The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 9 Chapter 17 Part 2

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Chapter 17: Bai Lian Is Not Inferior to Anyone! (2)

Seeing that Bai Lian still looked at her with concern, the eldest princess felt more comfortable.

She stood up.

"Do what you want to do!" She said this to Bai Lian.

"But you…"

Bai Lian couldn't help worrying.

She had seen many such scenes.

The injured person smiled and said I was OK, and a while later, the person died.

How sad.

The eldest princess easily understood Bai Lian's ideas.

Thank you, Bai Lian!

You let me know how comfortable it is to have someone you can rely on.

You let me know how happy I am to be cared for.

It's you who let me know that it's no big deal to give up.

The eldest princess felt that Bai Lian always looks cold, but like others, her body is warm and warmer than others.

She wants to move forward at this moment and continue to feel the warmth in Bai Lian's body.

But she can't, at least not now.

She doesn't want to hold Bai Lian back.

So she had to fight.

She can't speak her mind yet. She wants to cheat and push Bai Lian!

This moment.

The eldest princess waved her right long sleeve against the evening wind blowing in from the window.

The long sleeve wiped over her face, and she overcame all her cowardice.

The faint starlight rose from the bottom of her feet and began to spread to her like a vine.

The wind was getting stronger.

After a few breaths, when the starlight completely illuminated the room, the eldest princess Bai Lian was familiar with came back.

She stepped on the Milky Way with a confident smile, as if nothing in the world could stop her.

"Do you think I would be one of those people who committed suicide because of the slightest setback?"

The eldest princess smiled at the corners of her mouth.

She is the eldest princess of Heluo and the best genius of Xingluo Fortress!

"Instead of worrying about me, you should worry about yourself!"

Bai Lian really wanted to nod.

But the fourth Martial Sister is here.


She is a good woman!

Bai Lian said, "Actually, I have a better idea!"

Isn't it just putting on airs?

Although I have never been invincible in the world in my life, I will never be inferior to others in Special Effects!


Knows more about Special Effects.


I do!

Come on.

"Dharma body comes!"

Bai Lian seemed to have stars floating in her eyes.

At this time, she activated the True Secret of 500 Million Dharma Bodies in her body.

Her spirit Qi rushed like a river.

The Water-spirit Special Effect appeared involuntarily.

Around the Milky Way where the eldest princess stepped, a very romantic wave appeared quickly.

They were connected into one piece, just like ribbons flying in the air. No matter how bright the real Milky Way was, it would also be overshadowed by the ribbons.

A while later, under the traction of the ribbons, water columns with colored lights began to spout out of the ground.

The eldest princess's room looked like a beautiful crystal palace with these becauiful water columns.

This is a dream like color!

The eldest princess stared blankly.

She watched another Bai Lian emerge slowly from the center of the Crystal Palace.

At this moment, a divine beast with four horns, like a white deer, ran around in the air happily.

It sprinkled all kinds of pearls and jade, as if it was a gift for the birth of the king!


Bai Lian looked back at the eldest princess confidently, holding a scroll in her hand.

She smiled.

Although it was not so brilliant, this was definitely Bai Lian's most natural smile the eldest princess had ever seen since she met Bai Lian.

Bai Lian said confidently, "You will be fine, and so will Heluo!"


The eldest princess still stared blankly.

She believed.


She suddenly felt something coming out!

The next moment.

Bai Lian gently crushed the conveying reel.

Surrounded by the lights, she whispered to the eldest princess:

"Wait till I come back."

The sound was like flowing water, went in from the ears of the eldest princess, penetrated into her heart, and was finally transmitted to all parts of her body.


It's coming!

At the moment when Bai Lian completely disappeared, the eldest princess remembered what she had said to Bai Lian——

[I find I like you!]