The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 9 Chapter 18

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Chapter 18: You Are My Sword, I Am Your Sword

The rain in Canglong Garden had stopped.

The thick dark clouds broke a crack, and the soft sunshine fell.

Looking up, it seemed that you could see heaven where gods lived.

But such a beautiful scene didn't last too long.

When Bai Lian came from thousands of miles away with Yu Ying Sword on her back.

Suddenly, something happened.

First the earth trembled.

As if a giant were shaking the towering mountains.

A while later.

The dazzling white light suddenly erupted from the top of the mountains, as if a volcano had erupted.

But the scene was much more beautiful and spectacular.

Under the endless white light, the dark clouds in the sky were washed away.


Not all light is "good".


Everyone thought so.

Whether it was Bai Lian who just arrived nearby, or Marquis Wu'an and others standing outside the ancient magic array of Canglong Garden.

"Isn't it ten hours before the seal is broken?"

Marquis Wu'an was shocked.

It's hard not to be noticed by other cultivators.

But before they could think of a way, there came the sound of the dragon from the Canglong Garden.


The long roar surged for thousands of miles, just like a huge tide that drowned everyone nearby.

Then, the magic array carved with countless strange patterns suddenly collapsed, and a deep and bottomless hole appeared on the solid earth.

A dull sound came from the cave.

Marquis Wu'an, standing in the middle of the sky, suddenly became alert.

This is called a whim.

The cultivation method Marquis Wu'an cultivated involves the Great Tao of Destiny, and the whim suddenly came to his heart is certainly not an ordinary whim.

It is intuition, and a gift from the Great Tao of Destiny——

He was saved over and over again by his whims.

This time, what Marquis Wu'an saw from the Great Tao of Destiny was blood red with white light!


A fierce look flashed in his eyes.

This is the world. Without danger, without gains.

There is a limit to one's luck. If one gains everything, he will be targeted by the Great Tao of Balance sooner or later. Then he will face a more terrible disaster than the Heaven and Earth Disaster.

Marquis Wu'an shouted, "Back up!"

His voice was urgent and powerful, but not everyone could react quickly.

In a grunt.

A thick water column burst out of the bottomless cave.

The two Soul Changing Stage cultivators that could avoid it were scraped a little, their bodies quickly expanded and twisted, and their souls were torn by the malicious breath.

"Ah ah ah -"

Screams pierced the sky and sounded the horn of "Doomsday".

"What a strong resentment."

Kite murmured.

He estimated that if he was eroded by the water column, he couldn't survive too.

At this time, the water column went deep into the night.

After several flashes, the sky seemed to be pierced with a big hole, and the rain which stopped less than half an hour ago fell again.

The rain this time was much stronger than before.

Marquis Wu'an reached for a drop of rain.


He stuck out his tongue.


It's ordinary water.

As for the endless torrential rain which is big enough to cause a flood~

That kind of thing doesn't matter.

When a dynasty rises, there is always someone who will be sacrificed.

"It's time." He turned to Kite and said, "Leave half of the people at the entrance to guard, and the rest follow me in."

The pupil of Kite flashed hot light.

Here we go!

In the past, he had always been a mouse hiding in the sewer doing black things.

But after today, he could immediately pass his Guafeng Disaster and officially enter the Migration Stage, becoming a man standing at the top of the mainland!

Canglong Garden?

It's just a stepping stone for him to reach the top.

When winter comes, spring will not be far away.

He, Kite, wants to spread his wings and let the world listen to his voice!

The cold ice rain slapped on his face, but when he jumped into the ground of Canglong Garden, Kite felt that he was flying.

The white light was surging.

He stepped on a dragon, crossed the cave, and came to a huge stone tablet with a crack in the middle.

The cracked Sansheng Stele!

The rain bounced off when it was about to fall on Bai Lian's face.

Bai Lian wiped her face.

She knew better than others what was shot just now——

The Dragon's Resentment!

Without this, Canglong Garden could no longer stop Xu Pan and others.

They were about to get the blood of the black dragon, they were about to quickly advance their plans, and they were about to burn the flames of war to the northwest of the entire East Divine Land.

According to that mirror, Xu Pan may become the Black Emperor who once again unifies the East Divine Land.


Bai Lian is a "short-sighted" woman.

She didn't really see that far.

She didn't come here for the sake of justice, just because it was the obstacle that the fourth Martial Sister could not get around in her life.

Escape cannot solve the problem.

Bai Lian looked back at the quavering fourth Martial Sister.

She knew it was not fear, but anger.

[Everything you cherish has been trampled on by others without scruple!]

All the sufferings of the fourth Martial Sister originate from the blood of the black dragon sealed under the Canglong Garden.

If there was no blood of the black dragon, the Canglong Garden would not be destroyed. The grandparents of the fourth Martial Sister would not die in torture, nor would her mother be killed, nor would she treat her foe as her father and be bullied.

But this is contradictory.

Canglong Garden can develop from a small sect, which is closely related to the keepsake of the Original Dragon and the blood of the black dragon.

If you gain something, you will lose something. This is the way to balance!

At this time, Bai Lian saw a new option.

[Task 1: Turn around and leave (Reward: Focus+13)]

[Task 2: Go to Canglong Garden alone (Reward: a grain of Instant Gravel)]

[Task 3: Enter Canglong Garden with the fourth Martial Sister (Reward: the spell - Moon Sword Formula)]

Although the task reward is different, the value of the reward is actually not different.

Instant Gravel is a powerful time-typed treasure, but because there is only one grain, its value is barely more than that of Moon Sword Formula.

Bai Lian understood.

If Marquis Wu'an is not stopped, it won't be long before Marquis Wu'an and Xu Pan will come to kill her.

However, it's hard for her to solve it with her current strength.

This choice…

Bai Lian's eyes gradually became firm.

In fact, it is not that difficult to choose.

Choose Task 3.

She can't let the fourth Martial Sister's anger go.

Yu Ying felt what Bai Lian thought in her heart and felt warm. She quickly calmed down.

No way.

Although Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian is a reincarnated Immortal Emperor, her cultivation base has not recovered after all. At this time, if she rashly confronts the powerful Heluo Country, not only will Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian be injured, but also the Duxian sect.

She has lost a mother, and she doesn't want to lose her second… her Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian.

She has lost a home and doesn't want to lose her second home.

It's just a moment of anger. I can bear it.

It's nothing.

When she has the strength, she will come to find Marquis Wu'an and Xu Pan for revenge.


She should have become more powerful than those two at that time, right?

Yu Ying actually had no confidence.

But she must show confidence in front of Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian.

She patted Bai Lian's back gently, and then said, "Martial Sister, since we have found out what they are doing, let's go back to the Duxian sect first."

Bai Lian took her off her back and held her tightly in her arms.

Of course she knew what the fourth Martial Sister was thinking.

Who doesn't like such a sensible Martial Sister?

In the game, the fourth Martial Sister believed that "Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian" must have suffered from "bullying" them.

Such a girl really makes her feel pity.

If "Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian" in the game had not gone too far, she would never have fought with Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian.


Thank you for your trust.

The current Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian, though timid, pretending to be pretentious, likes to curse others secretly, and imagine doing evil things in her heart…


Bai Lian gently held the handle of Yu Ying Sword.

"Younger Martial Sister, I will always be your sword until you become sharp enough!"

The peaceful voice was like a very fast car crashing into Yu Ying's heart.

In the rain, Yu Ying's vision gradually blurred.

She heard that Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian had a similar conversation with the Second Elder Martial Sister when she was in Hening City last time.

At that time, she was full of envy, because she wanted someone to care about her like this.

Later, Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian came like a goddess.

Although the broken sword chose her as its master, she always felt that Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian was the more suitable person.


It doesn't matter.

As long as she stays with Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian, it doesn't matter who is the real sword owner.

Elder Martial Sister.

I will always be your sword too!