The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 9 Chapter 19 Part 2

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Chapter 19: No Weapon Is Better Than Your Faith (2)

Bai Lian's waiting was valuable.

After tens of seconds of silence.

A white shock wave, like a broadsword, split the rain clouds, and then a strange cultivator appeared near Canglong Garden.


More and more people were attracted by the vision.

But the most striking one was an old man with a ruddy face, long white beard, and noble temperament.

He floated quietly outside Canglong Garden, and everyone unconsciously stood far away from him.

Only because there was a strong, breathless aura around his body.

He looks like a man, but actually, he is a mountain (of course not)!

Bai Lian's sharp eyes saw the pattern of the old man's cuffs.

It was a pattern of a sword with a [ㄣ] symbol above.

"Taixuan Taoist Sect!"

Although Bai Lian was very angry that Taixuan Taoist Sect used the eldest princess, she still welcomed them to come here.

In one second.

The earth trembled again, and an ink-like figure rushed out of the cave.

It was Marquis Wu'an with a gloomy look on his face.

The sword confronted the sword.

It seemed that they would fight at any time.

"Are you going to stop us?" Marquis Wu'an said.

The old man sighed, "Some roads are hard to walk."

Marquis Wu'an didn't say a word.

After a moment, he burst out laughing, "This is Heluo!"

The old man said, "I know."

Marquis Wu'an sneered, "Then try to see whether your sword is harder or my sword is faster!"

Since the Taixuan Taoist Sect has appeared, the Shadow Guard Commander will soon lead a large number of people to come to support him.

After a brief verbal exchange, the battle in the sky started instantly.

Other people immediately ran away.

They knew to keep a distance to avoid being killed.

Marquis Wu'an obviously hadn't reached the Transmigration Stage, but relied on several Magic Tools he had, he was on the upper hand for a period of time.

Bai Lian looked at their battle.

Fortunately, she didn't rush into the cave before. Otherwise, it would be she who faced these Magic Tools now.

At this moment, she also realized.

No wonder the task was not so difficult. This must be because the Taixuan Taoist Sect will hold Marquis Wu'an back.

So she has to deal with only Kite and the Shadow Guards.

This is the opportunity!

Bai Lian immediately opened her Qianhuan Real Eyes.

She didn't use Special Effects, but the process of becoming the Snow Lord still caused a lot of changes.

The air of frost, like heavy fog, enveloped the whole Canglong Garden.

This was a rain world, but it turned into a frozen world in a flash.

"Enemy attack!"

The Shadow Guards at the entrance of the cave shouted.

But Bai Lian's speed was too fast.


The Dirt Free Sword swung those people away after a few seconds of attacks.

The breath of ice and thunder blended.


Electricity swam among the iceberg like a snake.

Those people immediately fell into the endless snowfield built by Qianhuan Real Eyes.

Bai Lian didn't look back. She plunged into the dark cave.

This road is very short.

It was only a moment before she landed safely.

What appeared in front of her was a huge stone tablet that was a hundred meters high.

The stone tablet was cracked, and blood seemed to flow out of the crack.

In front of the stone tablet, Kite knelt on one knee, and a group of Shadow Guards stood beside him.


Kite stood up slowly. He was not surprised at Bai Lian's appearance. He just said calmly, "Here you are."

Bai Lian didn't say a word. She quickly glanced around.

The people here were too much.

She was not very confident.

But she couldn't show anything on her face.

"Elder Martial Sister…"

Bai Lian gently pressed the fourth Martial Sister.

Hold your tongue and stay close to me. Let me do everything else.

The stars flashed in Bai Lian's eyes.

What is impressiveness? Impressiveness is a Special Effect!

For the fourth Martial Sister!


She gave a cold grunt.

That grunt made the ambient temperature drop by more than ten degrees.

She floated in mid-air, and the Dirt Free Sword's sword tip flashed like thunder, as if it pierced a black hole.

From then on, Bai Lian quickly ran the cultivation method.


Wind and thunder appeared, water waves flowed in the air, and the spring water gushed.

When the water waves flew up into the air, they turned into huge Ice Dragons under the frost.

The underground space of Canglong Garden is several miles wide. The Ice Dragons cling to the edge and danced around Bai Lian, turning it into the [Field] of Bai Lian.

This was not the end.

Bai Lian's thin fingers gently wiped the ★ on the corner of her eyes.

Suddenly, a translucent Star Moon Disk was formed behind Bai Lian, and stars spined upside down on the ice field.

There is no moon, but Bai Lian is the moon!

It's dark here, so Bai Lian shines!

There is no better weapon than your faith!

Bai Lian stepped forward.

Lifted her sword.

Raised her eyebrows.

Her face was expressionless.

She said the most murderous words in the most insipid voice, "I will kill him today. Who dares to stop me?!"