walked through all the important places of Thousand Sword City.

In and out, fast and fierce.

The people of Thousand Sword City couldn't withstand such an invasion.

"Ah ↑ ah ↑ ah ↑ Help!"

"Don't come here!"

Not long ago, those oldest elders in Thousand Sword City were also scared out of their rooms.

They were all flushed as if they were about to bleed.

The questioned disciple said tremulously, "He was very fast. I didn't see anything clearly. When I realized, I found a black shadow running over my face."

"He suddenly broke into our back garden. Fortunately, he didn't hurt anyone there, and the precious and delicate herbs were safe."

It's chaotic.

The whole Thousand Sword City is in chaos!

What the unknown desert-dressed muscle man did and his super strength made the elders of Thousand Sword City think of a woman——

The sect leader of the Youming Ghost Clan, who is also known as the Ancient Demon!

But that woman should have been killed by the besiege of all sects not long ago.

"If that desert-dressed man dares to come here again, contact other sects immediately!"

The city master of Thousand Sword City looked very dignified.

Is it true that the troubled times are coming?

First, the Ancient Demon challenged the three sects and fought against the world, and then the Blood Demons tried to invade the East Wilderness from the small world. Now an unknown demon appears, and he doesn't know what kind of trouble will be caused.

How terrible!

Seeing this scene, An Lan left in relief.

She stretched and felt refreshed.

The attention of Thousand Sword City will be attracted by that "strange man" in the near future, so they will be unable to find Bai Lian to trouble.

Save time and effort.


On the way back to the Duxian sect, An Lan made a note in her small notebook.

[The fifth year after Bai Lian entered the Duxian sect, September 4th]

[Bai Lian owes me another debt today,]

[In the future, all of them should be taken back from her!]

[Note 1: There are not many masters who care about their disciples as much as I do.]

[Note 2: No one can repudiate a debt from me!]

[Note 3: Not even my eldest disciple can welsh on me!]

[Note 4: If I forget, it's another thing.]

[Note 5: I will write it here after thinking of it]

An Lan closed the small notebook, and then put the small notebook and pen into her chest.

Her speed was very fast. When she finished taking notes, she had already returned to the Duxian sect.


An Lan's Divine Sense found two strangers in the hall of Yunluo Peak.

One was a small fox in human shape, and the other was an old man with gray hair and wrinkled skin. From the clothes he wore, it was obvious that he was from Thousand Sword City.


The people of Thousand Sword City still came.

I did it too slowly!

An Lan clenched her fist.

Should I sneak in and give them a knock from behind?

Looking at them, she suddenly found the gray-haired old man kneeling down.


An Lan was surprised.

When did Jue Yunzi become so tough and fierce that he even forced the old man from Thousand Sword City to kneel down?

Is it because he has reached the Transmigration Stage?

Elder Martial Brother, please wake up and continue to be modest.

I don't have so much energy left to cover for you. One Bai Lian alone drained me enough!

Soon An Lan found that she was mistaken.

Chen Fu told Jue Yunzi with tears about what happened before. Then he thanked Bai Lian and An Lan who had cultivated such a good disciple.

You have good taste!

An Lan listened and puffed out her chest.

But after a while, she was confused.

That is to say, Chen Fu is not here to look for trouble. He is here to thank Bai Lian for helping Gu Jiu get rid of his sin!


"What's the meaning of what I did in Thousand Sword City just now?"

An Lan could not smile, and her face turned gloomy quickly.


"Ha ha ha!"

An Lan waved her hand.

Just treat it like a dream…


An Lan stamped her foot hard.

It's all Bai Lian's fault. If Bai Lian didn't run around but accompany her every day, serving her, and massaging her back, how could she have done such a thing?

And she had already verified the whole thing before leaving the Duxian sect.

It must be Tong Yao's fault again!

Oh, Tong Yao is still locked in the back mountain of Qingyu Peak. Ok, forget it.

An Lan quietly watched Chen Fu who was talking with Jue Yunzi.

"I will live at the entrance of that small world in the future, and the little fox will also accompany me. I will not feel lonely"

Jue Yunzi took a look at the little fox. He didn't know how to comfort Chen Fu, so he just nodded and said, "That's fine."


What will I feel if Bai Lian died before my eyes?

On this thought, An Lan suddenly became very upset.

I'm invincible! It's absolutely impossible!

Originally, An Lan intended to return to the cave. She suddenly turned around.

Her goal is Thousand Sword City.

She turned into the desert-dressed old man again and left a few words there.

[I went to the wrong place. My fault. Sorry.]

After carefully examining those words, she sneaked away.

When she left Thousand Sword City, she took out her small notebook again.

[Note 5: I don't care so much. Bai Lian owes me a lot of things anyway.]


She put the small notebook into her chest again.

SHe flew back to the Qiongming Peak like a gust of wind.

It seems that Bai Lian is coming back. She is going to give Bai Lian a big surprise!

Yao Xia Bay.

In the inn.

Looking at Ling Xuan sleeping in her arms, Bai Lian's mouth twitched slightly.

The child is really noisy!

After getting drunk, Ling Xuan fell in love with everything that looked round in front of her.

Bai Lian tried to take Ling Xuan away, but Ling Xuan instantly cried when she lifted her coat.

Bai Lian had to put Ling Xuan on her lap again.

"Fu fu."

Ling Xuan broke through tears and smiled, lying excitedly on Bai Lian's chest and murmuring inexplicable sounds.

This is the warmest place in the world.

She wanted to live here!

Finally, Ling Xuan began to feel tired. She mumbled vaguely, "Sister Bai Lian, I like you!"


After a moment of silence, Bai Lian gently held Ling Xuan, and she seriously replied, "I liked you too… and all you guys!"

The fifth Martial Sister couldn't hear.

But it was precisely because the fifth Martial Sister couldn't hear her that she could speak confidently.

The events in the past few days filled her with various emotions, especially the feelings between Chen Fu and Gu Jiu, which reminded her of Shifu and her Younger Martial Sisters.

Why did she come to this world?

Bai Lian couldn't get the answer.

It is meaningless to pursue this answer now.

So far, she has changed the game's events a lot, but when she stands higher, the danger she faces is not reduced but becomes more and more.

Not only from the outside, but also from the inside.

She wants to make everyone happy, but her younger Martial Sisters don't think so.

It can be seen from the plot of the game that the fight between them has never stopped!

The friendship among her Younger Martial Sisters is like a tomb. The winner is outside, and the losers are inside.

It's scary.

Although the world differs from the game, Bai Lian dares not gamble.

If the plot in the game really happens, what can she do?

"It should get better gradually."

Bai Lian looked at the sun rising from the horizon.

She heard the cheers growing louder and louder outside the window.

Someone shouted——

"The first celebration in White Emperor City is officially opened!"