The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 9 Chapter 17 Part 1

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Chapter 17: Bai Lian Is Not Inferior to Anyone! (1)

Bai Lian held a showdown against the eldest princess.

"It seems that there is something wrong with the mirror."

The mirror broke after she just used it for a while. Who believes that it has no problem?

She was not disappointed.

She didn't expect this from the beginning.

There is no formula for the future.

In this world, strong cultivators can even travel across the past and present, wipe out the past people from the world, and kill the unborn people.


If Bai Lian believed in this, she would have become a bad woman, just like in the game.

After all, in the many futures she knew, she and Master An Lan could not avoid the end of death.

But her life is to break away from "fate".

Cultivate for thousands of years, and achieve my true self!

Bai Lian firmly said, "The eldest princess, when I come back from there, I will try to repair this mirror for you."

The eldest princess nodded.

In fact, she didn't care whether the mirror was good or broken.

She only cared about another thing.

It had been nearly ten years since she got this mirror, but it was the first time that she knew it could communicate!

Something is wrong.

The eldest princess stared at the mirror.

When Bai Lian's Divine Sense was completely pulled out of the mirror, it was like a backward flow of time, and the crack on the surface of the mirror slowly recovered.


The eldest princess clenched her fist, and a dazzling white light flashed in the air.

Then she hurried over and grabbed the mirror.

"Were you lying to me?"

The mirror didn't respond.

The eldest princess remained silent for a few moments.

Suddenly, she pulled up the mirror and knocked it hard on the ground.

Bang bang.

After a few seconds, the mirror was still intact, and new words no longer appeared.

The eldest princess was so angry that she took out a dagger from under her clothes and chopped the mirror.

Poop poop poop——

After dozens of impacts, she stopped to catch her breath.

With her strength, she would not feel tired for another three days and nights.

She was helpless now.

No matter how hard she tried, the mirror just suffered silently.

As if the sentence "I'm going to die" she just saw was an illusion.

Bai Lian hesitated for a moment and still leaned over.

She thought there would be a task with Skill Points.

Unfortunately, the system didn't give any tasks.

Bai Lian patted the eldest princess on the shoulder, "What happened?"

The eldest princess expressed her doubts.

She picked up the mirror on a rainy evening.

Did she really have such good luck picking up such a mysterious mirror?

Coincidence, or conspiracy?

"I'll try."

Bai Lian took the mirror.

Her Divine Sense dove into the mirror like a sledgehammer.

Suddenly, the mirror, which was as stable as a mountain, cracked again.

Lines of text quickly flashed through the surface of the mirror.

[Stop, stop quickly]

[You are too powerful for me]

[Spare my life]

Bai Lian moved her Divine Sense away a little. She didn't ask in a hurry, but went in and out repeatedly and tortured the mirror before she asked it questions.

At this time, the mirror dared not keep anything.

A while later.

By the window of the eldest princess room.

Bai Lian frowned slightly.

The mirror was deliberately given to the eldest princess by Taixuan Taoist Sect. Will they send someone here?

It has become more troublesome.


Bai Lian looked back at the eldest princess.

The real trouble is this one.

It was not easy for her to recover from the decadent abyss, and she fell into another abyss in less than half an hour!

Even Yu Ying, who was dissatisfied with the eldest princess, felt pity for her again.

Alas, the eldest princess is too bad luck.


She rubbed the eldest princess's cheek with the sword hilt as a sign of encouragement.

The world gives me a knife, so I can revenge the world with hope!

"I'm fine."

The eldest princess shook her head.

She was really at a loss when she learned the truth.

She just felt as if she had been hit by someone and her eyes suddenly turned black.

But when she touched Bai Lian's hand in the darkness, her confused heart immediately calmed down.

Her hands were cold.

But her heart felt warm.

She lost a lot of things, but at least Bai Lian was with her at this time.

That's enough.

She gently grasped Yu Ying Sword to show her thanks.