The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 9 Chapter 15 Part 2

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Chapter 15: You Are Not Fighting Alone! (2)

This cold feeling went up to her heart along the open flaw in her body, and her body began to tremble slightly.

The eldest princess recalled the fear of being powerless again.

That night.

Her last bit of persistence was also torn apart.

She was surprised to find that her father, who thought he had died long ago, was still alive, but before he could say anything to her father, Xu Pan had thrown her father into the Oven of Heaven and Earth to complete his plan.

In a few moments, her mood flew to the clouds and fell into the valley.

It is not uncommon to see cold-blooded people in this world.

But the eldest princess didn't expect this to happen to her.

For the supreme position, Xu Pan sacrificed her father and several Elders.

The ancient magic array outside the Canglong Garden was destroyed by the sacrifices of countless people.

The eldest princess who knew the truth shed tears.

She hurried to find people in Xingluo Fortress who had cooperation with her.

However, when they heard that Xu Pan and Marquis Wu'an were about to break the Canglong Garden and seize the blood of Canglong, those people withdrew.

Xingluo Fortress is not a monolithic enterprise. It has an inexplicable relationship with Heluo Country.

At this time, if they want to stop Xu Pan forcibly, they may be stopped by their own people before they reach the Canglong Garden.

Even if they arrive at Canglong Garden successfully, it is difficult to interrupt Xu Pan's plan only by their strength.

This risk is not worth taking.

They could only immediately terminate their cooperation with the eldest princess.

"Stop it. Since Xu Pan has already gambled on this, there must be his people everywhere now."

The eldest princess could only crush the jade slip silently.

She was not reconciled.

She went to find other people who opposed Xu Pan.

But when everyone saw her, they panicked as if they saw a ghost.

Some people would persuade her——

"Why are you, a woman, involved in such things?"

Can't women do it?

At night.

The eldest princess took out the mirror that could predict the future.

Before that, she relied on the instructions of the mirror to reverse the prophecy presented on the mirror step by step.

But now the prophecy on the mirror had completely changed.

The eldest princess saw two opposite predictions.

As if some mysterious force were interfering in the mirror, the two prophecies kept switching.

She was dazzled by the sight.

As time goes on, two begets four, four begets eight, and eight begets everything.

It seemed that it was not a mirror, but the legendary Mirror of Ten Thousand Transformations!

The eldest princess even saw that she had two children named Bai.

Of course, there were more absurd things, but she had no time to pay attention to those things.

"No, no future."

Reality is playing tricks on her, even this damn mirror is playing tricks on her!

Tired, she threw herself at the bedside after smashing the mirror.

She was alone.

What else should she stick to?

Just watch the Heluo Country being destroyed.

And according to the mirror, Heluo Country may not be destroyed now, and there is still a little chance to become flourishing again.


Although she said so.

Is it easy to give up?

The eldest princess became increasingly depressed.

I hope I had never found that mirror. Sometimes, she would think so.

Without the past persistence, it would be easier for her to give up all this.

She became afraid to sleep because she would have nightmares when she fell asleep.

During the long night, she just sat there, feeling very empty.

She seemed to have been abandoned by the world.

She had nothing but an empty body and a soul without direction.

Bai Lian's body was cold.

But this was the first time that the eldest princess had felt the temperature in so many days.

When she was held by Bai Lian, she felt like a broken fishing boat that had finally found the harbor after wandering on the sea for several months.

She grabbed Bai Lian and felt that she had grasped the steering wheel that could be controlled at will.

I'm sorry.

The eldest princess tightly held Bai Lian's waist with her hands.

She was tired.

Very, very tired.

Bai Lian, I don't want to work hard!

"I can't do anything alone. I'm too weak. I'm sorry. I used to try to use you. I'm sorry…"

Pea sized tears rolled down.

The eldest princess wailed like a child who had done something wrong.


The eldest princess cried loudly, but the rain outside was louder.

Just because she was close, Bai Lian could still hear her intermittent words.

In this way, she gradually understood what had happened to the eldest princess recently.

She felt as if she was against the whole world!

The pressure from many parties made the proud princess have to lower her head.

Although the eldest princess is older than Bai Lian, Bai Lian thinks that she is like a child, no different from her younger Martial Sisters.

"Emperor Xu Pan is really unmerciful!"

Bai Lian sighed secretly.

Emperor Xu Pan not only killed his father but also used his father as a "tool" to break the magic array.

She was more vigilant.

Once such people are cornered, it is very terrible.

At that time, she finished the task of asking for information.

[The task has been completed, and the reward "Military Interpretation Book" has been issued.]

Yu Ying, who turned into a sword and hung behind Bai Lian, was a little depressed after hearing the story.

Does the eldest princess she is looking forward to also have such a side?

It seems that everyone has a hard life.


In this case, she forgave the eldest princess for "bullying" Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian with her chest.

"Cry, just cry out."

Bai Lian stroked the eldest princess's back.

She felt she was looking after a shivering sheep.

The eldest princess tearfully looked at Bai Lian when she was tired of crying, "How did you find me?"

Bai Lian said softly, "It's fate. I was walking on the road when I met you. When I found something wrong with you, I followed you."


The eldest princess, who felt she was filled with something, liked this word now.

She nibbled her red lips, "Then why didn't you stop me at the entrance of the Moon Fragrance Pavilion?"

Bai Lian said, "How did I know if you were going to talk about business? Of course, I had to observe you first."

The eldest princess nodded, "So you couldn't help standing up when you saw that I wanted to do 'that' with other women?"

Bai Lian shook her head.

It was because you suddenly couldn't help crying.

"Don't quibble." The eldest princess said, "It must be so."

She has made up her mind to complete the "unfinished business" with Bai Lian.

Thinking like this, the eldest princess looked at Bai Lian with affectionate eyes, and her right hand unconsciously stroked Bai Lian's back.

"Will you come to my mansion?"

So the task appeared.

[Task 1: Accept the eldest princess's invitation (Reward: Hard Skill+8)]

[Task 2: Refuse (Reward: Focus+1)]

Do I need to think?

Bai Lian didn't forget that the fourth Martial Sister was with her.

At the thought of the fate of Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian in the game, her mind became as peaceful as a Buddha.

She pressed the eldest princess.

Miss Xu, don't do this!

But Bai Lian still had to send the eldest princess back to her mansion first. Next, she would go to the Canglong Garden to have a look.

However, the eldest princess didn't want to give up.

Yu Ying was annoyed.

Hanging behind Bai Lian, she saw at a glance that the eldest princess held some bad intentions.

What are you doing?

Give me back my sympathy!

Ah ah ah, your hand is almost touching the butt of Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian!

The angry Yu Ying Sword slightly turned up and blocked the eldest princess's hand.

The eldest princess didn't find any abnormality.

Yu Ying was angry.

At this time, she carried all the will of Shifu, the Second Elder Martial Sister, the Third Elder Martial Sister, the fifth Martial Sister, and the jade rabbit. She was not fighting alone!

I will never forgive you.

Yu Ying Sword immediately poked the eldest princess's thigh with the sword hilt.

The eldest princess said to Bai Lian with a blush on her face, "You touched me."

Bai Lian was shocked.

What the hell?


The fourth Martial Sister poked at the eldest princess's chest as soon as Bai Lian spoke.


No one can touch my eldest Martial Sister!