The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 9 Chapter 19 Part 1

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Chapter 19: No Weapon Is Better Than Your Faith (1)

Bai Lian broke into the heavy rain.

This road is bound not to be so easy to get through.

It is rugged.

It is uneven.

It is full of thorns!

If the risk was only 13 points of Hard Skill, Bai Lian could still fight with all her strength.

But 13 points of Focus…

It's difficult.

Bai Lian scratched her head.

Bai Lian's Divine Sense looked into the deeps of Canglong Garden.


Confirm safety.

Crawl forward.

Bai Lian was not afraid of those people who were guarding the Canglong Garden. But if Marquis Wu'an turned around and found her, she would definitely be killed.

After all, Marquis Wu'an's strength is far stronger than hers.

He was originally a man of great luck. He had mastered thousands of magic skills and mastered several top-level Spirit Tools. Apart from An Lan, few cultivators were his opponents in the world.

Bai Lian?

Bai Lian can't.

Even if she borrows the power of Qianhuan Real Eyes, she can at most escape from Marquis Wu'an's hands.

Considering this, Bai Lian was not in a hurry.

She decided to hang around near the entrance and observe first.

If she could find the flaw, she would go in without saying anything.

If she couldn't find the flaw, she would rush in with holding the Long-distance Teleportation Scroll in her hand.

Time went by slowly.

In the pouring rain, several shadow guards who were guarding the cave began to talk idly.

"If we can get the blood of the black dragon successfully, we can go further."

"Kite is the luckiest."

A man beside him looked down at the cave and said, "What Kite? Please call him Shadow Guard Commander!"

"Bah!" Someone disdained and said, "Bullshit. He was just a little luckier than us. And he is just a deputy commander, not a commander!"

Bai Lian blinked.

Blame his superior…

Can you say more?!

She likes to watch such stories. It would be even better if they would fight each other for this.

Someone said, "Don't talk nonsense."

The shadow guard who cursed Kite snorted, "I'm just saying the truth. He is just a dog who betrayed his master. If he didn't tell the emperor about the secret of Canglong Garden, how could he have his identity today?"

The rest were silent.

These shadow guards were taken to the training camp since their childhood.

They came to this day after the death of countless other trainers.

But Kite is different.

He was originally a disciple of Canglong Garden, but somehow he betrayed Canglong Garden and secretly passed on the secret of Canglong Garden to the Shadow Guard Commander.

Divine Beast's Blood!

This is a divine object that Emperor Xu Pan and Marquis Wu'an have pursued for nearly a hundred years.

What is fate?

This is fate!

When they got the news, they immediately destroyed Canglong Garden, and took this opportunity, Kite joined the Shadow Guard.

Most Shadow Guards don't like Kite, but Xu Pan likes him.

Influenced by this, Kite has become the most powerful deputy commander in the Shadow Guard in just over ten years.


It was built step by step!

Another Shadow Guard spat, "It won't be long before this disgusting dog can go up and cross the barrier."

The Migration Stage.

This is the goal of countless cultivators in their lives.

Although they look down on Kite, they have to say that Kite does really have very good "luck".

If he stays in Canglong Garden honestly, he may even not be able to break through to the Transcendency Stage, let alone the Migration State.

"People need to work hard, but it is useless to work hard alone. Only choice can determine how high the mountain you stand on!"

Kite once said this to his subordinates proudly.

This is reasonable.

But this doesn't prevent most Shadow Guards from looking down on him.

The Shadow Guards near the cave mouth stopped talking, and Bai Lian was silent.

A long time ago, the eldest princess told her that the reason why Canglong Garden was destroyed was that there was a betrayer.

She didn't expect that the betrayer was so close to her now.

Yu Ying didn't speak, but she could easily feel the fluctuating emotions of the fourth Martial Sister.


A monstrous hatred.

The sword is a powerful weapon for killing people. The fourth Martial Sister at this time is a powerful weapon!

Bai Lian held Yu Ying Sword in her hand tightly.

Needless to say.

Even if the road ahead is difficult, she must give Shifu and Younger Martial Sisters a happy ending!

She will try her best to kill all the people blocking her way.

"Traitors, undercover agents, emperors…"

"Even if it's a god, I will kill it!"

Bai Lian's heart lit up with a fire.

Her body was still as cold as ice, but the fire from the bottom of her heart began to ignite other parts of her body.

"Elder Martial Sister."

Yu Ying was deeply moved.

Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian is always like this. She can give warmth to anyone she knows or doesn't know, but she doesn't leave any warmth to herself.

She is like a fire.

Burn herself and light the way forward for others.